The right choice for a family minivan


In recent years, the popularity of minivans began to decline somewhat. Today, the demand for the car market has shifted slightly in favor of SUVs. Despite this, there is a segment of buyers, for which minivans have remained an indispensable type of transport. After all, if you have a large family, from 5–6 people, or you are a fan of outdoor recreation with friends, buying a minivan in such cases is a great way to solve many of the transport issues.

The question of choosing a minivan should be approached very responsibly. After all, firstly, compared to conventional sedans or even generalists, such a car is more expensive. Secondly, given the fact that it is planned to travel with the whole family, with children, it should be as spacious, comfortable and extremely reliable. That's why when choosing it is worth paying attention to the car's interior, its convenience, functionality, etc., and to technical aspects.

What are the characteristics should have a family minivan, which is important to consider in order to choose the best option for the whole family?


Minivan — лучший семейный автомобиль

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What should be the interior of a minivan?

As a rule, when we choose a minivan, we pay the most attention to the passenger compartment. After all, such a machine is designed for a large number of people, and therefore it should be as comfortable as possible for all passengers to be on the road. It is important to pay attention to the spaciousness, comfort of the elephant, its convenience, the number of seats in it and much more.

Number of seats

The presence of more seats than in a conventional car is the first reason why a family needs a minivan. Today on the market there are minivans with 5, 7 and even with 9 seats. For yourself, you must decide how many seats will be optimal for you. If you have a big family, then it is worth choosing a car more positively. After all, perhaps, besides you and the children, your parents or other relatives and friends will travel with you.

Minivan Volkswagen Multivan Bluemotion

Chair design

Choosing a family car, you should immediately look at the design of the seats. Despite the fact that in the presence of a large family, the main goal is the transportation of passengers. However, it often happens that you need to carry something dimensional: a wardrobe, a washing machine, a baby carriage, etc. Even a large number of bags in a regular minivan trunk simply cannot fit because it is too small. Given the small trunk, more precisely, in practice, its absence, it will be necessary to transport bulky cargo in the passenger compartment. For such purposes it is better if the seats will fold. There are, of course, such options where you can simply take them off, but doing it every time is long and inconvenient.

Spacious and comfortable cabin

On the comfort, spaciousness and convenience of the cabin is also worth paying attention to when choosing. For lovers of long trips you should pay attention to cars with a large number of additional drawers and shelves. If you have children under the age of 16, pay attention to the possibility of installing car seats on any of the rows, and also on the possibility of penetrating to the back rows when the car seat is installed. Such a minivan is not always provided. It will not be superfluous to move from one row to another without stopping the car and disturbing other passengers. An interesting and enjoyable addition can be considered the swivel chairs 180 degrees. There are also minivans in which the middle row is transformed into a convenient table.

Minivan Nissan Serena

Cabin safety

To choose the best car for trips with the whole family, you should consider the safety of the cabin. Here we are talking about the presence of frontal airbags and side on all rows of the car, and also about the possibility of their disconnection, for example, in the case of transportation in the car of small children in car seats.

It would be better if all the seats are equipped with armrests, seat belts.

Technical specifications

Of course, the technical parameters when choosing a family car is not the main criterion. However, forget about them is not worth it. It is necessary to pay attention to the type of engine, volume, transmission and suspension of the car.

Minivan Mitsubishi Delica

Fuel consumption and engine type

Despite the fact that minivans are by default less economical than the same wagons or sedans, because the car itself is much harder, and you must initially be prepared for increased costs for maintaining cars. However, it is worth looking at the parameters for fuel consumption and engine type. On average, fuel consumption on minivans varies from 8 to 16 liters per 100 km, it all depends on the size and type of engine. For example, the consumption of a diesel engine is much less than in gasoline. And the cost of diesel per liter will be lower. Thus, it is necessary to choose a diesel engine of medium size, so you can save a little on gas stations Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% .

Transmission and suspension

Suspension in a minivan is always quite comfortable, but the type of design is not important here.

Regarding the transmission, the all-wheel drive version will be the best for minivans, it will help improve the stability of the car on any road, handling and safety.

Additional parameters to consider when choosing

When choosing a minivan for a family, it is worth considering other parameters, namely:

  1. Rear door design

Rear doors on the design are of two types: sliding and hinged. Despite the fact that the more familiar cars with hinged rear doors, a retractable version of the rear side doors will be much more convenient to use. Thus, you can easily get into the car or unload it even on a narrow parking lot or in the garage. It will not be out of place to have an electric drive, this will ensure the smooth running of the doors, the reliability of locking, as well as the possibility of blocking them.

  1. The presence of parking sensors.

The built-in parking sensors will become an indispensable thing on tight parking lots and in other places where there is not always enough space for maneuvers. After all, minivans are not only more spacious, but much more than ordinary cars. Even if in your chosen model there is no such device from the factory, it is worth thinking about purchasing and installing it immediately after purchasing the car.

  1. Roof cars

When choosing a minivan, very rarely who pays attention to the roof. However, in such a car is a very important aspect. After all, the roof, with full load of cars by passengers (given the lack of a roomy trunk), can be a place to install an additional trunk. Because it is very important that the roof rails were installed, or there was a place for their installation.

And finally, what brand of car is better to take?

Today, minivans can be found in the range of almost any manufacturer. The choice is quite wide and it is often difficult to decide which car is better. Regarding the quality of minivans, the best, as in any other body variant, are Germans (Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford). Do not forget about the Japanese and Korean cars, for example, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Renault, or American Chrysler, Chevrolet, which also proved to be excellent. However, their cost will be quite high. Yes, and maintenance, they will cost significantly more.

There are more budget options, for example, the Chinese Chery Carry. They are cheaper, and finding parts for them is much easier. Although such cars break down, as a rule, much more often, because they are not quite adapted for traveling on Russian roads.

Minivan Cherry Riich 8


It is always quite difficult to choose a family car, because this is primarily a car for everyone. However, the decisive opinion in the choice of a minivan for a family, of course, must be the one who will drive the car. If the car in the family are driven by a husband and wife, then it is worthwhile to discuss all the details together.

Choosing which minivan is better, you should immediately determine how and for what purpose you are going to use it. You have a large family and you need a roomy car for trips to the country, out of town, or do you initially plan to transport there not only people, but also cargo? Are you going to go for long distances or is it infrequent trips around the city? By answering these questions for yourself, you can choose the option that is best for you and your family.