The czechs decided to increase the warranty on the russian

Чехи решили увеличить гарантию на российский вариант Skoda Rapid

The management of the Czech auto company Skoda is going to increase the warranty for the entire model range by one year this year. Rapid damageThis applies to all models of the model, including the basic version. Today, while dealers give only a two-year warranty service, and this time period is the key, without reference to the mileage, which can wind Skoda in the hands of a skilled driver during this time. There is an option extension of warranty up to three years, but so far it is served as an additional option and costs fifteen thousand rubles. Very soon, it will cease to be an extraoption and will turn into a standard set that comes in a mandatory kit for each car Sorry rapid. Of course, produced in the territory of the Russian Federation and sold in the official dealer network of the Czech auto brand. Чехи решили увеличить гарантию на российский вариант Skoda Rapid Buy Skoda Rapid in the presence of the sum from 509 kiloruble today not a problem. That is what will be requested for the basic equipment in the dealership. Under the hood in the "base"  Sorry rapid has a ninety-strong 1.6-liter gasoline engine operating in coupled mode with a manual transmission. For the body "liftback" is offered the same engine, but forced up to 110 horses, which can "mate" with both mechanics and automatic. Price on Škoda Rapid with a 110-horsepower engine starts at 626 kilorubles.

This is not the last engine in the line of Rapida: there is also a 1.4-liter turbocharged unit with 125 horses, working with a DSG robotic transmission. With such a "heated" heart under the hood Sorry rapid starts from 810 thousand wooden. Чехи решили увеличить гарантию на российский вариант Skoda Rapid Российская Sorry rapid experienced a good upgrade in early summer 2015. The 1.2-liter engine for 75 horses was removed from under the hood forever, it was replaced by the already-named 1.6 MPI, which, unlike its predecessor, fully complies with the Euro-5 eco-standard. This motor is also produced in Kaluga. New motor is not the only one Rapida modernizationThe model received an extended package of additional functionality.

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Skoda Rapid for our car market comes off the assembly lines of the Kaluga Volkswagen concern. In parallel, the Germans a couple of months ago here launched a line of restyled Volkswagen Polo.