Nissan primera p12 - beauty does not hide the flaws

In 2001, Nissan introduced the Nissan Primera P12 to the world - the third generation of Primera machines, replacing the Bluebird model in Europe. The car in the conveyor mode was going in the period from 2002 to 2007, but the design and in the present time has not lost its modern look. It is a pity that in 2007 the release of the model stopped. Replaced by Nissan Bluebird Sylphy.

nissan first p12 a photo

The reason for this was the discontent of the Japanese with the quality of the assembly of the machine produced in the UK According to the Japanese, the reliability of the model does not meet Japanese standards. Dislike Nissan Primera P12 the Japanese with the Europeans formed a mutual. The first ones were scolded for the lack of vaunted Japanese reliability, a car assembled by Europeans. The second strongly disliked the look, which did not make the new car popular in the sales market.

Primera P12 received moral support from Russian car enthusiasts. In the middle class, the model confidently took place in the top three. Demand exceeded expected. For 6 years, they sold 40,000 cars, and 2003 was marked by leadership in the sales segment. The appearance of the hero in the secondary market prompts to review the technical condition.

Motors for Nissan Primera P12

Among Russians, the popularity gained cars, equipped with a gasoline engine with a working volume of 1.8 and 1.6 liters. The share of demand for this category reaches eighty percent. The rest is for cars with 2-liter engines.

двигатель nissan first p12

In the secondary market in the European part of Russia there are Primera and other configuration, but this is rather the exception. This is a pure Japanese with a 2.5 liter engine operating on the principle of direct injection of the fuel mixture. There are 2-liter equipment with increased capacity up to 204 liters. with. These engines are with variable valve timing and valve stroke. Rarely encountered diesel Europeans with a purely Japanese 2.2 liter engine. or French 1.9.

Diesel Primera, used, the market is small. They require careful analysis, as they are characterized by the intervention of car mechanics during the warranty period. Change the turbocharger, intercooler or engine. Mostly this is purely Japanese technique.

Machines with French engines in a different state. Strong worries to the owner do not deliver, except for the reaction to the quality of diesel fuel. However, this is not an indication of the advantages of the French motor. The secret lies in the service life - Europe is closer.

Two hundred and fifty thousand kilometers - a reasonable distance for a gasoline engine. Periodically it is required to adjust the valve clearances with the help of washers, to change the drive chain on the gas distribution mechanism after 130,000 kilometers. When operating the machine in high-speed modes, replacement is required more often. The premise is that the engine is cold with vibration.

nissan first p12 2005

To replace the chain requires the removal of the engine, which together costs more than $ 1,000. Correction is required, as there is a risk of stopping the engine at high revs or difficulty starting. The reason for this is a camshaft sensor error.

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Practical analysis of the motors volume of 1.8 and 2.0 liters. revealed at first Primera the weakness of a catalytic converter combined with an outlet manifold. The consequence of a malfunction was a breakdown in the piston group. Automatic control with a delay responds to a fault. The alarm indicator turns on late. During the signal delay, the ceramics of the cells falls inside the cylinder. If such a misfortune occurred during the warranty period, then rings, catalytic collectors, and, in severe cases, the engine, were planted without any problem.

Self-replacement of the catalyst is estimated at $ 600. At 4,000 US dollars will be the replacement of the cylinder block for a 2-liter engine. The attachment is not taken into account. Taking the already used engine, which has worked in Europe, Japan, the cost of repairs will be 1,500-2,000 dollars.

The forerunner of future breakdowns becomes non-dynamic behavior of the engine and increased oil consumption. Practice shows that when approaching 60,000 kilometers in particularly neglected cases, the engine eats up to one liter of oil per 1,000 kilometers.

nissan first p12

The company "Nissan" took into account the working defects of the engine and through new pistons, aimed at increasing the drainage of oil, and upgraded oil rings, improved performance. The two-liter engine, in addition, was equipped with a firmware control unit that protects the neutralizer. An additional plus was manifested in the winter engine start - no candles are flooded. Has undergone a change and catalytic collector - honeycomb filler located on the motor.

After the intervention of Japanese engineers, the work of air flow sensors became more reliable. Who remembers, then the sensor stopped working at the old motors, not reaching the one hundred thousandth mark in the engine run. Russian car owners changed the sensors for cheaper ones from the VAZ-2110. If you change to a standard sensor, it will cost $ 1,000.

Operation shows that, as a result of engine re-equipment, there were shortcomings - the rear engine mount. Its service life does not exceed 70,000 kilometers. Replacement cost - $ 70.

nissan first p12 салон


Five-speed manual transmission (manual gearbox) It works exactly until the run of 100,000 kilometers. This is the threshold for the planned replacement of the friction clutch - $ 300. Here are the bearings of the manual transmission shaft. It is better to correct the disadvantage by spending $ 600, since fixing the bearing, correction is achieved by sorting the box, which is more expensive.

There are 6-speed manual transmission on cars with a 2-liter engine or automatic transmission, coupled with engines of 1.8 liters. Reliability consistent with the Japanese approach, subject to proper care:

  • replacement of the working fluid in the automatic transmission (automatic transmission) is required after every 60,000 km;
  • for manual transmission recommended oil change every 80,000;

A used car is manifested by a vague connection of gears to a manual transmission. Sharpness is restored by replacing the sleeve in the drive rod. It is inexpensive.

