Rating of the most practical cars


Автомобили в современном мире — это не просто средства для передвижения, но и надежные помощники, а также друзья для своих владельцев. It is not difficult to buy a car cheaply, because the market is filled with interesting offers for every taste, as well as a wallet.

Used car market

Тем не менее, выбирая автомобили, перед нами встает главный вопрос: какие именно стоят нашего внимания? Какие машины будут соответствовать всем нашим требованиям? Основные наши требования: в первую очередь, машина должна устоять при любых погодных условиях, хорошо показать себя при движении по плохому дорожному покрытию, без проблем справляться с ямами, обладать приятной стоимостью и так далее. В общем, каждый из нас желает получить отличное авто со всевозможными функциями подешевле. Чтобы сделать выбор правильно, представляем вам рейтинг наиболее практичных транспортных средств для эксплуатации в условиях нашей страны.Читать далее о рейтинге самых практичных машин-->

The most practical cars in the Russian Federation

Hyundai Solaris, without any doubt, the most practical car for Russia. Kia Rio is not inferior to him. These cars are very similar to each other technical characteristics. Therefore, they both can proudly be called the most practical, and relatively cheap. In addition, they are very popular among motorists and occupy the first place in the number of sales.

Renault Logan Auto

Like the first, and the second car is different power of its motor, equipped with a six-speed gearbox, has a high ground clearance. But these are not all the advantages of these cars, they are also different: cheapness in repair work, a pleasant cost for insurance, as well as the availability of spare parts.

Renault Duster also entered the rating of practical cars in the Russian Federation, occupying the second position. This is the most popular, and also practical crossover. In addition, a very comfortable vehicle. The remaining benefits should include: low-cost repairs, a high level of reliability, all-wheel drive, as well as a rather pleasant maintenance cost. The car took the second place in the number of sales in Russia.

Renault Logan also entered this rating. And not just like that. It is the best-selling car in Russia among cars of European assembly. Beautiful design, affordable price, unpretentiousness and ease of maintenance are the main distinguishing features of Renault Logan.

It is impossible not to include Skoda Rapid in this list - these are cars that do an excellent job with not always the simple weather conditions of our country and rather bad roads. Excellent speed, spacious interior, handling at the highest level, beautiful design - all this made these machines so popular and in demand. It is from this vehicle you can expect a lot of pleasant emotions and sensations.

Auto Nissan X-Trail

Chevrolet Captiva also entered this rating because of its beautiful interior and exterior, and excellent cross-country ability (which is facilitated by a twenty-centimeter clearance), as well as an independent suspension. These cars are equipped with a powerful 2.2 or 2.4 liter engine, but at the same time consume no more than 8 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Nissan X-Trail - one of the representatives of the Japanese SUV, won the hearts of many motorists. Обладает непревзойденным как внешним, так и внутренним дизайном. Одно из основных его преимуществ — проходимость по далеко не ровным дорожным покрытиям. Пока другие объезжают ямы, Nissan X-Trail мчится с ветерком. Сложные погодные условия для него не играют никакой роли. И зимой, и летом он лучше всех. Входит в рейтинг самых дешевых и наиболее комфортабельных транспортных средств на территории нашей страны. Довольно мощное авто, объем двигателя которого составляет 2 литра. При этом употребляет 9 литров топлива на 100 километров. Высокий дорожный просвет в 21 сантиметр и надежность подвески делают его непобедимым  на наших дорогах.

Meet the list of domestic cars

Many motorists are quite skeptical about the cars of national production. Although nothing. There are a number of cars that deserve attention. They are in no way inferior to imported cars in terms of efficiency, reliability and practicality.

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The most practical car on this list is the Lada Granta. Took the leading places in the market due to the pleasant price and low cost of repair, as well as maintenance. The engines checked by time, high quality of assembly allow these vehicles not to submit to the bad influence of our roads.

Лада 4х4 и Chevrolet Niva - very comfortable cars for both driving in the city and off-road. Пользуются большой популярностью среди автолюбителей. Обладают полным приводом. Отличаются замечательной управляемостью как в городе, так и на трассе, а также красивым внешним и внутренним видом. Не стоит обращать свое внимание на повышенный расход топлива. Этот минимальный недостаток компенсирует невысокая стоимость ремонта и расходных материалов.

Car Lada Kalina

Lada Largus - a car that is famous for its special capacity. It comfortably fits seven people. And this makes it indispensable for large families and frequent trips out of town. This does not end its advantages: it is famous for its more than pleasant maintenance costs and the price of repairs, spare parts.

Lada Kalina - yes, these cars are the most practical and reliable. They are not afraid of uneven pavements, as well as withstand the severity of weather conditions. It is for this reason that they ranked second among the best cars of domestic production. The rest of the benefits include a pleasant price (which is 350 thousand rubles), beautiful design and high ground clearance (amounting to 16 centimeters). The car showed itself perfectly in the conditions of the city, as well as on the highway. Also, thanks to a powerful engine, it is able to develop great speed on the track. It is presented on the market in two body types, which allows you to choose the most appropriate car for your needs.

Summing up

As we see, not only expensive cars are reliable, practical and economical. The fabulous price still says nothing. In this list we presented the most popular cars on the territory of the Russian Federation that are suitable for daily trips: on business, to work, out of town, to the country; off-road traffic and so on. They are designed for family trips (with a fairly large trunk and spacious interior) and for long trips with friends.

Take note of before buying a particular car, ask about its value during operation in the future. In our list are those cars that have good performance and low cost.