Battle of asians: we compare great wall hover h5 and


Несколько лет назад мы не могли представить себе, что китайские автомобили будут напрямую конкурировать с продукцией автомобильных заводов Кореи, Европы и США — однако новый Great Wall Hover H5 уже сконструирован с использованием вполне современного подхода к дизайну и техническому оснащению. Тем не менее технические характеристики подобного внедорожника назвать современными достаточно сложно, поэтому для сравнения с ним лучше выбрать транспортное средство, обладающее подобными параметрами — SsangYong Kyron. Выбирая Ховер или Кайрон, мы получаем достаточно крупный автомобиль, оснащённый рамой и бензиновым двигателем среднего объёма. Так кто же из производителей при одинаковом понимании концепции внедорожника сможет представить более качественную машину — SsangYong или Great Wall? Кто победит в битве «азиатских драконов» — Корея или China?

Cars Great Wall Hover H5 and SsangYong Kyron - modern SUVs from Asian manufacturers

Cars Great Wall Hover H5 and SsangYong Kyron - modern SUVs from Asian manufacturers

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A couple of words about the design

It makes no sense to dwell on the stylistics - both Great Wall Hover and SsangYong Kyron do not give the impression of “mods” gleaming with design solutions corresponding to modern trends. However, the Great Wall is still more harmonious - largely due to the complex shape of the sidewalls of the body, which have large bulges in the wheel arches, expressive punching and moldings. The Hover headlights also look good enough - although their lines are extremely smooth, sharp bends suggest thoughts of seriousness, purposefulness, and even some aggression. Nevertheless, the overall picture spoils the rounded bumper, similar to the similar element of the Mazda CX-7, as well as the Great Wall Hover grille, which took the form of a bird with outstretched wings - behind the eye there is nothing to catch on except for pretty round sections in lighting engineering. Great Wall Salon at the same time saddens and pleases with its simplicity - sad because the car does not have its own style and uses a design similar to dozens of low-priced models of world manufacturers that saw the light in the 90s, and pleased with the lack of catchy elements typical of Chinese factories annoying driver and passengers.The appearance of the car Great Wall Hover H5

If you are going to buy Kyron or Hover, the car from the company SsangYong is unlikely to cause you an unequivocal approval of the work carried out by Korean stylists. In front, Kyron looks quite strictly due to neat lines of headlights, bumper and fog lamps, but the grille, which is not like the helmet of a medieval knight originally conceived, but rather half open mouth naively, spoils the situation The side and rear of the SsangYong Kyron looks frankly heavy - both due to the narrow glazing line and due to the release of a large bulge on the rear wings. Despite its considerable age, the interior looks great, and there is nothing surprising in this - after all, Koreans from SsangYong relied on the Mercedes brand, with which they had a partnership agreement. The most original element of the Kyron interior is the center console tilted to the driver, containing several round-shaped switches.The appearance of the car SsangYong Kyron

Check on the go

The large engine size of the Great Wall Hover still doesn’t allow it to be called a powerful SUV - with a performance of 136 horsepower and a curb weight not far from two tons, the “Chinese” lags far behind the traffic flow. At the same time, even a shortened transmission transmission range does not save the Hover - over the years, the licensed Mitsubishi 4G64 power unit has not responded better to pressing the gas pedal. But if you need to overcome significant irregularities, you don’t think about what is better - Hover or Kyron, due to confident engine thrust at low revs and less likelihood of binding due to strong wheel slip. The Great Wall Hover suspension manages to score “four” - large bumps still force it to shake passengers, but it misses the usual road surface defects without noticing.

Test drive car Great Wall Hover H5:

There is no winner in comparing Hover vs Kyron technologies, because SsangYong uses a motor manufactured under the Mercedes license. Its power is somewhat higher, which is clearly noticeable in terms of acceleration and ease of movement in the city. However, SsangYong Kyron has its own problem, expressed in very low torque at low revs - on the roads it can lead to the engine stalling and the driver will have to go for the tractor. Unlike the Great Wall Hover, the vehicle of the SsangYong brand does not deserve the Quartet in the field of suspension comfort - the chassis is very tough, but the control does not get any better from this.

