Rating the best suv from china


China is a very controversial automaker. Their first cars were frankly unsuccessful, had a dubious build quality, often completely copied popular foreign cars, and the technical characteristics left much to be desired. But over time, everything changed. Modern Chinese SUVs should be perceived differently. Many of them are inexpensive, but high-quality, with a rich bundle and a decent level of comfort.

SUVs from China

They are cheaper than foreign cars, but sometimes they are in no way inferior

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Leaders among automakers

In Russia, in such large cities as St. Petersburg and Moscow, salons began to appear from different companies representing the Chinese auto industry. Some brands are not familiar to anyone, while others managed to establish themselves well in the market. When choosing a Chinese SUV and wanting to get a quality product, you should contact the following manufacturers:

  • Chery;
  • Geely;
  • Great Wall;
  • Luxgen;
  • Lifan;
  • LAC.

Many of these brands are familiar to you. They can easily be bought in Russia. The Chinese range of SUVs is large enough, plus - they are inexpensive, richly staffed and well-assembled. There are more expensive cars and cheaper, but the pricing policy of all about the same.

Many unjustly criticize Chinese cars, considering them low-grade, low-quality, etc. Yes, once China did offer to buy cars of dubious quality. They were the most inexpensive, which is why many people took them, because they did not have the money to buy more reliable and expensive cars.

But now the cars are much better, their purchase is largely justified because of the ratio of price and quality. The presence of such a jeep does not give the owner a special status, but he has at his disposal a good, well-equipped, practical and cheap to maintain car. If a big name does not play a role for you, then acquiring a Chinese jeep will be a sensible solution.

Now we offer to meet separately with the candidates for the best SUVs from China, which fell into our rating. Which one is better, you decide. This top is based on the main criteria:

  • reliability;
  • quality;
  • equipment;
  • comfort;
  • specifications;
  • appearance;
  • cost of operation.



Car from China from the company Great Wall

This is a real SUV, because it is frame. The model Safe since 2005 is produced.

The basis for the creation of the car served as a large frame jeep 4Runner from the company Toyota. In the Great Wall significantly simplified the car to reduce the cost.

If you look at it as a frame SUV, then the level of comfort claims can not be. Yes, it is not as convenient as some crossovers, however, the model is positioned as something more than a car for use in the city.

For those who are looking for a large, roomy, comfortable enough, but inexpensive jeep, pay attention to the Safe. Yes, its engine produces only 105 horsepower with a volume of 2.2 liters, but also costs from 520 thousand rubles for a new car.


l I rice X50

An interesting small jeep from the company Lifan, which is rapidly gaining momentum in popularity in Russia

The model got into the rating quite deservedly. This is a compact crossover, oriented rather on the urban mode of operation. This is evidenced by good looks, size, engine 1.5 liters capacity of 103 horsepower. At the same time, the car is offered with 208 millimeters of ground clearance, which makes it easy to overcome the difficulties of our roads.

The manufacturer himself admitted that he created the design of his X50 in order to attract a young audience. Yes, the car looks stylish, modern and interesting. Boring this crossover can not be called.

Everything looks good inside, the current equipment is offered, various electronics. From the comfort is not ideal, since the back row is designed for 3 places, but only two will comfortably accommodate. Consumption of 6-7 liters in mixed mode adds advantages to the compact crossover. Yes, and it costs about 550-650 thousand cars, depending on the configuration.


The compact SUV from Changan, which the Russian public only saw in 2014. And the debut can be considered very successful.

Changan CS35

Changan CS35

Changan is a car brand that has never produced bad cars. The company has an excellent reputation in China, it is loved and respected. And the local audience is extremely demanding and picky. Therefore, the entry of the brand into the international arena was a matter of time, since such cars would easily attract European buyers.

The first striking appearance. Stylish, trendy, modern crossover will impose competition on any leading automaker from Europe, Japan or the USA Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. The build quality at the level of organization of the internal space deserves respect. But, everything cannot be perfect. The Chinese used insufficient quality plastic, and insulation is clearly in need of improvement. But the price of 550 thousand rubles makes not pay attention to it. So, just hit the top.

Tiggo 5

Chery Tiggo 5

Very interesting car from Chery

This brand has been present on the Russian market for a long time and managed to gain trust and impressive popularity.

