How to challenge the fine for parking in moscow?

Moscow car owners have known parking rules in the center of Moscow for years, it is paid. The amount is 80 rubles per hour of parking space rental and payment is possible only in advance.How to appeal the fine for parking in Moscow?

The lack of organization of fees or the irresponsibility of drivers often leads to the discharge of fines. However, car owners who are sure of their cause can appeal for a parking ticket. How to challenge a parking ticket in Moscow is described below.


  • What is the penalty?
    • Fine
    • Who writes the penalty
  • How to challenge the fine for unpaid parking
  • Appealing fine due to improper parking
    • Ways to pay a fine

What is the penalty?

Muscovites, whose houses are located in the central part of the capital, were lucky. Parking spaces for their cars remain free around the entrances and courtyards. Therefore, the first reason for charging a fine is unpaid parking. Paid zones, those that go to the highway. It is impossible to go unnoticed on them - parking is controlled by patrol vehicles with cameras. Free parking is possible only for 15 minutes. If this time does not resolve the issue of payment, the appeal of a parking ticket will become problematic.

How to challenge a parking ticket?

The second reason for which a fine can be issued is parking in the wrong place. Sidewalks, lawns, bus stops - are prohibited for leaving personal vehicles. Also, you can not ignore the areas with prohibition signs. If there are no signs, then it is possible to dispute the parking ticket in Moscow.

How to challenge the fine for unpaid parking

An independent appeal of a fine for unpaid parking is possible if you know the algorithm for contacting the relevant organizations. Details:

  1. The notice of fine is sent to the place of registration. If not, then the information should be searched on the official site. The receipt contains the UNN code indicating the organization where the complaint should be sent. For MADI it is 782 or 035604, AMPP - 780 or 0355, traffic police - 188.
  2. Further, it is important to properly make a claim. It is possible to challenge the penalty for unpaid parking in the following cases: communication problems, when an SMS about payment arrives late, a parking meter malfunction, the driver belongs to the category of benefit recipients These include: large families, participants of the Second World War and prisoners of concentration camps, residents of nearby houses, people with disabilities with special parking permits. You can also appeal the penalty for unpaid parking by the owner of electric cars. For them, parking is free.
  3. Before challenging the parking penalty, the following details are indicated in the claim: passport details, place of registration and email. The receipt number of the fine, the date of collection and, finally, a description of the situation. It is important to attach copies of preferential certificates, if any, or data of the mobile operator regarding the sent and sent SMS.
  4. A complaint with a signature is better to bring to the organization that issued the penalty - personally. There it is obliged to accept and consider it within five working days. In the event of refusal or non-consideration of the claim, it is allowed to appeal the parking fine to the court. All the above documents should be presented there + decision to refuse to consider the complaint. It is important to remember that for the proceedings in the inspections and the court only original documents are required.
  5. After consideration of a claim submitted to the court, a court will be appointed, where an appeal against a fine for unpaid parking will be considered. Agenda the plaintiff receives in the mail. Not to appear at a meeting on time means to lose the case, not to challenge the parking penalty. Ideally, during this time there will be additional evidence of the wrongful decision of the inspectors. For example, other users will report a similar situation with SMS or a faulty parking machine.
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Cancellation of the fine occurs in a written order. A copy of the document is sent to the traffic police department, where the owner of the car must be removed from the database of violators.

Appealing fine due to improper parking

Appealing a fine for illegal parkingVery often, improperly chosen parking space causes traffic accidents or traffic jams. In this case, the presentation of a claim to the inspector in the form of a fine is legitimate. But is it possible to appeal the fine for parking in Moscow, if the owner is sure that he is right? Yes, in the following situations:

  1. Counterfeit of fines. In this case, you should check all the details specified in the decree sent to the house with the official website of the traffic police. In addition to the data, the document must contain two pictures of an incorrectly parked car with a clearly visible number and the address of the offense. If you were given a fake receipt, then you can dispute a parking ticket.
  2. In the case of coincidence of all the details and the proper type of documents, instructions for appealing against illegal fines for parking are similar to those described above. The reason for the appeal may be personal photos confirming the absence of prohibition signs. Any visual materials will help in the position of the driver who refuses to pay a fine.
  3. If the inspector writes out a fine on the spot, the driver who disagrees with such a decision should pay close attention to the actions of the law enforcement officer - he either draws witnesses to the situation or uses the record from his own registrar as evidence. Subsequently, when applying to the court to resolve the issue of “how to challenge the traffic police fine for improper parking”, these moments will play an evidence-based role.

In any case, appeal the fine for parking MADI, possibly in court. The order of treatment is described, a sample application can be downloaded from our website.

Ways to pay a fine

When it was not possible to appeal against the parking penalty - the driver’s fault was proven completely by the inspector or by the court, he washed it away and did not commit it further. For the convenience of car owners, several mobile applications have been created:

  • "Parking Moscow". This is a web portal with a personal account and a parking account. It should be regularly replenished to avoid misunderstandings. The service is convenient because it offers the user a variety of options for empty parking spaces near the destination. The price for them is indicated immediately.
  • SMS to the number. You can learn about the meaning of a short number, details of parking payment in your personal account with your own operator. The operation takes a few minutes.
  • Payment by card, electronic wallet. Operation is possible in case of proximity of the terminal.

As part of the pilot project, until the end of 2016, MADI offered to pay for parking on the voice service portal. At the end of the project and depending on the feedback, the decision on the continuation and widespread introduction of the service will be made at the government level.