Autotort "sevens" bmw arrived to dealers

Avtotorovskie The German sedan of the Russian assembly BMW7 of a class Premium has already started selling the Russian dealer centers. There is not yet a particular consumer hype around this model, although usually there is a lot of demand in the mass segment, especially with a sharp decline in prices, and not in the segment of executive cars, where prices are absolutely transcendent. The BMW 7 Series has both petrol and diesel engines under the hood. Kaliningrad Avtotor will soon become a center for the production of foreign cars. Now here, in addition to cars of other famous brands, collect BMW sedans. The car received a longitudinal engine layout, which is a distinctive feature of the modular platform CLAR, on which they are going premium German sedans. Through the use of aluminum and carbon body parts, the car has become much lighter than its predecessor. Avtotorovskie BMW Sevens are all-wheel drive, depending on the configuration, under the hood, they can get as a 4.4-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 450 horses, and a pair of three-liter diesel units, respectively 265 and 320 horsepower. All motors are paired with a single automatic transmission in the line. Automatic - eight-band. Avtotorovskie For the most "simple" version new BMW 7 the buyer will have to pay 5 million 400 thousand rubles. The most sophisticated equipment costs about seven million wooden. It is accordingly BMW 7 Series 730d xDrive and BMW 7 Series 750li xDrive. But that's not all модandфandкацandand BMW Sevenswhich will be sold on our car market. As the German automakers claim, they are planning to bring the BMW 7 Series 740d and the BMW 7 Series 740Ld to Russia in the very near future. Avtotorovskie The closest price competitor for these representational modifications BMW Sevens  today are the new Lexus LS. For them, sellers ask for from five to eight million rubles. This also includes the Jaguars, Maseratti and Mercedes-Benz with price tags from five to eleven million for the representative "crew."

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