The most passable off-road cars of the world

A separate class of cars, which is not scary, and in the fire, and in the water - SUVs. Since their creation, and this period refers to the mid 30s, the main task of these SUVs or jeeps, as they are often called in common people, continues to be the delivery of passengers and goods to the destination, regardless of the road surface and weather conditions.


Auto climbs into the mountains, will pass the loose sand and overcome the ford. And, even being in a difficult situation, without help, help himself. Permeability is the main criterion by which ranking places are distributed. We will try and bring together the most reliable cars that can easily overcome any obstacles.

Впервые попав в элитный клуб производителей внедорожников, автомобильные концерны изо всех сил стараются упрочить свое положение в нем. В ход идут колоссальные средства. Практически каждая новая модель воплощает инновационные инженерные решения. Традиционно странами-лидерами по выпуску джипов на сегодняшний день являются Japan, USA, Германия и Great Britain. На самом деле компаний, изготавливающих внедорожники высокого класса не так уж и много.

Any of the following vehicles has its own character, strengths, individual design solutions, recognizable features and deserves to be in the first position. Each of them deserves to carry the title of the most passable SUV in the world.


Country of the Rising Sun, which is the trendsetter of off-road fashion, for at least the last 50 years. Therefore, the title of the best car claim Nissan and Toyota, and the first can be divided into two brands, while the latter can qualify for this title, at least three cars.

Toyota 4Runner

In 1985, the first model came out. Since then, the release of this SUV has not stopped. In 2009, the 5th generation was introduced, and in 2014 it was restyled. In 2000, sold more than 100 thousand off-road vehicles with the name Runner.

Toyota 4Runner

In the Limited version, the special X-REAS suspension is designed in such a way that, together with the unique Bilstein shock absorbers, it is automatically adjusted when installing 20 inch aluminum wheels. The version of TRD Pro Series has a four-wheel drive, locking rear differential, intelligent adaptation system for various pavements. The most vulnerable places are protected by special plates.

To overcome the heavy off-road provided by the KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System), which turns off the stabilizer and increases the movement of the axes. If necessary, the car can tow another car weighing more than two tons.

In terms of comfort, the buyer is offered a leather interior or seats covered with water-repellent material, it is possible to install a third row. There is a 2-zone climate control, audio system Entune Audio Plus with 15 speakers, navigation Connected Navigation, transparent hatch.

Toyota Hilux

In the off-road rating of all-terrain, this brand enjoys well-deserved authority among drivers and experts. It has been produced in Japan since 1968. For the North American market it was adapted and named in a new way - Toyota Tacoma.

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Toyota Hilux

In the fall of 2015, the eighth generation was presented with a large selection of power units. The V-shaped petrol six of 4.0 liters is considered the most powerful unit of all seven powertrain options. She is able to give 278 hp

Constantly working to improve the off-road qualities, engineers do not forget about the comfort of the car. Inside there is a high-quality leather interior, the possibility of starting the engine without a key is provided, an automatic air conditioning system supports the microclimate in the cabin. Manage a large set of functions by using a 4.2 inch touch screen.

Nissan Xterra

A pickup truck manufactured in Tennessee cannot fail to get into the off-road rating of all-terrain vehicles, the list of which will be updated further. The official presentation of this car occurred relatively recently - in 2005. But in fact, he was known much earlier under the name Nissan Navara, which debuted in 1986.

Nissan Xterra

This car is directly related to the sport, because it got its name after the brand became the main sponsor of the triathlon competitions. The events took place in an area called Xterra.

This simple and reliable model is designed for operation on roads with difficult terrain, the ground clearance reaches 23 cm. Initially, minimum attention was paid to comfort. But in the latest configurations there is power, cruise control, Rockford Fosgate audio system, Multifunction, Bluetooth communication, heated seats and much more. The SUV was built on the basis of a cargo platform, so it cannot always drive through narrow streets.

Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

The mid-size pickup in 2016 was awarded the honorary title of the winner in the nomination “The Best Compact Pickup” according to the Autopacific trademark.

Nissan Frontier PRO-4X

Together with the manual, all Nissan Frontier cars are equipped with automatic transmissions. This approach allows women to operate this car on a par with men. For better cross-country installed rear locking "difa". Roomy, with a large ground clearance, it can take a large volume of cargo and allows you to comfortably accommodate passengers. If you need to spend the night in open areas, the body is specifically designed to accommodate a tent for the night. Under the hood is installed 4-liter V-shaped six power under 300 hp

The offspring is exported to Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Mexico. He is a member of the Ultimate Factory, where he often takes prizes.


The United States - from there off-road versions began to carry a second name - a jeep. The cars produced by the automotive auto industry giant, Ford, had the name GPV (General Purpose Vehicle), which means “general purpose cars”. During World War II, the American soldiers took the first two letters of the first two words, and it turned out to be JP.

