Compact french hatchback renault kwid has already sold

Compact French hatchback Renault Kwid has already sold hundreds of thousands Already more than a hundred thousand Kwid compact hatchbacks sold to Hindus, and this is only fourteen months from the date of the start of sales. Officially, the French presented this ultrabudgetary “dwarf” in the spring of last year, and in September the first car was sold on the Indian car market. serial renault kwid. With such indicators of demand, this model in India has become the most sought-after French car. Under the hood, the compact French "pyatidverki" almost a year installed only about, 8-liter three-cylinder motor, which could demonstrate at maximum effort the power of 54 horses. This hard worker worked in tandem with a manual transmission. And three months ago, the Kwid engine line was replenished with a one-liter, 68-horsepower gasoline aspirated. Externally, cars with such a motor can be recognized by a sticker with a checkered flag on it. This liter engine works not only with a five-speed manual transmission, but also with a “robot”. Compact French hatchback Renault Kwid has already sold hundreds of thousands What is Renault Quid in the basic configuration, probably, having learned its price, you should not even tell. Because it costs in terms of our wooden ones at the current rate of the Central Bank of the country only two hundred and fifty thousand rubles. This is a completely empty package, in which there is a steering wheel, pedals, a handle. Everything. And what else do you need for such money? You can take a player with you, as there is no music in the cabin, there is ice in the frozen bottle, as there is no air conditioning, and it’s not time to recall that there is no anti-lock system, and you can easily get out of the track if you play fast.

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By the way, ABS is not provided in any of the configurations индийской версии Quida. But it is already possible to control the climate in the cabin from the second according to the “seniority” version - a simple condo appears. An airbag for the driver has been added to the top assembly, power mirrors appear in the front doors, a touchscreen multimedia device into which the navigator is integrated and with which Blutuz can be connected. This is the most fancy equipment Renault Quidda It would have cost the buyer 372 thousand wood if it were sold in Russia. Compact French hatchback Renault Kwid has already sold hundreds of thousands

And today Renault Kwid It is produced only in Indian factories, from where it is exported only to the countries of Latin America and Sri Lanka. The French are going to set up production lines in Brazil, so that the South Americans do not overpay for the import of a car. By the way, the Brazilian version will be richer than the Indian, Brazilians, they are not unpretentious Indians, they cannot be without comfort. They and alcohol instead of gasoline can be used.

The Brazilian engineering department Renault recently unveiled its new development at the last São Paulo Motor Show. Kwid Outsider. Outwardly, this compact hatch is not much different from just Quida. Perhaps the Brazilians will alter the brains of the engine for him.