Filling the europrotol in an accident: sample

For several years in our country a system of registration of minor accidents has been in place, in which it is not necessary to call the road inspectors to the scene of the accident. It is possible to settle the question between the participants of the events subject to certain conditions in which the incident occurred. The technique is called the "Europrotocol".

Recently, the literacy of drivers in this area has increased, and an increasing number of them are interested in how to fill in the Europrotocol in case of an accident. In order to document incidents without errors, it is necessary to follow certain rules established by the legislation in this field.


  • 1 Effective norms and concepts
  • 2 Compensation issues
  • 3 Preliminary actions
  • 4 Filling the form
  • 5 Next steps
  • 6 Receipt refusal

Effective norms and concepts

The current clearance of the Europrotrol accidents has come to us from western neighboring countries. Several explanations can be applied to this concept:

  • In the first case, the protocol means a special form of the Traffic Announcement. It is filled by the parties involved in the process. The document is a legal confirmation of one of the parties to the insurance indemnity for payments of CTP.
  • In the second case, the protocol is perceived as a system that helps to formalize the accident that occurred, without involving traffic police officers in the design. At the same time there is also the possibility of receiving compensation from the insurance company through the OSAGO system.

It is necessary to observe certain formalities regarding how to issue the Europrotocol in an accident correctly. These include the following factors:

  • It is allowed to make Europrotocol in case of an accident if the participants of the events are two cars, and each side has a valid insurance policy.
  • There are no discrepancies regarding the amount of damage caused to the parties, and the circumstances under which the events occurred. There is also no doubt about the guilt of a particular party.
  • The incident received a detailed written description and was documented by both parties.
  • There are no victims or injuries to drivers, passengers or pedestrians. From the third parties there are no expressed claims.

How to fill the Europrotocol in case of an accident

In the presence of injuries of any severity, filling in the Europrotocol in an accident, a sample of which is presented on our website, is unacceptable. Such documents are not accepted for consideration for compensation.

Important! If there is a controversial situation in which the parties cannot agree, then it is necessary to contact traffic inspectors.

Compensation issues

For most regions of the country, the answer to the question of what a Europrotocol is in an accident is the possibility of fairly quickly receiving compensation from damage to a car. The main threshold for the Russians is the amount not exceeding 50 thousand rubles. In this situation, the majority of citizens find themselves. However, special conditions are introduced for four regions:

  • Moscow;
  • Moscow region;
  • St. Petersburg;
  • Leningrad region.

Since the fall of 2014, residents can receive payments on the Europrotocol for up to 400 thousand rubles. In this process, traffic police officers may not participate. For such situations, special conditions are provided:

  • a prerequisite for receiving the increased amount is to confirm the fact of damage using special equipment;
  • not all models of DVRs and cameras fall under the technical means of control that provide uncorrectable data registration;
  • sensors should be built into the device that take into account the global geo-coordinates GLONASS / GPS;
  • there must be a rigid binding of the coordinates and time of the event recorded by the device;
  • fixing equipment must memorize side impacts, acceleration and braking of the vehicle;
  • information collected during extreme events is transmitted to the appropriate services that process information about the accident.

what is Europrotocol in case of an accident

Regarding shooting events, the following conditions must be met:

  • photo and video recording is carried out no later than 60 minutes after the accident;
  • the images should include registration state signs of the participants' cars, and also it is necessary to fix the VIN-codes of both cars;
  • it is desirable to capture the panoramic places on cars that have been damaged;
  • interposition of vehicles relative to the transport infrastructure with reference to non-moving objects is fixed;
  • if there are cars of witnesses, it is necessary to take their license plates state on the photo or video.

Important! In the presence of controversial issues, a traffic police officer is necessarily called.

Preliminary actions

Before looking for where to get the Euro-protocol form, you need to perform a series of actions, regardless of whether you call traffic police officers or decide the issue yourself:

  • it is necessary to stop the movement of the vehicle;
  • set the warning triangle in the trunk;
  • if possible, fix the location of important items that can assist in the subsequent recovery of events.
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It is important to document as much as possible all the circumstances relating to the current case. In a real situation, certain circumstances may prevent or impede the fixation of events:

  • not every driver (especially in old age) has with him means of photo and video recording or does not know how to use them correctly;
  • Many car owners in stressful situations do not remember about the possibility of using Europrotocols, so the traffic police are called to the scene at the scene
  • when filling out the protocol, a variety of violations are allowed, which are capable of canceling the possibility of paying a fixed amount to victims
  • drivers with little experience may not even be aware of the possibility of solving problems on the road with the help of a simplified system.

