The result of the co-creation of nissan and dongfeng was the

Результатом сотворчества Nissan и Dongfeng стал кросс-купе Venucia T90

Very soon, the Chinese will be able to evaluate in practice the next result of the joint development of the Japanese concern Nissan and the Chinese Dongfeng - a coupe-like crossover Venucia T90. A car with this name the other day will go on sale in the Chinese car market. The appearance of the new coupe-shaped "SUV" Venucia T90 sketched from the Venucia VOW concept car show officially presented by the Chinese a year ago. The car was stretched for 4 m 79.3 cm long, occupies 1 m 86.5 cm wide, and rises 1 m 59.2 cm above the ground. With such data, the wheelbase of the coupe-like crossover is 2 m 76.5 cm .  SUV clearance 19.4 cm. The luggage compartment volume starts at 628 liters. It starts, because if you fold the back row of passenger seats if necessary, you can cram the car trunk three times more than the necessary things in the trunk of a car - the storage space will increase to 1648 liters. Результатом сотворчества Nissan и Dongfeng стал кросс-купе Venucia T90 Under the hood of the Chinese version coupe-shaped crossover Venucia T90 a two-liter Nissan engine running on gasoline is installed, and at the peak of its capabilities, it gives out 144 horse power. A six-speed manual gearbox can be used as a transmission in the vehicle configurations, and the X-Tronic is also available. All-wheel drive version coupe-shaped crossover Venucia T90 will never. This is an exclusively front wheel drive model. According to the developers of this car, to the standard one hundred km per hour this “parquet SUV” accelerates in 11.4 seconds if it is equipped with a manual transmission. If his motor is paired with a variator, then the acceleration time to a hundred will be only 12.4 seconds. Результатом сотворчества Nissan и Dongfeng стал кросс-купе Venucia T90 If someone liked this car, then you should not dream of it, since it will be produced only for the needs of the Middle Kingdom. To other countries Venucia T90 Will not be shipped. And the Chinese themselves will be able to purchase a novelty for 110-155 thousand Chinese yuan, which in translation into our wooden ones at the current rate of the Central Bank of the country will be from 930 thousand to 1 million 360 thousand rubles.

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In the list of "default" equipment, the model received a climate system, a multimedia "combine", the touchscreen of which has a seven-inch diagonal, anti-lock and traction control systems, a system for controlling braking forces, and keyless access to the engine. Результатом сотворчества Nissan и Dongfeng стал кросс-купе Venucia T90 Maximum grade Venucia T90 will receive a fully leather interior, the skin will be covered with a steering wheel, the multimedia device accelerator grip will receive a 12.3-inch touchscreen, optics - both frontal and rear - will be fully LED, cruise control and interactive control over blind spots.

On the car market of the Middle Kingdom in the segment on which the new one is oriented "parquet boy" Venucia T90, two other coupe-shaped Japanese crossovers are already popular. These are Honda Avancier and Mazda CX-4. As for the novelty, it will be dealt with the implementation in competition with these serious rivals, no one undertakes to predict, only time will tell. But developers Venucia T90 full of optimism.