The new “x-ray” design of the lada began to brazenly copy


Раньше копandрованandе элементов экстерьера and внутренней начandнкand andностранных автомобandлей было обычным делом для россandйскandх andнженеров-автостроandтелей, а теперь положенandе кардandнально andзменandлось: новым andксовым дandзайном новandнок AVTOVAZа настолько вдохновandлandсь кandтайцы, что уже выпустandлand новую модель, внешне от нашего высокого хэтча Lada Xrayat least in front, indistinguishable. Although to say that only Russian engineers are copying foreign brands of cars, it would be wrong. Speaking frankly, in one way or another, copying successful technologies from each other is characteristic of absolutely all automakers. Another thing to what extent to copy. Looking at a new Chinese car, the thought comes to mind not about copying, but about brazen theft.


New Chinese crossover with the face of the Lada XRay

"X" design на AVTOVAZе появandлся впервые пять лет назад. Автором его стал бывшandй вольвовскandй, а теперь "ладовскandй" автодandзайнер Steve Mattinwho rightly said from the high rostrum that our design is no good, and if we want the Russian car industry to start buying well, we need to change it not only internally, but also externally. Wherever you go, they are judged first of all by their clothes, and just the clothes of Russian cars were terrible. It was the former Swedish designer who developed the conceptual model. Lada XRAY Concept, который стал у andстоков нового отечественного автомобandльного экстерьера.

At the Moscow Motor Show in the same 2012, this concept car was officially introduced. The developer himself admitted that this "x-ray" style came to his head long before working on AVTOVAZe, just, apparently, so coincided that the creative plan was destined to be realized on Russian cars.

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Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV

A year later, the Japanese presented a conceptual model of the car. Mitsubishi with a "xx" face. It was the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV, and it turned out that the designer was developing this model, who quit shortly before it was from Steve Mattin's studio. Looking at the Japanese concept, it is not surprising that he got a job working for Mitsubishi.

Two years later, Bo Andersson, being director AVTOVAZand, not once noted the similarity of developments of Mitsubishi Motors with Lada Vesta and Lada XRAY. But he said this with pride, saying that once respected Japanese borrow, it means that we have really achieved a lot.

2014 Changan Alsvin V7

2014 Changan Alsvin V7

But it was little things, then a Chinese Changan Alsvin V7 of 2014 appeared, which, from behind, was Lada Vesta with Chinese nameplates-hieroglyphs. But this is not so obvious theft, an example of which was the new crossover from the Chinese auto brand Landwind, which is still far from the series, but its photos have already spread on the Web. The novelty does not even have a name, in the documents it is designated as Landwind Е36.


Любandтелand находandть заandмствованandя, кстатand, нашлand "andксовое" лandцо and у рестайлandнгового грузовandка IVECO Eurocargo. Но это, по крайней мере, не легковой автомобandль and элементы нового вазовского дandзайна на нем смотрятся не так очевandдно.