New chinese electric car will pass 650 km on one charge

Новый китайский электрокар пройдет 650 км на одном заряде Taiwanese auto company developers Thunder Power introduced the mass audience with a sedan on the electric, which is capable of a one-time battery charging to drive as much as 650 kilometers. This is unheard of today figure for this class of machines. The novelty weighs about two thousand kilograms, in the top-end configuration it has a 420-powerful power unit under the hood, capable of accelerating a car to weave in four kopecks seconds. The maximum speed that this wonderful car can reach is limited to 250 kilometers per hour. In addition to this engine, a 308 horsepower engine will be installed on the electric car. The basic package includes a good electronic filling, which is able to monitor blind spots and understands road signs and markings. There is also a stabilization system when moving. The car, by the way, still does not have its official name. Новый китайский электрокар пройдет 650 км на одном заряде According to the developers of Thunder Power, elektrosedan equipped with batteries that use the latest innovations in the field of chargers. Moreover, they are much lighter and more compact than their predecessors with a much larger capacity, but they still have all the indisputable advantage and are much cheaper than other similar devices. Innovative technology allows you to fully charge the elecro sedan battery in an hour, half-hour charging will be enough for a trip of three hundred kilometers. It is clear that the developers are not going to disclose the details. Новый китайский электрокар пройдет 650 км на одном заряде If Taiwanese don't lie about 650 kilometers on a single chargethen the new electric car will compete, in particular, with the Porsche Mission E concept brought to the Frankfurt Motor Show, which recharges the battery in fifteen minutes and then passes five hundred kilometers.

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Новый китайский электрокар пройдет 650 км на одном заряде In the Chinese car market, the model will appear at the beginning of next year, it will be sold at a price of about four million rubles translated into our money. This is the price excluding discounts on state programs that the Chinese government is going to make for such an innovative project. The price will be significantly reduced. In Europe, the car, conventionally still called as "Thunder PowerEV"will come to 2017. Новый китайский электрокар пройдет 650 км на одном заряде To develop concept of new electric sedan the Chinese have invested in the amount of more than seven hundred million in US currency. The project is led by a former employee of the famous company Bugatti.