1.6-liter hyundai creta has become an all-wheel drive

1,6-литровая Хёндэ Крета стала полноприводной Complete sets korean crossover it became more. If before 4x4 drive was available only for versions equipped with a two-liter engine and a six-speed automatic transmission, today Koreans offer  all-wheel drive Hyundai Kretu with a 1.6-liter engine, working in tandem with both a manual transmission, and with the "automatic". The top car assembly with this engine received the prefix "Plus" for the fact that it now has an optional equipment package available. These innovations were reported at a press conference by the managers of the Hyundai Motor CIS company. The Korean "all-tracker" with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine paired with both mechanical and automatic transmission, the developers hope, will very soon bring the share of all-wheel-drive Crete SUVs up to fifty percent of all the cars produced from the conveyor of this model, and even significantly exceed it.

Buy all-wheel drive Hyundai Creta with the "junior" engine and manual in the assembly of "Active" today can be for 965 thousand wooden.  Crossover with the same power unit, but with automatic transmission - the assembly "Comfort Plus" - will empty the pockets of its buyer for 1 million 135 thousand rubles. 1,6-литровая Хёндэ Крета стала полноприводной The top assembly "Comfort" is now called only as "Comfort Plus", it has risen in price by twenty thousand rubles. Although with this price increase, its technical equipment has also changed, which included projection head optics with automatic backlighting of the corresponding turns during torsion of the steering wheel; front foglights and DRLs on semiconductors. This equipment was previously an integral part of the package "Style", and now it has moved to the top-end equipment. The average package "Active" can be equipped with the same equipment, additionally purchasing the optional package "Light". 1,6-литровая Хёндэ Крета стала полноприводной All configuration crossover have standard equipment. This includes sixteen-inch steel wheels, a spare wheel, airbags for the driver and front passenger, a music system, ABS + EBD, assistants for starting and driving on the climbs and descents. The multifunctional steering wheel is height adjustable, as is the driver’s seat. There is a bluetooth, the windows of the doors are equipped with an electric drive, there is a “Glonass” button of the call for help required for all cars sold in the country of cars. 1,6-литровая Хёндэ Крета стала полноприводной Бразильский автожурнал Car&Driver сообщил на днях, что корейцы разработали специально для стран Латинской Америки бюджетную Crete in the back of a pickup. Serial production of new items will begin closer to the summer of next year. Hyundai Creta competes in its segment with several models, in particular, with the French Renault Captour. It is cheaper by fifteen kilorubley, but it has a four-stage "automatic", in contrast to Creta, equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. But at the same time its equipment will be more abruptly than that of the “Korean”. According to the results of February sales in Russia Creta crossover settled on the fourth step of the pedestal of the most popular cars in the country. All Russians bought 4055 "Koreans." Renault Kaptur also sits in the seventeenth place with the result in 1838 purchased cars.

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