Uaz patriot: description, modifications, specifications

The mid-size Russian SUV of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant appeared in the 50s of the last century. Model UAZ Patriot (pictured) as one of the four modifications of the UAZ Trophy, which appeared at the beginning of this millennium. The first Patriot was released in 2005, then with modifications the 2007 model car was released. The car underwent significant changes in 2013, and 2015 did not pass for the UAZ of this model without a trace. UAZ Patriot surpasses all other models of the manufacturer in its technical characteristics and price / quality ratio.


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Technical characteristics of UAZ Patriot: change on the face

The SUV is powerful enough, has a frame body. From imported models, the Great Wall Hover jeep from the Chinese manufacturer is closest to the UAZ Patriot. UAZ Patriot specifications led to European standards back in 2011. This allowed to bring the car to foreign markets.

UAZ Patriot

В производстве этой пятиместной машины используется двигатель ЗМЗ 409. С начала выпуска автомобилей машина претерпела серьезные изменения по всем направлениям, и двигатель с трудом справляется с ее мощью и функционалом. В автомобиле есть современный климат-контроль, система оповещения о возможных неисправностях. ГабаритыUAZ Patriot (Классика):

  • length: 4.7 m;
  • width: 2.1 m;
  • height: 1.91 m;
  • ground clearance: 0.21 m;
  • wheelbase: 2.76 m.

УАЗ выпускает модели с бензиновым и дизельным двигателями.  Двигатель бензиновых Патриотов  имеет следующие параметры: 2,7 л 128 л.с., а дизельная  топливная система 2,3 л объемом 114 л.с. Вес груженой машины составляет 2,65-2,69 т.  ГабаритыUAZ Patriot моделей Лимитед и Комфорт отличаются от классического варианта, машины  выше на 8,5 см и длиннее на 35 см.

Car cons

  • Too narrow doorways.
  • Outdated uncomfortable steering column.

Also, numerous testing and consumer reviews have noted that for traveling with such a large fuel consumption on the UAZ Patriot, the fuel tank is clearly too small. Engines for cars weighing more than 2 tons of low-power. Steering backlash at 10 degrees makes you very nervous if you are not used to it. There are also minor problems, which, however, can ruin life if you go by car to a long journey: a weak oven and cooling system, too tight a brake pedal, as a result of which the car has a long stopping distance.

After 30-40 km of run, a broken hub bearing, a failure of stabilizers can wait for a car owner. The lower part of the body and the bottom quickly give in to corrosion, therefore metal processing is recommended.

News from the manufacturer

The UAZ Patriot SUV model is very popular, and not only among the UAZ line. Every year the production of cars increases. At present, the involved foreign specialists are working on finalizing the model together with domestic engineers and designers. In the UAZ Patriot is a Korean transmission, part of the electrics developed by the Germans.

UAZ Patriot

In 2016, the car came out additionally in the modification of the pickup. Having barely presented a new restyled modification for a general review, but without launching it for sale, the manufacturers are talking about the next steps in improving the UAZ Patriot. According to them, car enthusiasts of fans of this brand are waiting for the long-awaited replacement of the “ancient” steering wheel, gearbox, installation of cruise control and an integrated motion stabilization system. Additional airbags and a 150hp turbocharged gasoline engine should also appear.

По данной модели можно сделать вывод, что это отличный внедорожник, который однако использовать для дальних поездок не слишком удобно. Маневренность, ходовые качества на высоте, а применить их можно только выездки на природу  большой компанией на близкие расстояния, для поездок на рыбалку или охоту. Такое путешествие будет комфортным и безопасным, даже, если за рулем окажется любитель «полихачить». Сильно наUAZ Patriot не разгонишься, но и при максимальной скорости машина вполне устойчива.