Rating of ukrainian sites for the sale of cars


Modern rhythm of life is very tense, and there is not always time to sit quietly during working hours in the cabin, choosing a car. Online services come to the rescue: you can go shopping at any convenient time of the day. In addition, the choice will be much wider, and the ads are constantly updated, the latest information is available. And if you want to sell a car, you can be sure that a huge number of potential buyers will read it. But there are also a lot of “pitfalls”: not all sites offer a good choice and not everyone has the time even to simply browse through, much less study. And there are sites that use fraudulent methods of pulling money from unsuspecting customers, posting false ads, or spreading viruses. Therefore, for residents of Ukraine, we will review the best online resources that offer cars for sale.

Choosing a car through online services

Specialized sites

We start our review of the best sites in Ukraine with those that work without intermediaries, directly carrying out the purchase and sale of cars.

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1. RST.ua

The most popular, most authoritative automotive resource in Ukraine. Here you will see information on 25 regions, half a million ads. Information is available in sections:

  • Free ads for auto exchange, sale of used;
  • Catalog of sold equipment;
  • Catalog of cars already implemented;
  • Catalog of the largest car markets in Ukraine;
  • New offers of famous brands;
  • Car dealership catalog, divided by city;
  • Additional useful information.

A separate section is devoted to the latest car news, there is a news filter by brand of car.

Here you can advertise without registering on the resource. Very functional search filters will help you find what you want. In the filters, the search is performed by 17 parameters, you can learn in detail everything about the car being sold, its technical condition. The cost is in dollars, it can be changed after the announcement. The support service will help you solve questions both by telephone and online.

A separate tab will lead you to the reviews page. Here car owners share their impressions about different brands and models.

Choosing a car on the site

2. Uavto.com.ua

This Internet resource can rightfully occupy the second place in Ukraine, offering about 250 thousand free ads. The developers are positioning the site as a center for the sale of auto and motorcycles, focusing on the regions. Right on the main page you see a map and a list of regions, you can choose a car exactly in the place of your residence.

Here you can find any equipment: auto, motorcycle, water, special transport, agricultural machinery. There is a new transport and used. Cars are divided into trucks, cars, buses and minibuses. There are catalogs of auto shops, salons, services. A 15 parameters when submitting ads will help you get enough complete information on the purchased equipment. You can also purchase spare parts, garage. The site does not have to register when placing ads. The cost is indicated on the choice in UAH, dollars, euros. The technical support network is extensive, in all regional centers there is a telephone mode plus you can apply online.

Automotive site

3. Avtobazar.ua

Frequently visited resource with a good replenishment of ads: in the area of ​​2 thousand per day of new positions. There are no dealership offices and shops, a variety of vehicles are sold, there is water, air, special equipment. Parameters during data entry are less than on previous resources - 10, the cost is indicated in dollars. There is a built-in chat tech support.

Among the useful information you will find:

  • Reviews of car owners by brand;
  • DriverNotes - a logbook that allows to take into account fuel consumption, other costs, warns about the need for maintenance and other events
  • The ability to perform an assessment of the cost of your transport;
  • Catalog of various auto firms;
  • Tire calculator online, helping to choose the best tires, to predict changes in external indicators.

Automotive site

4. Auto Portal

Quite a popular portal offering services for buying / selling vehicles. Selection of the desired car can be done easily and quickly, which is facilitated by filters according to different parameters: by brand, by body type, engine, cost, type of gearbox, equipment and other characteristics. A separate section is allocated to used cars, which receives more than a hundred new positions every day. There is a useful auto comparison service. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, for which you need to choose a specific brand, model, package.

You are also offered various useful information:

  • Daily updated auto news;
  • The results of test drives;
  • Crash tests;
  • Information about the service station, driving schools, car clubs;
  • Glossary of autotermins;

Automotive site

Aggregators (intermediaries)

This is a category of sites connected to a large resource base. Usually provide the ability to place ads at multiple sites.

5. Avtopoisk.ua

The best in this category is Avtopoisk.ua. He collects offers from almost 60 sites for the sale of automotive equipment. Has a good attendance. The search filter is very functional, there is a separate convenient search engine for spare parts. Duplicate ads and spam are eliminated, there is also a filter for cars sold.

Position updates are made every 5 minutes. Constantly in the presence of more than 100 thousand ads that are not more than 2 months. It is convenient to observe the price dynamics in the secondary market, new offers. A very interesting feature is tracking broken cars connected to the database of the registration of accidents.

This site is popular with Ukrainian dealers, those who want to sell / buy used cars.

Ad form 4-step, includes 50 parameters, you can add photos, videos. Price in dollars.

There is a convenient function "Portfolio", there you can create bookmarks for the options found in the search, then to save time when you want to view in detail. You can search simultaneously for several brands, models, connect a search in several regions of Ukraine.

The disadvantage of the project is the lack of good technical support: there is only a page for reviews.

Automotive site

6. Automoto.ua

Through this site you can connect to a hundred resources for the purchase and sale of vehicles, with more than half a million ads. Up to 8 thousand sentences are published daily. You can post information about the cars being sold on partner sites. The resource has no own form.

Special filters filter out spam, remove old ads, duplicates. The relevance of the information is also checked daily.

Here you will be able to follow the latest receipts of new vehicles in the salons of Ukraine. There are proposals for water transport, special equipment.

Additionally, you can get acquainted with autonews, subscribe to news in several social networks: Vkontakte, Facebook, Tweet and others. Partners are more than a hundred autos and car dealers.

Auto search can be conducted in general, you can separately consider new or used cars. There are items that track direct sales through dealers. Posted information about promotions and discounts. You can see what the average price for a car similar to your choice was, to trace its changes in six months. If you doubt the choice of model or brand, read the reviews, the results of test drives, posted right there.

Additionally, there is a catalog of insurance companies, a catalog of technical characteristics by brand for car owners.

Automotive site

7. Auto.Meta.ua

The resource is part of the national Ukrainian search engine Meta. It does not apply special search algorithms on certain sites, the general algorithms of the Meta search engine with a car focus are working. Therefore, of course, the search engine will give you a lot of completely inappropriate links, which is a disadvantage of this resource.

Also a minus is a low attendance, as the filter is equipped with only three parameters: brand, region, cost.

Automotive site

General bulletin board

Some resources are known and popular not only in Ukraine, being transnational projects, corporations. In Ukraine there are independent divisions that publish a variety of ads, including the auto section.

8. Olx.ua

A popular resource in Russia and Kazakhstan, also has its own branch in Ukraine. Convenient search engine helps to quickly find information or add it yourself. The advantage of the resource - in huge popularity.

Free Classified Ads

9. Auto.Ria.com

The site sells not only cars, but it gives them an advantage. And, in general, here you can find different products, including the "Lost and Found". The owners of the resource, starting with car sales, expanded the area afterwards. According to them, up to one and a half thousand transactions are made every day.

Registration is required on the site with subsequent authorization via SMS.

Here you will find avtovykup, pawnshop, disassembly for parts. You can also find convenient service stations. The seriousness of the site is confirmed by the presence of paid ads.

The site has tips on selling / buying used cars.

Automotive site

10. Sale-Auto.pp.ua

Another quite popular site that sells confiscated. Here you can buy a new car, used, there are also offers after an accident, not cleared cars.

It is possible to make a purchase by installment.

The site is primarily interesting to those involved in the purchase of distressed cars.

Ten sites that we have presented are the most popular in Ukraine, so you can find the information you are interested in, with little time to find a buyer for your car or buy the vehicle you want. They are combined with convenient search systems, the presence of various filters, the absence of fraud on the part of the project owners.

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