Mazda 6 third generation

Mazda 6 III generation: proven reliability

Today, in the car market you can see a lot of interesting offers for car enthusiasts. However, in the view of the majority of motorists, the Mazda brand has proved to be a car with a high level of reliability. The main advantage of the new model was the appearance - solidity and sportiness in one, but the exterior is not the strongest side of the car.


New Mazda has two types of transmission: automatic and mechanical. Both designs showed themselves from the best side. As the drivers themselves say, the clutch remains in service for up to 100,000 km. With the "automatic" things are much better - about 200,000 km and no hassle.


The engine, as well as the transmission, makes the life of the owner of the Mazda 6 more calm and comfortable. All power units are characterized by a long service life without serious problems. Many advise to choose a 2.5 liter "engine". With him, the car confidently behaves on the highway and in the city. His price tag is almost the same as the 2-liter price tag, and the cost of oil and gasoline are the same.


Probably the most durable design, and this car. The front - transverse levers (double), and in the back of the multi-link. There are no complaints about the levers and silent blocks themselves, they confidently hold the road for 100,000 km or more. Brake discs also did not let us down, it is desirable to replace every 70,000 km from the front and 100,000 from the rear.

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We buy? The answer is unequivocal - yes. At high speeds, the sound of the engine is not annoying and is not transmitted through the cabin. For complete confidence, it is recommended to undergo diagnostics at a service station.