Replacing distributor for daewoo matiz

It may be necessary to replace the trembler with the Daewoo Matiz, the problem with its failure, the frequent "disease" of the Matiz is pleased. His replacement is not as problematic as it seems. Let's look at step-by-step instructions for its removal.

• raise the hood;

• remove the positive terminal from the battery just in case;

• unscrew the bolts of the air intake and the air filter three bolts;

• remove this part;

• it is necessary to remove the pipe connecting the throttle valve and the air filter; before removing it, disconnect the two small pipes that fit into it;

• disconnect the high-voltage wires from the distributor, if necessary, mark them in advance with a marker;

• remove the chip with wires from the distributor;

• loosen the bolts of the distributor by 12, and pull them out;

• slightly twisting the timer, pull it towards you. At the moment of taking out the distributor, oil can flow around 100 grams, if you do not want to spill oil, you can push the car in to the oil in the right side of the engine. When removing the distributor, pay attention to the distributor limit switch. His antennae will be located not exactly in the center, but with a slight offset. Similarly, put a trailer on the new distributor, so as not to waste time searching for grooves with the antennae on the trailer;

• insert a new distributor;

• “catch” the lower bolt, tighten it;

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• Do the same with the upper bolt;

• Insert the high-voltage wires and all other parts in the reverse order;

• adjust the engine idle.

If everything was done correctly, the machine will work properly. But all the same for complete confidence, take a trip to the service station, let it accurately check the ignition angles. After all, putting a new timer, the corners could get off. The car may start to “eat” more gasoline, and power may disappear.

Ignition angle adjustment, low-cost. Especially since you have already done most of the work. Good luck on the roads!