Change the fuel pump on the ford focus 2 do it yourself

Proper operation of the engine depends directly on the state of the fuel system. When fuel is supplied to the internal combustion engine, the fuel pump plays an important role. The cause of failure of the fuel pump there are many. In this article we will try to tell you about the fuel pump as accessible and understandable as possible.

Меняем бензонасос на Форд Фокус 2 своими руками

Characteristics of the fuel pump

On modern injection engines there is an electric fuel pump, whereas on old carburetor engines mechanical fuel pumps were installed. So on Ford Focus 2 is installed, of course, electric fuel pump. The big minus is that it is hidden in the tank itself, so the removal and installation of the pump is quite complicated.

Malfunctions of the fuel pump

There are several "symptoms" by which you can understand that the fuel pump is not working properly. First of all, you will feel that the engine has changed. At different speeds and speeds, the car can twitch, "fall through" in power. At idle, revolutions can “float” (although with “floating revolutions, this is most often the reason). With a malfunctioning fuel pump, the motor does not start well, both on cold and on hot.

Меняем бензонасос на Форд Фокус 2 своими руками

Resource fuel pump

The service life of the fuel pump with its correct operation, the manufacturer has not installed. I must say that the fuel pump on the Ford Focus 2 is very afraid of overheating. Therefore, a car owner, who constantly has a tank filled with at least half, may not think about a pump failure. Since the fuel will cool the fuel pump. If you drive with a constantly “empty” tank, the pump will not last for a long time. Therefore, do not pull in refueling.

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Tools for replacing the fuel pump

To change the fuel pump to the Ford Focus 2 you will need the following tools:

• metal shears;

• slotted screwdriver;

• set of open-ended keys;

• drill and rags.

We are starting to replace the fuel pump

Burned fuel pump you will find in the gas tank. Raise the rear seat sofa. Under it just is the pump. But the difficulty lies in the fact that the designers did not come up with any caps on the bolts. Therefore, you will need to cut a hole with a diameter of about 23 - 25 cm with metal shears. Now you can see the fuel pump itself. Remove the fuel lines. Be careful, they still have gasoline, which can splash the interior of the car and your clothes a little. If you do not want gasoline to spill, remove the fuel line and start the engine. After a few minutes, the engine will stall and there will be no gasoline in the pipes. Then you need to remove the sealing ring that holds the fuel pump. Using a screwdriver, loosen the necessary screws and remove the pump from the gas tank.

Меняем бензонасос на Форд Фокус 2 своими руками

Change the fuel pump filter on the Ford Focus 2

After you get the fuel pump, inspect the fuel pump filter. He is responsible for the rough cleaning of the fuel. Moreover, if it is very dirty, it must be replaced with a new one. Such a filter prevents large impurities from entering the fuel pump (water, dirt, rust). Replacing such a filter does not require frequent replacement. Usually it changes as needed along with the fuel pump. In some cases, the coarse fuel filter can be changed if you are not sure about the quality of fuel in your region, in which you constantly refuel.

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Меняем бензонасос на Форд Фокус 2 своими руками

Assembly and installation into place

Once the filter has been assembled, check the tightness of the wire chips. After checking, install the pump in its place, connect the fuel lines to it in the correct sequence. Now take a plate whose diameter will be 1 - 2 cm larger than the one you cut when removing the fuel pump. Drill small holes in the corners and fasten it with screws or bolts for 8 or 10, so that you can easily get to the fuel pump again later.


Now it became clear to you how to change the fuel pump yourself in the Ford Focus 2. For such work, the masters at the service station will take a considerable fee. Doing it yourself will save your budget, and acquire another useful skill when repairing your car.