Test drive car SsangYong Kyron:

Vehicle operation

Общее впечатление от автомобиля формируется и мелочами, которые могут быть незаметны при беглом осмотре — в частности, если сравнивать Ховер и Кайрон, тест-драйв большой продолжительности свидетельствует об однозначной победе корейского производителя по части качества изготовления и сборки. Chinaский автомобиль Great Wall Hover H5 уже лишён неприятного запаха дешёвого пластика, который был отличительной чертой автомобилей этого бренда 10 лет назад — однако в салоне новой машины ощущается некоторая удушливость, заставляющая ездить с открытыми окнами. Кроме того, светлый салон Hover очень быстро пачкается — да так, что без химчистки его отмыть нельзя, а при закрытии дверей слышен неприятный металлический лязг. And the Great Wall Hover brings the most joy to its owners when replacing the wheel - the spare element is located under the bottom and is not protected by anything, due to which the fixing screw is constantly oxidized and stops unscrewing, demanding to knock it down with a hammer while lying back in the dirt.In the cabin of the car Great Wall Hover H5

If you experience Hover and Kyron, the comparison shows that the Koreans are still much more advanced in creating quality cars Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, although they also could not avoid frank miscalculations. Especially strongly in SsangYong Kyron saddens the delay of the vacuum drive connecting the front wheels - and in some cases, it generally makes you very nervous, triggering only on the second or third attempt. When driving on heavy off-road, do not be surprised at the sudden brake lamp malfunction, but drive out onto a dry platform and reconnect the ABS sensor wires, which in Kyron are laid too low on the rear axle. Again, I want to complain about the SsangYong Kyron spare wheel, which also makes you fall back into the dirt - there will be no problems with fasteners, but the wheel itself is a smaller-sized product (“dokatka”) that allows you to move only on asphalt with limited speed.Inside the car SsangYong Kyron


It so happened that we treat any products from Asia with some suspicion, and if you decide what to choose - Hover or Kyron, you must carefully consider them in terms of reliability. Great Wall Hover does not make its owners happy because of the need to follow many specific rules:

  • Every few days you need to drive a couple of kilometers on the front drive. Otherwise, the Hover oxidizes mobile joints of the front propeller, which causes costly repairs.
  • Before stopping the motor on the Great Wall Hover, it is necessary to completely disconnect the electrics in order not to disable expensive components like ignition coils, multimedia system and various servo drives.
  • After high loads, it is necessary to carefully check the power unit - due to the low build quality on the Great Wall there are problems such as broken gearbox mounts and punched head gaskets.
Car model:Great Wall HoverSsangYong Kyron
Producing country:ChinaKorea (Assembly - Russia, Vladivostok)
Body Type:SUVSUV
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:23782295
Power, l. c./about min .:136/5250150/5500
Maximum speed, km / h:170167
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:14,213,5
Type of drive:FullFull
Fuel type:Gasoline AI-92Petrol AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 13.7 / Outside the city of 8.5In the city of 14.9 / Out of town 8.7
Length, mm:46494660
Width, mm:18101880
Height, mm:17451755
Clearance, mm:175210
Tire size:235/65 R17225/75 R16
Curb weight, kg:18051862
Full weight, kg:22802530
Fuel tank capacity:7075

In addition, the list can be replenished with consumables, chassis, electrical contacts and sensors, as well as plastic trim elements - the only thing that can comfort the owners of Great Wall Hover is the low price of spare parts.

If you hesitate when choosing which car suits you best - SsangYong Kyron or Great Wall Hover, you should say that Korean car almost does not cause problems associated with malfunctions of individual nodes. Among the common failures - only the failure of the wheel hubs during long driving on heavy off-road. Much more bad reviews about Kyron come from versions that are alternative to the one that participated in the comparison - drivers complain about the malfunctioning of the fuel supply system in diesel engines, as well as the low durability of the automatic transmission. For the rest, it remains only to observe the oil change intervals for SsangYong Kyron, as well as update stabilizer bushings every 20 thousand km, stabilizer struts and silent blocks - 60 thousand km, as well as shock absorbers every 100-120 thousand km.

Which one is a real dragon?

No matter how quickly the Chinese developed, the Great Wall Hover still gives the impression of a car from the past century - under the modern exterior lies a slow and unreliable car. Of course, SsangYong Kyron is also far from modern ideals - however, it does not annoy thousands of small problems, and it allows you to feel more confident on the highway and in the city. Therefore, the only thing he can play in the Great Wall Hover is in the comfort of the suspension and the price, which is 150–300 thousand rubles more in various equipment options. Therefore, the Great Wall clearly does not reach the title of the powerful "Asian dragon".