Experience of owning geledwagen and solving some

Today we will consider Gelendvagen 2009, what is it in operation, what are its most common breakdowns. By the way, there are not so many of them. This is not the top-of-the-line equipment, but the usual G500 with a 5.5 engine and a capacity of 388 liters. with. Now in the secondary market you can find a lot of cars of these years for relatively little money - 2.7 - 3 million rubles.

Mercedes Gelendvagen 2012


Everyone knows what design Gelendvagen. This machine has been produced for more than 40 years and the exterior design does not change much. With each new restyling, the grille is changed, the bumper is upgraded, but the body is always the same. В этом тоже есть плюс, потому что можно купить старый Гелендваген за более-менее доступные деньги, поменять фары, поворотники, бампера, решетку радиатора и внешне получится новый helium, который стоит огромных денег. Of course, such a trick will come up after you go to the salon. Redoing a salon is already more difficult work, and it costs a lot of money.

The design is of course original, and this car has no alternative. The exterior design of the Gelenda is still preserved, and the car is in demand, despite the streamlined competitors: Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5 / X6 and Range Rover. But some like the G-class, others do not like. Some are fans of BMW, others are from Mercedes, here is something for everyone.


There is no aerodynamics of the G500, so the windshield, the front of the car, the headlights, the front part of the wheel arches are all sandblasted, chips appear and it is necessary to tint these places periodically. Any repairs for Gelendvagen cost a lot of money. If you come to a service on a BMW 5-ke, you take some money from you, and if you come to Gelenda or an S-class, then they are completely different. Because people in the subconscious mind plan that these are expensive cars, and their owners have money. But this is all nonsense. But what a pleasure you get when you go on this car. Acceleration is instantaneous, fuel consumption is 22-28 liters per 100 km. Everybody respects you, this is not some kind of Volvo there at a rate of 12 liters in the city.

Gelendvagen should be 3 colors: black, white or silver. Other colors are not serious. In the secondary market, most black cars, so there is plenty to choose from.


В 2009 году еще был классический салон, а уже после 2012-го его очень сильно обновили. Salon в 2009 году можно было сделать индивидуальным по программе Designo, заказать цвет кожи под свой вкус, вставки из дерева и многое другое.

Gelendwagen Salon

In general, the interior of the G-Class is very similar to the Mercedes S-Class in the 140th body on the texture and quality of materials. The interior elements fit perfectly, the minimum clearances, but the manufacturer claims that this is a manual assembly, the car is small and expensive. Collect Gelendvageny in the Austrian city of Graz. You can even get there on a tour, for this you need to register in the club of the owners of these cars.

The cabin is not as spacious as the Land Cruiser 200, cramped in it, the three of them in the backseat will be cramped too. And all because the dimensions of the car are not that big: the length is 4672 mm, the same as the Mercedes C-Class. For everyday driving around the city, a car can be used, but in terms of practicality there are many drawbacks. Door pockets and glove box of small size, various shelves and niches in the car there, not even coasters. But why all this nonsense in a military car, everything must be tough and reliable here.

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Also, the display is installed in an awkward place on the center console. Here is the old generation of multimedia system Comand, which is very similar to the S-Class in the 220-m body. Sitting behind the wheel is not convenient to look at this display, if you need to watch the navigation, you have to tilt your head. After the restyling, this problem was solved - a tablet was attached to the torpedo, but it doesn’t look like the theme of some glamorous sports cars.

Feeling behind the wheel

Many people believe that the Gelendvagena are tough and not comfortable, but that’s true, if you take the charged AMG equipment, the suspension is more tuned to the sport, so it’s tough. If you take the standard G500, it is soft enough, despite the fact that it is a frame SUV with bridges. For optimal driving, it is advisable to install wheels with an 18th radius. But on the AMG trim levels G55 and G63 are wider 20-inch wheels, so riding on such cars is quite tough.


In terms of stability, it sometimes seems that the car is very high and can be turned over on a sharp turn. Yes, there are rolls, but the car has a heavy frame, so the center of gravity is low enough, which means that it will not be possible to turn it so easily.

It is believed that the Gelendvagen is uncomfortable on the track, and consumes a lot of fuel, yes it is. In terms of comfort, he behaves just like any other SUV. If to compare with a sedan, then the G-class is clearly uncomfortable, it requires to be constantly alert, on the bad road in general no pleasure.

Due to the fact that the car uses continuous bridges and steering gear with a gearbox, this means that often you have to work with a wheel on a not quite flat road. But in general, the G-class normally holds the road and 150-160 km / h can go, but if you accelerate faster, it will be scary, and the car also resists air flow and fuel consumption becomes huge. But if you go 100-120 km / h, the consumption on the highway will not exceed 16 liters. But this is about the G500, if you take the AMG version, then there is really a big consumption - 30 liters in the city and on the highway 20. Everything depends on the driving style, but it is difficult to drive Gelende slowly and smoothly. Always want to vtopit.

Patency off-road

If you take the most expensive G65 AMG, in which the body kits and everything, and it seems that on the roads it will get stuck, but it is not. Even he has the same frame, rigid differential locks, reduction gear and bridges, as on any other Gelende. That is, off-road qualities for the entire time of production of Gelendvagenov have not changed. But the G65 AMG is so expensive that on the roads it is rare that anyone will ride it.


If we talk about off-road, then much depends on the rubber, it is necessary to put a serious off-road rubber and everything, there will be no problems. But since most Gelikovs are equipped with ordinary road tires, it is clear that the car may not drive through some clay puddles, and it will start digging. You have to call a tractor or another SUV to pull the Gelend out of such a swamp. Therefore, lovers of pokatushek on the roads need to stock up on mud tires, and if you put it, then no sodden clay will not be scary.

