What cars are the most dangerous in russia


When choosing a car, the buyer pays attention to a wide range of different criteria. He is interested in the engine, gearbox, equipment, some of the nuances of the cabin and other characteristics. But no less important, and perhaps the key factor, is the level of safety of the machine that a person is going to purchase. Yes, each car carries a potential threat, because you can get into an accident or get into an accident on any vehicle. But the question is, how high are your chances of remaining unscathed or getting minimal damage, finding yourself in a similar situation. It directly depends on the level of vehicle safety. Every year, all new cars pass crash tests before entering the market. As part of the tests, the resistance to frontal, side impacts, the performance of airbags, passive and active safety systems, as well as a number of other indicators are checked. Depending on the results obtained, the machine receives an estimate. We will try to understand the ranking of the most dangerous cars in the world with an eye to the domestic market. Many of the cars that turned out to be in the world anti-rating are not represented in Russia even in a single copy. Therefore, it will not greatly interest our compatriots.

The most dangerous cars

TOP most dangerous cars.

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Representatives of the anti-rating

None of the automakers would like to get into this rating of the most dangerous cars in the world. But the important advantage of crash tests is that they are carried out by independent companies that cannot just give a car high scores, thus putting millions of lives at risk. The automakers themselves conduct their own tests of security systems. After that, they are sent to an independent examination, which gives a final conclusion. With the estimates obtained, the car is brought to the market. It is extremely important for buyers to know exactly what strengths and weaknesses the purchased machine has. A serious misconception is the fact that many identify the most dangerous cars exclusively with cheap models. Allegedly expensive cars, by definition, are reliable and completely safe. Having studied our rating, you will understand that safety does not always depend on the cost of the vehicle.

We offer to look at the most dangerous cars in Russia, in order to understand exactly which car should be treated with extreme caution in the Russian Federation and what is better to refrain from, giving preference to more reliable models. Representatives of the following automakers got into the rating:

  • Tesla;
  • Fiat;
  • Renault;
  • That;
  • BMW;
  • DS;
  • Honda;
  • Suzuki;
  • UAZ.

Let's go through each car separately and consider their main problems that have caused the cars to get into this antirating. And whether or not to buy the most dangerous cars, it’s up to the car enthusiast to decide. Do not forget that any car carries a potential danger and danger. Especially in the hands of an inept driver.


Буквально все эксперты признали, что рейтинг, куда входят самые опасные автомобили, продаваемые в России, должен возглавить представитель итальянского автопроизводителя Fiat. Сделаем небольшую оговорку. Сейчас Point в РФ официально не продаётся. Но через серых дилеров такие машины завозятся. Потому про это авто нужно обязательно упомянуть в рейтинге, поскольку таких машин на территории России достаточно много. Модель Point получила самые низкие оценки безопасности. У них нет буквально ни одной звезды, хотя даже относительно неплохие авто могут заработать 1 звезду. Это говорит о крайне низком уровне пассивной и активной безопасности на итальянском хэтчбеке. Как показали результаты краш-тестов и дополнительных испытаний систем, процент безопасности для взрослых пассажиров составляет всего 51%, а для детей эта цифра опустилась до 43%. Также автомобиль опасен для пешеходов. Здесь уровень безопасности оценивается на 52%. Не совсем понятно, почему автомобиль со столь низкими показателями вообще допущен к продаже. Также вызывает вопросы отношение самого автопроизводителя к созданию своего проекта. Мы обычно не призываем отказываться от покупки того или иного авто. Но в случае с Point есть множество причин, чтобы такой машины не оказалось в вашем гараже. Итальянцы очевидно должны существенно доработать свою модель, сделав её более безопасной для водителя, пассажиров и пешеходов.

