Traffic police fines - how and where to pay easily for


Violators of the rules of the road, as a rule, are not so terrible amounts for violations, as a headache caused by ignorance of how to pay them.

Violation of traffic rules by car

Читать далее о том, как и где платить легко за нарушения ПДД-->Most of the perpetrators in the old manner are sent to the bank, where they expect a long queue. Часто сотрудники банка встречаются со следующими ситуациями: «Я оштрафован впервые, подскажите что делать, куда идти» или «Оплачиваю штраф первый раз, сделайте всё за меня». Не стоит занимать очередь, да и стоять там полчаса, если оплатить можно самостоятельно: в сбере, с телефона и так далее.

Pleasant moments

From the beginning of 2016 there are discounts on fines that can reach 50%. According to the law, the grace period for paying traffic police fines is 20 days. If the driver has paid through the terminal or in any other way during this time, he will receive a 50% discount.

There is also a reverse side of the medal: the term of payment of the traffic police fine is 60 days maximum. Fines unpaid during this time will be sent to the court, which will return the money by means of a forced recovery.

Payment Methods

Today, there are a lot of options for paying for traffic violations. Отметим, что имеются даже более удобные способы, нежели терминал. Тем не менее, даже после оплаты вы и далее можете находиться в рядах должников. Происходит подобное, если вы перевели платёж через систему, которая не сотрудничает с Единой Государственной.

Payment by card fine

Payment of the fine through the self-service terminal or the Internet

Do not worry if you have lost your receipt, but you also have a copy of the case decision. This is exactly the case where it is quite possible to pay the traffic police fine without a fee thanks to the Internet on the website Note that on the same web page you can see all traffic police fines (paid or unpaid). On the site you need to register. Logging on to the site, you will see a list of their violations. After that you will have the opportunity to print a new receipt.

You can go more simple way. In the bank (absolutely each), it is possible to find a fine. In the terminal you will see the amount owed. The big advantage is that through the terminal you can both pay the traffic police fine by the order number, and pay off the debt (if you lose the order) by the car number, as well as the driver's license. And if you are also a client of this bank, you can transfer money online from your card.

Payment of the traffic police fine

If there is no receipt and order number

It also doesn't matter, the traffic policemen thought well about how you can “pay off” more quickly. In this case, the Internet will help. In addition to the above site, you can use the official website of the traffic police, where you need to specify the car number and details of the certificate.

Payment via the Internet

Now many drivers know how to pay a traffic police fine via the Internet.. Операция очень простая, главное – иметь доступ к всемирной паутине. Существует много методов для осуществления этого процесса, главное – выбрать наиболее подходящий для себя. Обратите своё внимание на следующие ресурсы:

  • registration on the site of the portal for the provision of public services;
  • You can use electronic payment systems: Yandex.Money, WebMoney or QIWI;
  • payment can be made by visiting the page of the official website of the traffic police;
  • Internet banking, the main of which is Sberbank Online.

Payment of the fine on the Internet Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%

This approach will save your time considerably: you will avoid idle in multiple queues. Note that some of the above services may take a commission for their services. This method is not suitable for those who want to save.

How to pay a traffic police fine through Sberbank?

Sberbank offers several options that allow you to pay with a road fine: using a bank card or cash on a bar code, receipts.

Payment via ATM Sberbank at the receipt:

  • in the main menu choose “Pay a fine;
  • then from the displayed list, select the desired unit, look at the details of the receipt;
  • enter all the required data (you must have all the documents with you);
  • make money;
  • Do not forget to take a check - this is your main proof.

By barcode:

  • insert your card into the machine and enter the pin code;
  • choose the section “Payments by region”, after “Payment by barcode”;
  • Hold the barcode in the document to the reader (usually located at the bottom of the screen). After it is read, the machine will emit a special signal;
  • the screen will display all the information you need to verify with the details of the recipient;
  • confirm the consent to payment and do not forget to collect the check;
  • work completed.

Payment of the penalty in the terminal

You can pay without a card in the terminal, however, there they will be asked for a commission of 3 - 7%.

On the card via ATM:

  • insert the card and log in;
  • select “Payment for services”;
  • after - “Taxes, duties ...”, then “Traffic police fines”;
  • find the recipient in the list, select a branch of the traffic police;
  • should thoroughly check all data;
  • fill in all the fields, then confirm the payment;
  • after completing the procedure, get a receipt and complete work with an ATM.

The great advantage of working in this way is a low commission, which is 1%.

Also in the bank you can pay with the help of a cash operator.

Now you know how and where to pay the traffic police fine. Hopefully, possession of this information will allow you to make this process as simple and fast as possible.