By the way, the off-road qualities of the AMG version are slightly worse due to the large front bumpers, there are 3 large radiators installed there, so ground clearance is 5 cm less than on a regular G500. So, you need to be careful not to damage these plastic bumpers, but they are also expensive, and a very steep slide can become inaccessible. But AMG has other goals: briskly get under way from a traffic light, and of course for status. And on the roads it should not be sent.

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Mercedes Benz G500 2009

The car is quite comfortable for city driving, it has everything you need: good visibility, high seating, and square shapes allow you to see the dimensions. In the car, a powerful engine that allows you to drive confidently in the stream, and if necessary - faster flow. On the G500, small overhangs, so the ground clearance is high, it allows you to safely drive over the curbs, which is sometimes also convenient. The dimensions of the car are not so big, it means that you can safely park in Gelendvagen in a cramped city. Also, the car has a serious status and charisma; in the stream, everyone respects the car, passes it and does not honk. In fact - the perfect car for the city.


Gelendvagen 2009 is on the secondary market about 3 000 000 rubles in a living state. For this money, you can take a new crossover type of Mercedes M-Class or BMW X5 in the basic configuration.


Not a new Gelendvagen, like any car can break, especially since it now uses a lot of electronics, unlike older Gelends. After the 2000s, cars are simply crammed with various auxiliary systems, sensors and other “useful” options. But in order for all these options to work, they need to be monitored and in the event of a failure, make a replacement, and these are all additional costs.

But such cars are usually bought by people of a special mindset, these are not workers and not lovers of traveling to the country for potatoes. These cars are for those who love fast driving, who are ready and have the opportunity to pay for it all. Usually, if the car is 10 years old, then it already had about 2-3 owners. They all drove the car hard, only changed the oil and poured gasoline. Therefore, all possible breakdowns can begin to gradually appear.

Mercedes G-class large safety margin, even if it is hard to exploit for many years, he still continues to drive. But if you follow the car, change not only motor oil, but also other oils, the car will serve for a long time. The price just about it also speaks. If the car is reliable, then the price of the car does not fall much over the years. And if it constantly breaks down and requires investments, then the price for buying such a car will be quite low.

Mercedes SUV

But those who buy Gelendvageny are brave people who are not afraid of possible expensive repairs, and high fuel consumption. For about 2,700,000 you can find a great option G500 with a range of 100,000 km. This is the year 2009, the car is not yet old, and will not require much investment. If desired, the car can be sold in a few years, and the price for it will not greatly decrease. For example, Range Rovers lose much faster in price.

Cash investments

As a rule, such a car is serviced by an official service, and the owners have money for services, usually they do not save on high-quality oils and original parts. The car is kept in the garage. Therefore, the condition is usually very tolerable.

We have to spend money on repainting the front of the body, replacing headlights and windshield. But these are all trifles, they can not be changed, on the contrary, the machine looks pokotsanney, the more it is brutal. Windshield costs 80,000 rubles. It also happens that there is a vibration on the steering wheel, this means that you can change the front driveshaft, but this should be done in that case, if this vibration is annoying, if not, for a long time the car has been traveling without replacement. It is worth the new front driveshaft - 60 000 rubles.

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helium с пробегом

Usually after 100,000 km. mileage begin to mist up shock absorbers, they can also be changed, they are not very expensive. But basically, the car does not require anything else on this run. Here at 200,000 km. there will be new costs. Much depends on the owner, and if the car was in good hands, then there will be no problems with it.

Current expenses:

  • once in 6,000 km. it is desirable to do those. inspection - change the oil and filter - 15 000 rubles;
  • fuel consumption in the city - 22-24 liters per 100 km., on the highway - 16 liters, and in the combined cycle - 19 liters. It is necessary to refuel 95th gasoline.


The car looks interesting and without tuning, but it always makes sense to put AMG skirts, put a new grille, turn signals. And the car will be externally similar to the Gelend of the last years of release. It still makes sense to put more comfortable chairs, for example, from the E-class, they are excellent in Gelend. The main thing is to match the color.


How it all began

Long ago, the Iranian government ordered a Mercedes car for military purposes, because their army did not have its own special transport. After some time, the Iranians changed their mind to participate in this project, and the development went to the Austrian army. The technical issues dealt with the division of Steyr-Daimler-Puch, it is still engaged in Gelendvagenami. And on the design engineers worked Mercedes.

In 1979, the first civilian version of the Gelendwagen with the index W460 appeared. Then the car was 3-door and 5-door. The engines were different: petrol 2.3 and 2.8, as well as diesel with a volume of 2.4 and 3.0. Power does not exceed 156 liters. with. And in 1991, the body appeared W461 - a utilitarian version, it is still produced for the special services and military departments.

g500 motor

In 1990, the G-class already appeared, the body of which outwardly does not differ much from the modern body, this is the W463 series, it immediately installed a permanent four-wheel drive, electronic differential lock, ABS, interior with wooden inserts. After 3 years, a rarer V8 engine with a capacity of 240 liters appeared. with. Modification with this engine was called 500GE. After rebranding in 1994, the car became known as the G500. Only 500 cars of this model were produced.

Then the car was not released, and in 1997, in the 500th Gelendvagen, a more powerful 296-horsepower engine was installed - M113E50. To this motor was a 5-speed automatic transmission. This modification was produced 10 years - until 2007. After 2007, they began to install 5.5-liter engines M273M55KE, with a capacity of 388 liters. with. It comes with an automatic box 7G-Tronic Plus. In 2012, it was restyled, but the engine and gearbox remained the same. But in 2015, this engine was replaced by a 422-strong bi-turbocharged engine.

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