Second generation land rover freelander in the secondary

Land Rover Freelander The second generation appeared in 2006, and until this year - from 1997, the first generation was produced, which cannot be called a reliable car.

Land Rover Freelander 2nd generation

Now we will analyze the 2nd generation for possible problems in operation and it will be seen whether the updated car has become better than its predecessor.

The steel body of the Freelender is made, in a British way, conscientiously - from high-quality metal, electroplating is applied to most of the details. This body is too tough for rust. True body electrical devices are poorly protected from moisture - there have been cases that after about 4 years the rear wiper motor was wedged due to dirt getting into it, this new motor will cost 150 euros.

It happens that corrosion is formed on the contacts in the trunk release button, after which begins to unlock the electric lock luggage door. The same can happen with other doors in the car.

Land Rover Freelander second generation trunk

Extra brake light is leaking, and the water gets into the trunk, and all because of a weak seal. Even the hatch leaks on cars produced before 2008. Then a revision was made, after which such a problem was fixed. And inside the rear lights, near the bulbs, plastic is melted after a certain period of operation.

In the salon as a whole, everything is done soundly, no creaks even on early models. The skin on the steering wheel can go bald over time, and lining up on the central racks is also wiped with seat belts.

Off-road off-road Land Rover Freelander


Most freelancers are completed 2.2 liter turbodiesel DW12. In the early cars, the fuel injectors could not stand for a long time and required replacement, but they cost a lot - 450 euros for each. After about 80,000 km. can wedge a Bosch fuel pump, a new one costs 1,200 euros. Also, there were cases that burst quite expensive (250 euros) exhaust camshaft. And in especially neglected cases, the timing belt was torn, the valves were bent, the cylinder head with the pistons were deformed. To repair such a running engine, you need to spend several thousand euros. So, when you buy a Freelander with mileage, you should definitely look into the service book, and if it is recorded that the high-pressure fuel pump and camshaft were replaced under warranty, then this is a great success.

Freelander gasoline engine

It also happens: the on-board computer shows that the engine is faulty, and the car produces a lot of smoke, which means that the problem is not in the engine, but in the intake manifold. One of the most survivable parts of the Freelender is a turbocharger, although it is expensive - 1,500 euros, but if you change a regular air filter, it can easily withstand 200,000 km. run As for the air radiator and intercooler pipes, they fail quite regularly - every 80,000 km, due to the fact that they lose tightness. And after 100,000 km. usually the drive in the air inlet manifold is wearing out. With regards to the costs, the intercooler pipes cost about 100 euros, the air radiator costs 160 euros, and the automated air damper costs 120 euros.

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The Freelenders, who have served for about 8 years or departure of 120,000 km. the main radiator can leak, which costs 320 euros, and will flow through oil seals on the crankshaft

2013 Land Rover Freelander

In winter, owners of diesel Freelenders are waiting for Webasto's pre-start heater. It happens that this happens because of failures in the control module, but in most cases it’s all about the burner, if you change it, the problem will be solved, it costs about 150 euros. After 80,000 km it is necessary to change glow plugs, it is important to twist the candles carefully so as not to disrupt the thread that is soured, then you will not have to repair the cylinder head.

Diesel engines come in various capacities: from 150 to 190 liters. with. But in terms of reliability, all diesel engines are about the same. Gasoline engines are deprived of so many problems. During the restyling in 2012 appeared new turbocharged engine from Ford EcoBoost line with a volume of 2 liters. Such an engine can be found only on 6% of Freelenders. So far, this motor has no illnesses. The only thing - the engine requires cleanliness and the use of high-quality gasoline.

Freelander engine turbodiesel

There is also a 3.2 liter, 6-cylinder Volvovskiy engine, such is installed on 5% of cars. This engine is also distinguished by reliability, despite the fact that it consumes more fuel. In the gas distribution drive there is a chain that does not stretch even after 300,000 km. run

But there are some troubles with such a motor in Freelenders older than 2008 - the oil separator integrated into the valve cover is used in the crankcase ventilation system. This design is not particularly successful, because the exhaust hood of the oil sump ventilation system clogs quite quickly and the engine in all places becomes “sweaty” from the oil. In especially neglected cases the engine can squeeze the glands.