Fiat Point


Vaunted French crossover, which has earned a lot of positive feedback for its good build, affordable cost, maneuverability and other characteristics. But in terms of security, there is something to work on. Independent experts from Euro NCAP conducted a series of crash tests of the latter, that is, the second generation Duster, which is produced under the Renault and Dacia brands. The results were literally disappointing, since from 2018 a new generation of the budget crossover has been supplied to the domestic market. We can not say that the results were a failure. Duster showed relatively good results, especially against the background of the undisputed leader of anti-rating. According to the test results, the crossover earned 3 stars out of 5 possible. Adult and child safety were estimated at 71 and 66%, respectively. But when imitating a strike on incessant barriers at a speed of 50 km / hour, it turned out to be fatal for the driver.

Despite the fairly good overall performance, not everyone understood why the overall score was so low. It is all about the paucity of complete sets from automakers. They equip basic equipment with a small number of systems and security features. In the initial equipment, you will not receive an automatic braking system, a tracking system for marking, and even airbags will not be counted. It is necessary to make an amendment to the fact that the European version of the crossover took part in the crash test. In Russia, they are going to actively make some amendments, as well as change the complete set. The only question is, for the worse or better, they are going to do it in domestic factories that will be engaged in assembling the second generation Duster.

Renault Duster

Rio is Picanto

Also, Euro NCAP has not bypassed two representatives of the Korean company Kia in the face of models Rio and Picanto. Consider that here we are talking specifically about the hatchback body. Each of the cars was given two marks. The Rio 3 and 5 stars, while the Picanto 3 and 4. This difference is due to the fact that in the first case the basic equipment was checked, and in the second they tested fully equipped cars, where a whole package of active safety systems was provided. The results of the Kia Rio check did not affect the absence of the electronics package. All dummies in different tests showed the same results, having experienced identical loads. The difference was observed only in one stroke, which could have an impact on human health. Here we are talking about a rear impact, after which the front passenger gets an excessively high load on the neck. In the case of Picanto, the situation is about the same. The absence of active safety systems in the basic configuration does not in any way negatively affect the passive safety indicators. The difference with Rio is that in Picanto, when hitting barren barriers, the rear passengers are at great risk of head injuries. And the driver and front passenger are more likely to hurt and even break their necks when they are hit from behind. Because of this, even in the maximum equipment the car failed to get the maximum rating from the experts.

It is important to make some more clarifications. The production of the Korean car Rio for Russia is carried out by the St. Petersburg plant, which is engaged in a full cycle of assembling the model. In parallel with the Rio, the Solaris car manufactured by Hyundai is also being assembled here, with which the Rio is almost identical. And Solaris at one time passed the tests of domestic experts, who gave the car its maximum 4 stars, as well as 16 points out of 16. The Rio sedan showed similar results. And Picanto is assembled at the plant in Kaliningrad. But here we are talking only about the small node assembly. Therefore, the model is structurally more similar to the European version, unlike the Rio. For her, more relevant are the results of crash tests conducted in Euro NCAP.

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DS 3

This is a subbrand of the company Citroen, because many perceive DS 3 just as full-fledged cars of this French automaker. The bottom line is that the car received only 3 points out of 5 possible from independent European experts. The test results showed a high level of danger to the chest and head of people in the rear passenger seats when striking against permanent barriers. The reaction of the dummies showed that in such situations, people risk getting injuries that are practically incompatible with life. Also, the increased load in such collisions affects the driver’s body. If a car of approximately the same size crashes into the car, then the risk of neck injuries to everyone inside DS 3 rises significantly. Another reason for lowering the final grade was the basic equipment. In the initial equipment for the DS 3 almost no active safety systems are provided. The most useful and important components can be obtained only for an extra charge. The results frankly disappointed. In addition, sales figures for DS 3 and so are not the highest in Russia. Given the weak level of security, the demand for cars of this brand is unlikely to start growing in the near future.

Citroen DS 3

Fiat 500

Also quite popular Italian car, which is well suited for a large city. But in terms of security, not everything is as perfect as we would like. Three-door hatchback manufactured by Fiat received from European experts only 3 stars. Risks for rear seat passengers in frontal collisions are similar to the DS 3 car. But also this type of impact carries a serious threat to the driver’s head. Significantly increases the chance that the strike will be fatal. In the back seat, it is dangerous enough for children using a booster. A severe head injury is possible during a frontal strike. If a side blow, then the main threat appears to the chest of the child. An important innovation for Russia was the ban on the use of boosters. Therefore, it is better to seat children in special car seats, which significantly increase the level of safety of young passengers. These theses were confirmed in the framework of additional tests, in which the car seats really saved the child's life.

