Restyled uaz patriot needs to wait from next year


The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is in full swing working on restyled UAZ Patriot. The model of the future version is here directly called the "brand new", which meets all the requirements for this type of car, and places great hopes on it. The modified version of the SUV, according to some data, will be available for purchase from January 2016. For all understandable reasons, it’s impossible to get all the details of the modernization of the Russian crossover from the management of the automobile enterprise, but it is beyond doubt that the main changes will apply to gamma, which will now match eco-friendly "Euro-5". These engines began to pass test tests in February of this year.

exterior of the current version of UAZ Patriot

Exterior of the current version of UAZ Patriot

There is also no doubt about the change in the interior of the interior of an SUV, this sore subject for most Russian cars. Patriot is waiting for a new dashboard plastic, made of rigid polymers, a completely different door drape, chrome and titanium inserts. Bundle new UAZ Patriot expand with two front airbags, a multifunctional steering wheel with integrated control buttons and steering wheel leather. Wiper blades will be frameless, the audio system will receive six speakers, and parking sensors will be mounted in the front bumper.

The interior of the current version of UAZ Patriot

The interior of the current version of UAZ Patriot

The most heaped up restyled Patriot they will be equipped with electronic stability control systems, salons lined with natural leather, the rear differential will get a lock, the function to help the start will allow you to get off on a roller coaster without any problems. In addition, light sensors and rain sensors will be installed in the body. If nothing changes, and the work begun in April on the introduction of the automatic box into the Patriot’s construction will pass without complications, then it is possible that we will see and version of the Patriot with AKP. Although these experiments began before, but because of the sharp rise in price of the model with a gun, they were stopped.

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Рестайлинговый UAZ Patriot нужно ждать со следующего года

Today's UAZ Patriot has the following range of engines: a 2.7-liter 128-horsepower gasoline engine, and a 2.2-liter diesel unit for 113 horses. Both engines work in tandem with five-speed mechanics.

There is a “dorestaylingovy” UAZ Patriot in the corridor from seven hundred to nine hundred thousand rubles, and with stocks, discounts and a recycling program, the cheapest option will cost six hundred thousand rubles.

About the price updated  UAZ Patriot while silent.