Jeep Wrangler

Thoroughly coming to the order of the Air Force, the company Willys Overland by 1940 presented a prototype of the future off-road vehicle Bantam BRC, which was later finalized. During the Second World War, this model was made by Willys-Overland and Ford. Auto became the ancestor of all SUVs on the planet.

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Jeep Wrangler

The first real SUV was the CJ. In the modern version, it has been produced by the Chrysler concern since 1987 and today is represented only in three generations. After the bankruptcy of Chrysler in 2009, Fiat came to the aid of Jeep. It took only three years for the level of sales not only to recover, but also to reach new numbers.

In 2016, in honor of the 75th anniversary, a limited party was released, called Sarge. Traditional frame, four-wheel drive, powerful gasoline V-engine in 285 hp volume of 3.6 liters and more than 14 different configuration options. Light, with the ability to remove the doors, installed stabilization system and mechanism for transporting trailers, and many other useful options, the SUV has not only a vivid history, but unique appearance and excellent maneuverability.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Jeeps and SUVs, characterized by high cross-country ability, are in great demand on the North American continent. Their outstanding representative, which embodies the best qualities, is the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. It has an inscription made in USA, which means it is distinguished by high comfort, reliability and maneuverability.

Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

There are several components of success - above all, this is the undercarriage. It is made by the original technology and has a logo SVT. Shock absorbers on Ford are the same as on some models participating in the world rally. Their free wheeling is over 11 inches in front and 12 behind. On the SUV tires are installed with an external diameter of 35 inches.

BOSS 379 - power plant. V-shaped figure eight of the same name as the one that was installed on the Mustang, but already modified. The volume of this engine is 6.2 liters. Power 411 hp, and torque at 4,500 r / min is 588 Nm. 6-speed automatic allows you to switch quickly and at the right time.

Electronics and auxiliary systems provide trouble-free operation on the most complex surfaces. If the factory configuration is not enough, the manufacturer provides the possibility of tuning. After it, all the indicators will be much higher.

Ram Power Wagon

Один из немногочисленных автомобилей, которые можно отнести к лучшим внедорожникам по проходимости, выпускающимся на территории USA и Мексики. Его дебют состоялся в 1981 году. С тех пор выпуск не прекращался ни на день.

Ram Power Wagon

The full-size pickup comfortably accommodates six people. Presented 11 complete sets. Under the hood, a V-shaped eight power of 429 horsepower. The volume of the engine is 6.4 liters, and the torque is 410 Nm.

Keeping this SUV on the road is as sure as it looks. It is equipped with a system for automatically disabling the anti-roll bar, differential lock and a huge number of electronic assistants that will overcome any road obstacles.

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Germany is the automotive heart of Europe. The contribution made by German engineers to the development of the automotive industry is difficult not to appreciate. Despite the ideal roads, in 1979, Mercedes-Benz introduced the first SUV, called the G-class Gelandewagen. Although in fact the first version of the G-Class car was introduced in 1929.

Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen in the W461 body is exported to more than 40 countries of the world. Is not this the recognition that he can rightly be among the best off-road vehicles in the world in cross-country ability?

Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen

Gelandewagen is a special car. Its services are used by special agents, military and businessmen of the highest echelon. Purchase it is not very easy. Should justify the need to purchase. Gelandewagen recognized on the North American continent, so a certain amount of cars and shipped there.

For operation for peaceful purposes, a more comfortable version of the W463 is provided. There is a huge number of different tuning options. Could not take part in the formation of the Gelendwagen design studio AMG. One of the latest announcements is that the G65 will have a Landaulet soft folding body, a 6-liter V-12 powerplant, a 7-section automatic transmission and a traditional 4-by-4 wheelbase.

Great Britain

Britain, represented by Rover, which ceased to exist in 2005, became the ancestor of the famous Land Rover company, which continues to produce SUV-class cars to this day. In Britain, the best off-road SUVs were created, among which Defender and Land Rover take one of the first positions.

Land Rover LR4

Land Rover LR4 (Discovery), the ground clearance of which reaches 310 mm, and the interior will satisfy the most refined taste, will comfortably overcome any obstacle. No less confident this car will behave on city roads.

Land Rover LR4

Installed four-wheel drive with 5 programs that are used to overcome off-road. Auto has 5 security cameras. A six-cylinder bit turbo-diesel with a capacity of 3 liters makes it possible to spin the engine up to 600 Nm, on smooth asphalt such power is simply nowhere to use. This SUV - one of those that can be confidently attributed to the premium class.

Despite the fact that the release of the legend, once one of the most passable SUVs has already been completed, everyone is looking forward to the continuation. After all, it is already known that the ending of the Project Icon is not far off.

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