Own against others: lada priora or daewoo nexia?


Which cars are better - domestic or foreign cars? Ask any driver about this and in response (you can bet) almost everyone will twist his finger at his temple and, of course, would prefer the “foreign” auto industry. But is everything so clear? Yes, foreign cars have a positive reputation, they are considered better and more reliable. But our cars are usually cheaper. Moreover, it is not worth the native manufacturer on the spot and now in the prices you can find models that are able to give odds to some “overseas guests”. In this material, just such an example of atypical opposition. Find out whether Russian cars can compete with the "Uzbeks" with Korean roots. So, Nexia or Priora - who is cooler?

Russian Lada Priora and Daewoo Nexia of the Uzbek assembly - which is more acceptable for our consumer

Russian Lada Priora and Daewoo Nexia of the Uzbek assembly - which is more acceptable for our consumer

How it all began?

Nexia is “Uzbek” and a bit “Korean” released by Daewoo. Priora - the brainchild of Russian VAZ. Two such "direct" intersected in the same class and a similar price range.

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Лада Приора и Daewoo Nexia-->Самая современная версия Дэу вышла на подиум в 2008 году, с тех пор машину кардинально не «апгрейдили». А вот Лада, произведённая в 2007, уже несколько раз обновлялась. Возможно, именно за счёт рестайлингов Приоре и удалось подняться на столь неплохой уровень.

Learn the "ten"

If you get to know Priori closer, it's hard not to notice in her painfully familiar features ... Did you find out? Right, This car was created on the basis of the famous VAZ "Desyatochki".

Of course, now it doesn’t remind much of the “2110” roots, but initially Priora looked exactly like a daughter. Since the manufacturer assures, more than a thousand innovations have been made to the model.

Now Priora is a car that the local youth loves. Note that the Lada Priora is the first domestic car equipped with an airbag. It is perfectly picking up speed and is perhaps the most expensive model in the VAZ catalog.

Car model:Daewoo NexiaLada Priora
Producing country:UzbekistanRussia
Body Type:sedansedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:15981597
Power, l. c./about min .:109/580098/4000
Maximum speed, km / h:185183
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:11,011,5
Type of drive:frontfront
Fuel type:gasolinegasoline
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​7.7; track 6.5city ​​9.6; highway 5.6
Length, mm:44824350
Width, mm:16621680
Height, mm:13931420
Clearance, mm:158165
Tire size:185/60 RAF 14175/65 RAF 14
Curb weight, kg:10251185
Full weight, kg:14601578
Fuel tank capacity:5043

Retro effect

And what do we know about Nexia? It produces the company Daewoo (South Korea), which is part of the notorious concern General Motors. The platform for the creation of this car was the Opel Kadet, released in 1985. Maybe that's why Nexia still looks retro.

Официально в тираж машина вышла ещё в 1996 году. Какое-то время в 90-х к нам на рынок её завозили из Uzbekistanа, а потом даже был эксперимент сборки в Ростовской области. А с 2002 года её полноценно на потоке собирают узбеки.


So what is better - Priora or Nexia? Let's sit down in the salon, and also look under the hood.

What you see immediately

Unlike the Priors, the body of the Nexia is one-piece, which is done by welding. Chairs in the cabin in front of Daewoo folding and adjustable. The driver's seat does not cause irritation. But on the back of the couch is not so spacious. Three passengers will have to cram down.

The appearance of the car Daewoo Nexia

Heated models are the same. This is due to the flow of air heated by liquid from the cooler. To regulate the temperature, special levers are brought into the interior of both cars.

If you look at the "stuffing", then in Nexia you will not find the heated glass buttons, as well as light and rain sensors. Local automakers took care of such pleasant trifles for their Ladushki.

Competition in faces

As for appearance, it is immediately obvious: Nexia is elongated. The hood seemed to tiptoe and peers into the distance. Good, modern optics gives Deu solidity.

Vasovtsy made Priora higher Nexia and provided a decent ground clearance. Wide doorways also serve as an additional advantage in favor of the Lada.

Внешний вид автомобиля Lada Priora

The interior of Nexia is more conservative. So, perhaps, that’s why, unlike Priory, they consider it a classic and family car.

In general, the salon Nexia looks modest. Finishing materials are inexpensive, and pale tones evoke sadness.

By the way, Lada Priora in this sense can boast. After all, its design is the result of the work of Italian specialists who have applied a high-quality finish. Probably because of this, the salon has turned out to be more ergonomic. All buttons, levers at hand. For example, the option of setting mirrors is “sewn up” in the driver’s armrest.

In Lada it is more spacious and there are niches for small things. Comfortable seats are chosen for the driver and passengers.

Trunk and visibility

VAZ gives in on the capacity of the luggage compartment. Nexia takes “on board” 100 liters more - 530. True, Daewoo’s back back is not foldable, so additional space cannot be achieved.

Салон автомобиля Lada Priora

As for visibility, the Priora is open enough, and the front and rear, and on the sides. In Daewoo, the head restraints partially overlap the rear view. And in the mirrors Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru Nexia has a distortion effect.

Motor affairs

The Nexia’s strongest engine is rated at 1.6 liters and produces 109 “horses.” And Lada has the strongest engine for the luxury version - 1.6 liters, 106 "horses".

The gearbox in both models is a five-speed mechanic. In this case, the Priory "lever", as shown by test drives, more flexible.

"Liter" menu

Daewoo Nexia or Priora - who is more "voracious"? For example, in the city of Lada takes a little less than ten liters (9.8) per hundred kilometers. The indicator for the track - 5.6. And Nexia rides in the city, “eating” 9.7 liters, the “menu” of the route is 6.5 liters.

But Nexia does not hesitate to use almost any kind of fuel.

Additional benefits

We can not say also that VAZ "raisins" richer selection of complete sets. And even the standard "Norma" quite happy. In a set: a radio tape recorder, the electric drive of glasses, the electric power steering, a safety pillow, the regular electronic anti-theft device.

Salon car Daewoo Nexia

Plus Nexia, as experienced motorists, in its "compromise" suspension. They say it is for our roads. It is not too flexible, but also not cool. The manufacturers miraculously achieved a golden mean.

On the road, Lada takes acceleration better, but in terms of patency, the cars are quite comparable.

Price and warranty

In terms of prices, our rivals can also be viewed from one angle. If you take the basic modifications, then you will find the Nexia for seven thousand dollars, and Priora will cost about eight thousand dollars. More expensive Daewoo is worth about eight thousand, and Lada - more than nine.

Daewoo Nexia car review:

Regarding warranty service. Do Dao is three years or 100 thousand kilometers. VAZovtsy give three years in terms of 50 thousand kilometers. But Nexia needs maintenance more often - for the first time between a thousand and two kilometers, and then after every ten thousand.

Catch up and overtake

So, what is the conclusion? Who is the winner of this competition - Lada Priora or Daewoo Nexia? First, it is fair to note that Domestic Lada not only competes with a foreign unit, but also has largely stepped forward. So, the local auto industry is not hopeless.

Test drive car Lada Priora:

At the end of our competition, Priora scored more points. The car looks more modern. Good interior and decent ride quality. This is clearly a youth option.

Nexia will be a little cheaper, but loses in terms of exterior and interior. Daewoo looks like a car from the 80s with a simple interior. This machine is more like a family, and is suitable for a measured drive.