Assessing the state of the manual transmission, the worst instance is the 5-speed AV709VA. Increased operating noise and difficult gear changes are reminiscent of the first signs of wear.

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панель приборов nissan first p12

The variator on 2-liter cars without any interference interferes with 150,000 kilometers. Further the worn-out wedge inlaid belt needs to be replaced. The Official corrected for $ 6,000. Turning to a specialized auto service, there is a chance of reducing costs to one thousand.

If the rotation sensors on the driving and driven pulley fail, the service life of the V-belt is less. One hundred thousand kilometers - the boundary of the threat. The variator works in this case in emergency mode. The cones of the pulleys are shifted and limit the speed of movement by thirty kilometers per hour.

The situation when the sensors fail at a higher machine speed becomes critical and a jerk in the transmission threatens to break the belt. The probability of a belt breaking occurs at a reduced speed of movement in cases of locking the front wheels when parking on the curb.

If the belt is torn, then do not tow Primerabetter to use a tow truck. Towing threatens to damage the contact surface of the gear and pulleys parts of the torn belt. Correction costs are increasing two or three times. Replaced belt eliminates trouble.

Transmission «японца» для ускоренного старта сопрягается с гидротрансформатором, после чего, руководствуясь командам управляющего устройства, электромотор сдвигает шток гидроблока. В результате конусы разводятся либо сближаются.

a photo nissan first p12

On the first cars, an electric motor fails when it reaches 100,000 km. Pulleys cease to work, as a result, the gear ratio is fixed. As a result, the car changes the speed of movement only within the boundaries of the engine speed. The fault allows you to get to the car wash yourself. The stepping motor with the work will be 400 dollars. Planned replacement is provided after every 60,000 kilometers of travel.

Suspension in Example P12

Suspension at first Nissan Primera R12 (a photo further) endowed with a weak rack stabilizers. The efficiency was limited to 30 000 km. Since 2004, the automaker has made changes, increasing the working time in 2 times.

nissan primera P12 rear view

Updating the model, ignored the ball bearings in front. Work involves mileage of 50,000 kilometers. The original lever in the kit costs $ 200. If you make an unintended replacement, it will cost $ 30–40. The operation of bearings in the hubs and shock absorbers is 2 times more productive. Replacing shock absorbers will cost $ 250 for the front, and $ 120 for standing in the back.

The Scott Russell device in the rear suspension is sturdy. The official wear-out silent blocks change and ask for this $ 2,000. Having addressed in car-care center, expenses will make $ 300. The automaker does not provide for repairing the steering mechanism. He is a rack sample. Wear of two identical gear racks or bushings on the output leads to the replacement of the mechanism - $ 1,000.

Steering traction loosened by passing 100,000 kilometers. The glands on the steering shaft are leaking after 70,000 kilometers. Russian craftsmen undertake to correct deficiencies by using acceptable gum sizes and installing non-model steering gears. Knocking steering corrected new crossbar steering rod for $ 75.

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The pump ($ 500) hydraulic power steering will fail if you do not check the degree of fluid in the tank. Sealing tubes and hoses lose elasticity over time, which reduces the volume of working fluid. Maintaining the brake system in good condition will require the cost of the rear calipers. The cost of the original - at $ 500 per unit.

Illuminated indicator of anti-lock braking system (ABS) - the signal is unpleasant. The reason - the wheel sensor. Fault will be fixed for $ 300. However, predominantly the indicator lights up due to worn out electrical wiring.

Primera body zinc differently. The evaluation criterion is considered a method of galvanizing. Only the machines of 2007 were treated with 2-side galvanic galvanized, with the body fully immersed in the zinc electrolyte. This method reliably protects the body. The rest of the precursors were partially processed by the type of cold galvanizing - by applying a zinc-containing coating on the critical points of the body. When buying a used car, attention is drawn to the year of manufacture and places of hidden cavities and joints.

nissan first P12 2004

Humidity does not spare the car electronics. Rear lights suffer from obsolete wiring and circuit boards. Replacing each will cost $ 100. Difficulties occur with the ignition unit, designed to transform the direct current in the electrical network of the machine into high voltage required for the operation of xenon headlights. Without it, the headlight does not work. Separately not for sale, only assembled with a headlamp. Price per set - $ 800.

Electronics regularly recalls the age of the car. The airbag health indicator is on or a radio with an onboard computer reminds you of yourself - check the contacts of electrical devices.

nissan first p12 black

During the winter period of operation, the window lifters are at risk. The resulting ice fixes the glass. The desire to lower, leads to the separation of the holder. It is plastic and often breaks. You need to fix it without delay. Glass with increasing air temperature is not fixed and will fall.

Warns the fan in only one speed mode, or a complete failure attention to the condition of the cabin filter. The reason is a fault in the transistor speed control of the air mass.

Rearview camera - the desired acquisition. On age-related machines, it is accidentally turned on with the pressure of the brake pedal. The reason - wiring to the rear lights.

Not without reason, Primera didn’t satisfy even automakers in terms of reliability. From the Nissan family car was unreliable. However, among the models there are noteworthy options - the upgraded Nissan Primera with a 2-liter engine and manual transmission.

And then a review of the second-hand Nissan Primera P12 2002 release: