How to connect a rearview camera

We have already talked about parktronics, which allow you to control the back of the car when making parking. However, they may not fully cope with their task. The fact is that if there is a small pillar in the dead zone of the sensors, the parking sensors may simply not recognize it. Here comes to the aid of parking sensors and rear view camera, allowing you to have a complete picture of everything that is happening. In this article we will explain in detail how to install a rear view camera in order to have complete visual information.


  • 1 Recommendations for selection
  • 2 Installation Recommendations
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Recommendations for selection

how to install a rearview camera

The rear view camera is better to install in the least visible place.

What kind of camera to choose from the whole variety represented on the modern market? To answer this question, you should analyze what financial capabilities you have and what equipment you want to buy. The most inexpensive samples now cost around $ 50. However, even they can significantly simplify the process of parking, but what can be purchased for more impressive money?

  1. The first thing is to talk about the resolution of the camera. Even the most budgetary samples will have a resolution that allows you to freely navigate in space. Therefore, in this aspect you should not chase the best indicators.
  2. Another equally important factor is the level of sensitivity. This characteristic allows you to determine how confident the equipment will feel in low light. Today, cameras that work exclusively in black and white are popular. This allows it to be as sensitive as possible when working in the dark.
  3. The installation method is also an important indicator. This can be an embedding (for example, in the registration number) or a separate installation.
  4. At the viewing angle should also pay attention. It can vary from 120 to 180 degrees. From this indicator depends on how large the area you can control. At the same time, samples that have an excessive view are characterized by a panoramic effect. This property can seriously distort reality, which may entail some inconveniences.
  5. For those people who have a multimedia tape recorder, there is no need to purchase an additional monitor to display information from the camera. Otherwise, you will need to purchase this equipment.
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Installation Recommendations

installation of rear view camera

The camera wires are pulled into the trunk through the bumper or spare wheel plugs.

Now we will tell how to connect a rear view camera. For example, take one of the most simple models - RM116B (has a viewing angle of 120 degrees). Our task will be to install a camera in the middle of the car’s back so that the camera covers as much space as possible. In this case, do not push it too hard inside, because in this case, the bumper can interfere with the review. It should not be put forward either, because in this case it will unduly get dirty, and one should not forget about the multitude of vandals, who, unfortunately, are not asleep.

In our case, the installation was carried out on the frame of the ceiling, which is responsible for highlighting the state number of the car. The lights and frame were removed from the bumper. Schematically shows the installation location of the camera. So that it is a little out of the bumper, under the plate was placed. Such a setup has the undoubted advantage - if you move a little away from the car, then the camera is almost invisible.

Чтобы installation of rear view camera прошла успешно, вы должны правильно осуществить подключение всех проводов. В общем виде данная процедура осуществляется таким образом:

how to connect a rearview camera

The camera is usually powered by a reversing light.

  1. The cable for the video signal and the power supply itself is pulled through the luggage compartment. This can be done through any stub in the area of ​​the bumper or spare wheel.
  2. Voltage can be obtained from the power of the rear lights. In this case, disconnect the block that goes to the block of brake lights. We'll have to tinker a bit with contacts to find exactly the one that supplies power to the reversing lamps.
  3. Having found the coveted wire, you should connect to it by means of clips.
  4. Next you need to stretch the cables to the monitor (or existing radio). Wires can be hidden in the door sills (usually on the left side) or under the rugs.
  5. After laying the wires, you need to find the power of the monitor and the reversing light (if you have a radio tape recorder, then you don’t need to look for anything). In situations where the search for power lantern difficult, you can lay a wire with a cable signal to the dashboard. You can also make a connection ahead by tracing where it goes from the dashboard.
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The result is a very simple scheme for connecting a rear view camera.

wiring diagram for rear view camera

Rear view camera connection

If your car is equipped with an automatic transmission, then there is the likelihood of a small problem when starting to move from a spot. The fact is that when the “D” mode is selected, the automatic transmission lever often passes through the “R” position, which is exactly responsible for the reverse movement of the car. As a result, unreasonable camera activations are possible. To avoid them, you can additionally equip the existing circuit with a delay sensor (it will help ensure that the control signal to the monitor will be given some time later).

It should be noted that the installation and connection scheme described by us is applicable for this particular case (that is, for a particular model). Today, however, you can find devices that transmit video through radio. Typically, such samples allow the simultaneous installation of multiple cameras (for example, to control "blind" zones). Of course, such a product is much more difficult to connect, besides it requires the presence of additional power.

At last

If you do all the work yourself, you will save money and time. Also, do not forget that in this case you will also have invaluable experience. If you make the maximum effort, then you will certainly succeed. Also note that the installation of such a device will be able to protect you from various troubles. Therefore, it is worth once “to suffer a little” in order to ensure a quiet life in the future.