Important! It is recommended to get acquainted in advance how to properly fill the Europrotocol in case of an accident, the sample and the download form and save in the car

Filling the form

It is possible to minimize claims of insurance company employees when checking protocols. To do this, you must carefully follow the rules for entering information into the document:

  • Indication of the coordinates of the scene. If possible, the document contains the number of the road or highway on which the accident occurred. If this happened within the boundaries of the settlement, the nearest house numbers are prescribed or public buildings are described. If you have GLONAS / GPS navigation devices on hand, it is allowed to indicate the current coordinates in this format. This is especially important for the Moscow and Leningrad region, where the compensation reaches 400,000 rubles. This approach will not allow the use of fraud from all sides.
  • The date and time of the event is stamped in numeric format. Month and date must be indicated by two characters (January-01, February-02, etc.).
  • Indicates the number of damaged cars. Only one or two vehicles are allowed.
  • It is important to note in the document, as indicated by the pattern of filling the Europrotocol, that other vehicles or pedestrians are not damaged or injured as a result of the incident. Otherwise, it is possible to receive a refusal by CTP.
  • If there are witnesses to the incident, a list of them is compiled. With their consent, data are provided concerning the residence of witnesses and contact numbers.
  • Data on both vehicles, including the vehicle brand, model, state registration number, VIN-code data and other clarifying information, are carefully entered.
  • Data of the driver and the car owner is registered. It is important to clarify the data of the person who was driving at the time of the incident.
  • Describes all the facts concerning the accident: the maneuvers of vehicles, the location and movement of the vehicle. A diagram of events is plotted with reference to the terrain. The scheme should contain the dimensions and distances to stationary objects. Subsequently, the drawing will be checked with photos and video evidence. If significant discrepancies are identified, the parties will be denied a refund.
  • It is important to identify the area of ​​the car, which had to damage. A description of the existing defects.
  • Significant additions to the description are the data of the DVR and camera. Information will be analyzed by the insurance company.

how to make Europrotocol in case of an accident correctly

When documenting, you should follow these rules:

  • It is mandatory to fill in all columns;
  • if it is impossible to enter correct data on any item, a dash is necessarily put;
  • for entering information only a blue ink ballpoint pen is used;
  • there should be no errors, deletions of data, various kinds of corrections or any blots in the document;
  • it is desirable to use printed letters for intelligibility of writing;
  • Both parties are involved in filling in the data;
  • The document is divided into two parts, and each driver has his own copy of the notice.

Important! There is not always enough space in a standard document for entering information. In this case, use a regular sheet of paper, and the parties certify the data on it with their signatures.

Before you leave, you need to carefully check the information entered in the document. After that, it can not be corrected or corrected. All shooting on video or photographic equipment is carried out no later than 60 minutes after the events. Download a clean form of Europrotol and sample filling can be on the links:

  • blank form;
  • sample fill.
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We recommend printing several copies and storing them in the car. Be sure to exchange contact information with the second party.

Next steps

Parties are required to provide notices to their insurance companies. It takes no more than 5 days from the moment of the accident. This condition cannot be violated, otherwise compensation can be forgotten. To confirm the timeliness of the delivery of the protocol, it is necessary to obtain from the insurers a copy with a note on it, where the date, name and signature of the responsible person who accepted the document will be placed. For an insurance company, individuals should provide the following materials:

  • a notice completed and signed by the parties;
  • a statement regarding damages;
  • the primary electronic medium on which data is captured in the form of a photo or video file.

If the parties wish, digital information can be transferred to an independent examination. It will determine the authenticity of the available data on the media.

It is forbidden to repair damaged equipment within 15 days. Exceptional cases are situations in which there is a written permission from the insurance company to restore the vehicle.

There is no restriction on the movement of the driver in the vehicle. Most often, the resulting damage does not affect the driving performance of the car. Damage, as a rule, is available in the form of chips, dents or auto scratches. If the car is stopped by the traffic police to determine the causes of damage, they are given a notice.

Receipt refusal

Compliance with all these procedures will soon receive compensation for compulsory motor TPL insurance. However, there are situations where citizens are denied payment of fixed amounts. The most popular are the following cases:

  • Violation of the timing of filing a document of the insurance company. It is important to do this in a timely manner, because if a person-1 is guilty in an accident, who forgets to submit his copy to his insurer, and person-2 does everything in a timely manner and receives its payment on CTP, then insurance agents are entitled to demand a regressive claim against person-1 reimbursement of expenses. Accordingly, the entire cost will fall not on the insurance, but on the physical person.
  • It is impossible to carry out any repair from a car during the period established by the legislation. Even a small intervention can be a valid reason for refusal.
  • Technical incorrectly filling out the protocol, in which there are inaccuracies, also leads to the refusal of reimbursement.

It is necessary to take into account that in the past years in some regions there was a refusal on these payments in about 60-80% of cases. Later this level gradually decreased. To defend their rights helped lawsuits against insurance companies. However, it is impossible to make obvious blunders, which include the absence of the signature of one of the parties.