Details about the weight of the car battery: table

The approximate lifetime of an average battery is about three years. After developing your resource unattended models need to be scrapped. Sometimes it is only under such circumstances that the driver is interested and finds out how much the car battery weighs.

This is due to the fact that the main mass of the device is occupied by lead plates. Substantially less in the whole volume falls on the electrolyte poured into the free cavities.


  • 1 The need to determine the mass of the battery
  • 2 Obtaining weight information
  • 3 Table of weights of batteries

The need to determine the mass of the battery

When buying a battery, each motorist turns his attention to such parameters as battery capacity, scrolling current, dimensions and terminal arrangement. The rest of the device data is of less interest to him.

As soon as the battery fails, you will need to get rid of it, and some time before that, it is usually located in a garage or other utility room. Periodically, it has to be reset from place to place, and here the weight of the car battery will become noticeable.

For the selection of a new battery in the car will need to go to a specialty store or the car market. Carrying a multi-kilogram unit with you throughout the territory will be problematic, so you can ask about its mass in advance.

When choosing a new battery, you can use the data from the outer surface of the old case. It contains most of the necessary information. To determine the exact parameters used checklists. There are also programs for smartphones that provide this service. It is enough to enter the make and capacity of the car battery to find out its weight. The programs are based on the weight of batteries with electrolyte.

how much should a car battery weigh

Information about the weight of the battery has its relevance in some cases of car tynig. This parameter is involved in the process of identifying the ultimate loads on various nodes. Data is also needed, taking into account the full filling with electrolyte. Even if the battery has small overall parameters, with prolonged exposure it has a significant result.

You need to know that the introduction of significant changes in the design of the vehicle associated with the transfer of structurally installed battery, must be accompanied by a corresponding confirming certificate.

Other unauthorized conversion of cars in the engine compartment is unacceptable.

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Getting mass information

Most manufacturers specify this parameter on the battery case, among other information. Different manufacturers even with the same external parameters can have different masses of batteries.

The average battery weight for a low-end car is 12 ... 16 kg. This is directly related to the electrical capacity. For large cars use large batteries by weight.

what is the weight of car battery

Battery weight depends on its capacity.

The easiest way is regular weighing. In the course of it will take into account the masses of all components:

  • plastic case;
  • lead plates and terminals;
  • mass of electrolyte filled.

Vans and trucks use batteries, which sometimes weigh up to 43 kg. For some categories of cars there is more than one battery. In electric vehicles, manufacturers use much larger batteries, as they are adapted to move the entire car, rather than using them at the start.

Mass Table

We suggest to get acquainted with the table indicating the masses of the most popular and popular rechargeable batteries. It contains models used on the European, Asian and North American auto market. They can be found in specialized auto shops selling spare parts.

how much does a car battery weigh