We make the electric trunk lock

Motorists know that most modern cars are equipped with an automatic opening / closing of the trunk with a special button. The mechanism works from the electric drive, eliminating the owner from having to slam the lid every time. Is it possible to retrofit your car with a similar mechanism, consider below.


  • 1 Theoretical facts
  • 2 Equipment domestic car electric trunk
  • 3 Installation of the standard electric drive on the Lada
  • 4 Equipment trunk electric lock

Theoretical facts

To automatically open the trunk "reinvent the wheel" is not needed. It will be enough to put the usual springs, as is common among car owners Lada Grant. To close the luggage compartment with a button, you already need a mechanism that is driven by an electric motor. Foreign cars, as a rule, are equipped with two electric drives, a control unit and a button in the cabin.

The pneumatic drive is considered more reliable, and the electric one belongs to the budget options.

For example, let us examine the principle of operation of the mechanism for closing the trunk of a Volkswagen car. The set of the rear door, equipped with an electric drive, includes two engines placed in the control units of the trunk lid, and a lock hinge with a door closer.

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Details of the trunk lid

Opening the luggage compartment can be done in several ways:

  • by pressing a button on the remote control;
  • by pressing the same button built into the driver's door;
  • mechanically with an external handle.

You can close the trunk manually or use the button on the door panel.

The electric motors of the trunk opening / closing mechanism are equipped with a force limiter, due to which they stop if there is an obstacle in the path of the cover. As a result, the opening process is interrupted. Similarly, the limiter also works when the lid is closed, interrupting the movement of the mechanism and shifting its position slightly back.

To manually open or close the luggage compartment to the lid you need to put a little more effort than usual, as a result of a trip of the drive.

If a breakdown has occurred in the electrical circuits of the boot drive, the engines are not shut off, that is, remain mechanically connected to the cover. Therefore, to open or close the door in this case it will take a lot of effort.

Equipment domestic car electric trunk

If you install an electric drive opening and closing the trunk on a domestic car (for example, VAZ), only the basic elements of the mechanism, which are already not cheap, will not be enough. It will take more installation trunk closer. Therefore, this method of refinement is irrational.

For domestic machines, a cheaper and simpler solution, such as using an electric window drive, is suitable.

To realize this idea, you need to buy two ESP mechanisms (for example, consider the production of a Forward company worth about three thousand rubles), a button for controlling the boot lid (type 21100-3710620, cost - 50 rubles) and an auto glass closing module (brand DenUp-RWC702m, price - 500 rubles).

how to independently install the electric opening and closing of the trunk

Power Lift "Forward"

In our example, windows installed in the luggage compartment Lada Priora using a simple connection. The rear edge of the rails ESP threaded connection is connected with the cross member behind the seat, on which the shelf rests. The front end of the window lifter bracket with the welded nut is screwed to the rear window fixture beam. For this purpose, a groove is cut in the beam into which the M6 ​​nut would pass.

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As a result, the assembled design works without problems when you click on a button that is specially brought into the salon or on the remote control.

how to do electric trunk with their own hands

Wiring diagram

Using one electric window is inefficient, as it is difficult to cope with its task, and the boot lid is closed with a bias.

These troubles are devoid of the mechanism of two ESPs. In some cases it will be necessary to adjust the position of the lock.

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Installation of the standard electric drive on the Lada

The frets of the “tenth” family of the last years of release are completed with an electric drive for opening / closing the trunk directly at the factory. In the earlier series of cars such equipment is missing, so owners will have to install electric trunk with their own hands.

Our example provides for the operation of the electric trunk through a separate button in the cabin. Some alarm systems have an additional possibility - to open the luggage compartment, so it is to this system that we will connect the electric drive. For installation, you need the mechanism itself and the mounting plate.

If there is an electric drive in the universal configuration, then the mounting brackets will need to be done independently.

In addition, you will need four meters of electrical wire and a button-switch.

Before installing the drive, be sure to disconnect the negative battery terminal. Then we fasten the lock drive and remove the protective cover, removing the fasteners from this before. With pliers, we straighten the rear end of the electric drive, unscrew the thrust fastening screw, but not completely. Traction drive lock dismantled. Now the compartment does not open from the outside, since the unlocking mechanism of the lock is disconnected from the lock cylinder.

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Further, on the trunk lid amplifier, you should plan the places for drilling the mounting holes for the electric drive attached to the lock. Marked electric drill drill holes with a diameter of 3 mm. Then it is necessary to bend the thrust and from a 4-mm steel wire to make a U-shaped bracket of such width that its edges without effort would enter the places where the drive shell tides come out.

At each end of the bracket, pre-thread M4. Finally, fix the electric drive using the prepared bracket, and connect the thrust lock to it.

The electric wire drives the green wire to the button as the rod retracts. This wire is laid near the native cable harness. To the blue wire, which is negative, we connect the mass. You can be powered from any exposed part of the car body. Salon button is installed on the dashboard in the left corner of the mounting block.

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The operating voltage will be connected to it from the Sh1 pad (pin 2). After assembly, you can test the performance of the system by pressing the salon button. Everything should work clearly.

Equipment trunk electric lock

Power trunk lock can be installed in another way. To do this, you need a sheet of steel from which the mounting plate is made. The upholstery of the compartment must be carefully removed and screwed onto the steel plate of the electric drive using two screws for metal. The plate itself is fastened with two screws M5. Insert the curved end of the thrust into the corresponding slot of the electric drive, and clamp its second edge with pliers.

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In the process of tightening the rod of the electric drive, it is necessary to achieve the opening of the lock, for which the length of the thrust is adjusted with its bending in the middle. Then follows the process of connecting electrical wires. In the factory cable harness of the luggage compartment there is a bipolar block with white and black wires. White wire must be connected to the blue output of the drive, and black - to the green. At this installation mechanism is completed.