Hyundai creta developers are thinking about another bundle

Разработчики Hyundai Crete думают еще об одной комплектации этого кроссовера

It is possible that the Korean all-terrain vehicle, which will soon begin to sell on the Russian car market, will have another, the most sophisticated equipment. Information about this appeared on the web thanks to the club. Hyundai Crete, who managed to get and publish a list of all possible crossover assemblies. So, in this list are not three complete sets, as the Koreans officially stated, but four. One nuance is interesting: none of the officially-approved Korean configurations has a protivotumanok in its “optical” body kit. And it looks, at least, strange. And with the appearance of the fourth configuration in the fan club's publication, in which foglights are present, in fact, puts all the points on the “i” - Koreans simply “forgot” about the most advanced assembly Hyundai Crete Разработчики Hyundai Crete думают еще об одной комплектации этого кроссовера What is part of this mysterious fourth configuration? It has become, so to speak, the quintessence of all additional option packages to the previous three assemblies. But, in addition, there will be a fully sheathed faux leather interior, speakers, correctly reproducing high frequencies, head optics equipped with lenses, LED taillights and daytime running lights, fog light buttons, seventeen inch casting, turn signal in side mirrors and chrome handles.

In addition to all this beauty, the package of extensions "Advanced", which is included for a fee in the package "Comfort", in the maximum assembly is integrated into the standard kit. This is a heated leather-covered steering wheel, a second row of seats, a windshield and windscreen washers, a Supervision dashboard, a multimedia device with a five-inch touchscreen and a rear-view camera with dynamic marking. Разработчики Hyundai Crete думают еще об одной комплектации этого кроссовера Under the hood, a two-liter engine paired with a six-band automatic will be available in the maximum range. The drive will only be full.

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Pro prices for equipment Hyundai Crete Koreans will announce immediately before the start of sales of new items. As analysts say the auto brand, if the demand for Hyundai Crete is large, then in the first year they plan to release the first twenty thousand cars. If this happens, then pyatdverku Hyundai Solaris produce in Russia will cease.