Chip tuning land rover discovery 3: a new look for your suv

Land Rover Discovery 3 car belongs to the newest SUVs of the “LUX” class. This unit was endowed with good technical characteristics, modern design of the exterior and interior.

Land Rover Discovery 3 chip tuning

Although the car was released relatively recently, many motorists already had the idea to improve its performance and conduct тюнинг Land Rover Discovery.

What operations mean tuning a jeep?

The tuning of the car includes the modernization of the appearance of the car by painting the exterior in a modern color, increasing the power of the technical base, improving the functionality, creating a more comfortable car interior. High-quality tuning is usually not done independently, especially when it comes to the latest technologies, as in Land Rover Discovery 3. Turning to an experienced specialist for help, the professional will be provided with all the necessary tools and equipment to perform the upgrade. While all of the above sounds no more difficult than doing the tuning of the Niva, agree.

Tuned Land Rover Discovery photo

In the exterior design of the car body is changed, mud flaps are installed to protect the car from stones on the roads. Set protection on the headlights and thresholds that protect the side of the car. If make more global Land Rover Discovery 3 тюнинг, then you can change the wheels, the factory grille, install the front and rear bumper, spoiler, headlights, bonnet, windshield and other elements of the body.

Rear and front mudguards will be an excellent vehicle protection from dirt and splashes that fly from under the wheels. Due to their design, they are easy to clean and retain their attractive appearance. Lining the rear bumper will make it more secure and reliable, able to withstand any load. And this detail emphasizes the power and endurance of the Land Rover.

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Land Rover Discovery 3 appearance

The taillights are stylish and elegant, they are perfect for an SUV, creating in it the appearance of an aristocrat. Side tubes will protect the car body from side impacts and create a more stylish look for the car. Based on such an element, you can easily sit down in the salon.

You can set stylish thresholds that also protect the car from side impacts, and their ribbed surface will allow you to not slip your foot when you sit in the passenger compartment. A machine with such detail looks powerful and reliable. Protection of the rear lights will protect against the impact of cars, especially in urban areas, as well as add power, reliability and will be a collision guard for other cars. Such details not only for the better change the appearance of the car, but also affect the better for its aerodynamics.

Tuning Land Rover Discovery 3

Photo external tuning Land Rover Discovery 3

Turning to experienced professionals, you can create a unique interior of the cabin, with the best upholstery in leather, wood or carbon for a seat, a ceiling or a dashboard in a car. Digital TV is installed with a TV tuner, pay-per-view channel is not provided. Tuning the standard audio system to the class Hi-FI and Hi-End with a subwoofer to such a sound that best suits the wishes of the customer. For passengers in the rear seat mounted monitor. Such a device can be placed between the seats on the instrument console, on the headrests of the front seats, or on the ceiling of the cabin, it can also be connected to a game console. Upon request, the cabin is insulated, which will make the Land Rover ride quiet even at high speeds.

From cosmetics and trivia to thorough tuning

Now is very relevant tuning brake system. With such an improvement, Land Rover’s safety and reliability will increase. Be sure to spend Land Rover Discovery III тюнинг engine Component motors change completely to improve performance. The basic equipment of the engine is 190 horsepower and 440 Nm of torque, which does not allow the car to overtake on the track.

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Chip tuning Land Rover Discovery 3 photos

Improving engine performance, you can not do without chip tuning Land Rover Discovery 3. It changes the factory settings of the electronic system of cars, installs additional blocks to improve the technical characteristics and components. Properly done chip tuning will increase the power of Land Rover Discovery 3 by 38 horsepower, and torque by 78 Nm. With this tuning car becomes more functional, practical and easy to manage.

Increasing power, you will be easier to control the situation on the road. This characteristic is usually improved without opening the unit to control the propulsion system (ECU), the whole operation passes through the diagnostic connector, it is safe and takes less time to install. The specialist reads the program and sends the file to the central office of the company for revision.

Land Rover Discovery after tuning

The resulting file is recorded in the control unit for the minimum amount of time and then the new powerful Land Rover Discovery 3 car will be ready for departure on the road. Each office has its own pricing policy for chip-tuning, so the exact price for this type of improvement is not known.

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