Fiat 500

i3 и Model S

Also in the same row you can put two electric cars made in Germany by BMW and the American company Tesla. Although things are not bad with active safety systems, the overall results are clearly lower than expected. These cars were checked by representatives of the American Security Institute, better known by the acronym IIHS. For all vehicles that have passed all the tests perfectly, the organization awards the category Top Safety Pick. But the cars presented failed to get such a high award and safety mark. Tesla is actively spreading around the domestic market, so it is important to definitely mention this car in the rating. In a frontal collision, an American electric car at a speed of about 64 kilometers per hour delivers a strong blow to the driver. A person runs the risk of seriously hitting the steering wheel due to not quite correctly functioning seat belts. More experts have expressed a claim to the headlights, the absence of an emergency braking system in the basic version, as well as an insufficiently strong roof that failed the test to simulate a vehicle coup. It is worth noting that the system of emergency braking in the electric car is still present. Only in the basic configuration it is locked. To activate it, you need to pay extra.

Tesla Model S

In the case of the Bavarian electric car, everything is a bit simpler. The driver and passenger experience excessive stress on the cervical region when they are hit from behind. Also, tests have shown that the automatic braking system in front of potential obstacles does not work very well. Plus, the final assessment was affected by the wrong glow of the headlights.

BMW i3

Civic и Swift

A pair of Japanese cars from different manufacturers, too, was in antirating. Representatives of Honda and Suzuki failed to show outstanding results in crash tests. From here and regular hit in not the most pleasant for automakers top. But until recently, the Russian market was officially presented. However, due to the crisis and other factors, it was decided to leave Russia. But the option with the imminent official return is not excluded. Do not forget about the gray dealers who are actively engaged in the supply of quite popular among Russians cars. When compared to all previous competitors, the Civic was one of the best in terms of security. From here and deserved 4 stars at new generation by results Euro NCAP. The car was praised for a rich set of active safety systems already in basic equipment. Crash tests passed well, but only in three trials the results were not exemplary.

Honda Civic

Frontal strikes against hard barriers have shown that for rear passengers there is a risk of injury to the chest. If the blow is applied from behind, a risk of a cervical fracture is added to the chest injury. A similar high risk is a side impact for a child on the booster. This is another argument in favor of the fact that small passengers should be placed in special children's car seats. So the chance of injury is greatly reduced. Rear bumps also endanger the neck of the rear-seat passengers in a Suzuki-manufactured Swift car. Frontal impacts in a collision with crushing and undiminished obstacles indicate that the driver and rear passengers will experience increased loads, potentially leading to serious injuries. The danger of a frontal collision is also relevant for a child in a car seat. He risks damaging the chest.

Suzuki Swift


The representative of the domestic auto industry also got into antirating. This SUV from the company UAZ tested representatives Autoreview. The results disappointed many, because the car was awarded only 1 star for the level of its safety. Crash tests showed that during head-on collisions at a speed of about 65 kilometers per hour, almost certainly the driver's neck breaks and his head is badly damaged. The chances of survival are minimal. This is even considering the fact that the airbag is triggered. Patriot was a real disappointment. No one expected that the domestic crossover will receive high marks or be able to beat their competitors from the more expensive segment. But such poor results were a surprise for many.

UAZ Patriot

As you can see, there are many cars that carry a potential threat to the driver and passengers, even with minor bumps and collisions. Not always passive and active safety systems are able to prevent injuries and death. You can not blame everything solely on the insufficient level of protection of the machine. The main responsibility lies with the driver himself, who should not make mistakes, act competently and confidently. But also no one is immune from the actions of other drivers, whose driving causes accidents, collisions and serious accidents. When choosing a car, be sure to pay attention to the level of security of the purchased car. This will make the most competent purchase and protect themselves from the most dangerous cars, which for some reason continue to actively buy and operate on Russian roads.