In order not to have to buy a new gasoline pump, which costs 300 euros, it is desirable to keep 30-40 liters of gasoline in the gas tank. In the heat, this gasoline will cool the submersible unit that is in the tank; it will not be able to function for a long time without cooling.

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Land Rover Freelander Transmission


Rare enough 6-speed manual transmission Getrag Ford M66 characterized by good durability and performance. This box is installed on only 7% of cars, is completed in diesel versions of Freelenders. Unless, the clutch is not strong enough - early versions of cars demanded clutch replacement after 60,000 km. But the developers made the upgrade, after which the clutch was already able to withstand 120,000 km. Replacing this node will cost 200 euros.

Wheel arches of the first generation Freelander crossover

And on most cars (93%) 6-speed is installed Automatic transmission Aisin Warner AWF21which after some time appeared jerking and slipping. Especially such cases were on the machines of the first installments and these boxes were changed under warranty. And in 2008, a service company was launched to replace or repair these boxes. In general, such a transmission is strong enough and withstands 250,000 km. run without overhaul.

The main weak link in this box is a reverse gear, its replacement will cost 1,300 euros. At first, there appeared a strange hum after acceleration of over 60 km / h on vehicles whose mileage exceeded 60,000 km. If the car was still under warranty, then the dealers replaced the entire gearbox. But in cars released after restyling in 2010, there was also a hum after 100,000 km. But the warranty does not change the entire box, but only replaces the bearings.

Land Rover Freelander 2 фото

More noise may appear after about 130,000 km. from wheel bearings: two rear ones will cost 100 euros, and the front ones go along with one node hub - 300 euros for 2 such nodes.

And if approximately 180000 km. will appear gnash or crunch during the car’s start, here it is all about the front gearbox, or rather, its angular transmission. If there are drips of oil on the gearbox, it means that it is time to change the worn glands of the cardan shaft and drives. Drive shaft up to 180,000 km. It does not create problems, but after that there may be vibrations or shocks, then this is a clear sign that it is time to change it. Replacing the cardan will cost 550 euros.

The range of prices for Land Rover Freelander crossovers of the first generation

In order for the friction clutches in the multi-plate clutch of the rear axle drive to serve you should not forget every 50,000 km longer. change the oil and filter. True, this does not save you from the failure of the oil pump of this coupling, it can also fail due to dirt, an electronic control unit, but it costs a lot - 500 euros.

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Freelender suspension 2

What does not create significant problems is the suspension, but on post-styled cars. Early models suffered from the fact that the front suspension already after 70,000 km. Support bearings of the struts were broken, their replacement costs 40 euros, and after 40,000 km. external steering tips were required to be replaced, each of which costs 35 euros.

Land Rover Freelander first generation 1997 2006 rear suspension shock absorbers

In addition, there were knocks in the rack and pinion steering mechanism and it was often changed under warranty. After restyling, all these weak points were improved, and these nodes began to serve several times longer. Unless, beforehand, the stabilizers demanded that they be replaced already after 60,000 km, but it’s good that they are inexpensive - 25 euros each. Front and rear shock absorbers are quite tenacious, withstand about 120-150 thousand km. Replacing shock absorbers will cost 240 euros for the front, and 220 euros for the rear.

Usually after 160,000 km. there is a buzz from the power steering, which publishes a pump GUR. To prevent such a buzz from appearing, you just need every 60,000 km. change the fluid and plastic reservoir of the hydraulic booster together with the filter.

Land Rover Freelander Crossover Front Suspension

We can say that the early models of the second generation Land Rover Freelander will require a lot of costs - these machines are unfinished, so it is better not to buy them, but later versions that have passed restyling and upgrading are much more reliable. Modernizations were carried out in 2010 and 2012. Therefore, the latest models can safely buy, they are really reliable. But the prices for post-styled cars, in good condition, are also not small - about a million rubles.

This time we decided to share with you the whole film about the process of maintenance of Land Rover Auto Freelander 2 with all the nuances: