The new bmw x2 will go on sale in early 2018

BMW X2 headlights

For many fans, and just consumers following the latest BMW car innovations, there was always one fascinating question, why the manufacturer and, directly, the developers missed the second model in the X-series. But the truth is, there is everything, from the 1st to the 6th, except the 2nd. more this question will not be disturbing, because now there is X2. The crossover, more resembling a coupe, is almost ready for mass sale.

The general director of the BMW official representative office on the territory of the Russian Federation refuses to comment on the newly emerged model, remarking only that it really was not enough in the model range, and he himself would not mind riding such an exclusive novelty. Perhaps very soon, those who wish will be able to try out the trendy novelty, because the developers are already at the final stage. The model passes the final tests and after a series of test drives it will still go on sale.

The appearance of the BMW X2

Concept, dimensions and distinctive feature of bmw X2

In the process of creating the BMW X2, the UKL platform module was used, which allowed the engine to be positioned relative to the body transversely. Maximum permeability provided by all-wheel drive. This technique has already been used by designers to create a series of Mini cars, as well as the predecessor of the X1 series. Looking ahead, we can say that this placement technique is planned for the production of a 2-Series convertible and a 1-Series hatchback. According to some reports, it is even possible to use it for the Z2 roadster.

Dimensions X2 will be somewhat larger in both longitudinal and transverse form, with respect to bmw X1. The silhouette is more like the representatives of the X4 and X6 series. In general, the model is not as practical as the X1, but more presentable and massive against its background. The main distinctive features of the new model will be a high hood, sloping rear doors and short overhangs.

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Exterior BMW X2

Car exterior

The exterior of the brand new X2 is kept in the strictest confidence, but despite all the prohibitions, while obtaining a patent in Japan, there was still a leak of information and preliminary photos of the model became available for viewing. Nevertheless, the serial production put on the conveyor will have a slightly different bumper, body mirrors side view, as well as reduced in size engine compartment, by reducing the plate. It is planned to finalize the glazing, for a better, and maybe even a panoramic view from the car body.


The interior of the brand new BMW X2

It is not possible to speak with confidence about what the interior and the appearance of the panel will be, only on the basis of spy shots that have come together, but even from this we can assure you that some kind of sporty design is planned. It would be appropriate to have the location and general view of the X1 series and individual elements from M Sport, for example, the steering wheel. Multimedia is represented by a separate screen. The climate system has air ducts and the iDrive system, which in itself is not only a brand name, but at the same time it looks very stylish and prestigious.

Standard equipment includes a functional steering wheel, leather steering wheel, cruise control system and seven speakers in the audio system. When ordering a personalized set will be available a lot of additional options, such as: multimedia display 8.8 inches, leather seats, an improved stereo system for 12 speakers and even a panorama on the roof.

Turbo and power

The engines will be not only gasoline, but also diesel type with a volume of 2 liters. The number of horses will vary depending on the configuration and technical capabilities, but it is already known that there will be 3 options: 150-190-230 hp The gearbox is provided with a 6-speed, with it both mechanical and automatic. Urban front-wheel drive permissible increases to the full, it all depends on the needs of the future owner of the new items.

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The petrol model is expected somewhat later in appearance, except that it will exceed the diesel precursor in power. The three-liter engine with a power of 300 hp, complemented by a sporty design on the part of the body, and enhanced brake systems, will become a worthy competitor to its predecessor.

BMW X2 Photos

Date of appearance and competitive ability of X2

Wait for the emergence of a new BMW X2 before 2018 is not worth it. A preliminary presentation at the local level in Frankfurt is scheduled for the end of 2017. According to experts of the automotive market, the new model can be considered quite competitive, perhaps even lower sales for some Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti models.

The main sites for the implementation of the model will be the leading salons in Europe, China and America. Their representatives are already looking forward to the appearance of the BMW X2.