Tiggo 5 has been produced since 2013. The model in many ways surpassed its predecessor Tiggo FL, received a more original and modern appearance, high-quality assembly, rich current equipment. Also increased the level of comfort, improved performance.

Under the hood of a Chinese car is a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 139 horsepower. If the manufacturer had added a lighter interior, as well as refined the issue of visibility from the driver’s seat, the car would have been a leader. And so it is a worthy copy, but he failed to lead the rating.

Plus, the Tiggo 5 has one problem. This is a cost that is confidently approaching European and Korean counterparts, which enjoy great confidence. That is, not every buyer is ready to pay for a Chinese car from 850 thousand rubles. In the top trim cost passes for 1 million rubles.


This is the first crossover that Lifan has released. The debut was successful.

l I rice X60

The machine is safe, which was confirmed by various tests, as well as comfortable, looks pretty enough and with good technical equipment.

Appearance and safety are combined with a fairly economical engine by Chinese standards. The X60 engine mounted on the X60 crossover has a volume of 1.8 liters and produces 128 horsepower. The consumption is about 8.2 liters in the city. On the track, appetites fall.

We can not say that the car is unusual or incredibly beautiful. Here everything is quite well done, richly equipped, there is a set of high-quality equipment. Add to this price tags of 530 thousand rubles and get one of the best Chinese jeeps in terms of price-quality ratio.


Luxgen crossover from the year 2014. Someone will say that this is a Taiwanese brand. But do not forget that Taiwan is a Chinese province.

The manufacturer decided on a serious step, as it produces premium cars. That is, he tries to create machines so that they satisfy the most demanding customers who need the very best, high-quality and sophisticated.

Luxgen 7 SUV

Luxgen 7 SUV

It turned out or not, objectively difficult to judge. But the car just deserves attention and rightly included in our rating. The premium is achieved due to the quality of the interior trim, the presence of a huge amount of equipment, including multimedia complexes, 10.2-inch displays, climate control, all-round cameras and so on.

All this is complemented by a 2.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine with a capacity of 175 horsepower. It should be added that this is one of the few Chinese cars that did not copy anyone, but received its own unique and easily recognizable design.

If you want a car in full equipment, good quality, with a powerful engine, but the brand is not important to you, then look at Luxgen. Their 7 SUV will cost about 750-800 thousand rubles.


The company JAC has recently introduced a novelty in the face of a compact SUV S5.



The car looks good, well-developed inside. There are no special complaints about the assembly and quality. It looks reliable and is such in practice.

Although the company claims that the development of the design was carried out in conjunction with a well-known studio, but any motorist will easily find in S5 the features of ix35 from Hyundai.

This is not a candid plagiarism, plus, the source of inspiration for the designers itself looks good. Therefore, there are no questions to the exterior of the crossover. The car is beautiful, and that's a fact.

Under the hood, too, everything is great. A choice of two options forcing a gasoline engine with a volume of 2.0 liters. In the basic configuration is an atmospheric version of 136 horsepower, and for an extra charge you get the same engine, but with 176 horsepower.

With a starting price of 640 thousand rubles, the car looks decent, interesting and attractive.

Emgrand X7

Emgrand X7

Solid compact SUV from the company Geely

Last year, the car experienced a slight restyling. The car did not receive any revolutionary changes, but it changed a little externally, received a new optics and several interesting options.

This is a quality, comfortable inside, richly equipped, even from the start car. But you should not count on impressive off-road performance. The car looks like a small jeep, but with its front-wheel drive it is better to stay within the asphalt or easy off-road.

There is such a machine from 790 thousand rubles. It seems a little expensive, but if you want a good crossover with 125–148 horsepower engines, rich equipment and a comfortable interior, the price is fully justified.


If we consider all the SUVs available in Russia, then the Great Wall Hover model can be considered among the best, and maybe it can be called the best Chinese jeep.



The car comes only with a permanent four-wheel drive, has a frame structure, an excellent combination of comfort and maneuverability. Not only looks durable, but also is.

For those who are looking for a cheap, but beautiful and adequately equipped SUV, which is not afraid to go outside the city, take a ride through the swamp and get stuck in the snow, choose the Hover. It costs from 700 thousand rubles, which is cheap enough even for a Chinese car of this level.

Something like the best Chinese SUVs. Write your versions in the comments, ask questions, subscribe and invite your friends. You are not difficult, but we are pleased.