The germans announced the concept of a new crossover

Немцы анонсировали концепт нового кроссовера Volkswagen

The teasers of the conceptual prototype of the new German SUV appeared on the net. This is not the usual spy trick to the sensation of the paparazzi, but a legal advertising move that brand managers usually take before official premieres of new cars. By the way, the premiere of this luxury crossover is scheduled for April 25th. It will be shown in showrooms of the auto show, which starts this day in the capital of the Middle Kingdom.

Only a German-speaking coach Volkswagen talks about the prototype, as about the material from which the most luxurious SUV in the world will be built in the near future. Needless to say that its technological equipment will be at the most modern level. After all, when the Germans make such a loud statement, then so be it, the Germans do not throw words into the wind, with rare exceptions such as taking Moscow in the autumn of forty-first.

The luxury all-terrain car will be driven by a hybrid powertrain with an aggregate power of 376 horsepower. The electric battery of this hybrid unit will be able to recharge from a regular household power outlet. Within six seconds after the start, the new crossover will fly at a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour. The peak speed available to this car is equal to 224 km per hour. If all the fuel burns, then the vehicle can drive up to fifty kilometers on a battery resource.

How it will look from the inside new Volkswagenis not known. The Germans on the eve of the dealership clearly dispense information. The dashboard of the crossover will, of course, be fully electronic, since such a conclusion can be drawn from the information contained in the model’s release. It says about equipping with an active touch display, with which the multimedia combine is combined.

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Немцы анонсировали концепт нового кроссовера Volkswagen

When the Germans are going to start the serial production of this car is also not known. Informed individuals shared their assumptions that the novelty is being created as a rehearsal for the production of a new generation. Фольксвагена Туарега. So, this “rehearsal” in this case should take place somewhere at the end of the current - the beginning of next year, since the Germans are about to start mass-producing the Touareg in mass production at the beginning of 2017.

More recently, photos of another off-road Volkswagen were published on the Internet in a spy fashion, allegedly assembled on the platform of a famous concept CrossBlue. This show car was officially presented three years ago at the Detroit Auto Show. A crossover in the Volkswagen SUV hierarchy will have to take a step above the Tuareg. It will be issued in two modifications: five and seven-seater.