The most powerful lada kalina will start selling by december

Самую мощную Ладу Калину начнут продавать к декабрю 2015 The most powerful modification of the Russian Lada Kalina today is a sports-class car with the NFR prefix in the title. Completely it looks like this: Lada Kalina NFR, and the actual prefix of Latin letters is decoded as "need for race“that loosely translated from English means“ thirst for races. ”It is this sports car that is currently undergoing the final stage of its certification, a procedure that stretches for new models for a long enough period. And this means that in the near future Most likely, by the beginning of December of the current year, Russian motorists will be able to quench their thirst for races, if, of course, they have it, as, incidentally, they have money to buy this supersteering machine. otde Om AVTOVAZ (Lada-Sport), was not only the most productive among Kalin, but also the most powerful car ever produced by this unit.The end of all certification procedures of Lada Kalina NFR according to the development plan of the model falls on August 2015. And in late autumn - the beginning of winter will begin its implementation in dealerships.

Самую мощную Ладу Калину начнут продавать к декабрю 2015 What gives the new model the speed with which you can, according to the name, quench your thirst for racing? In motion Lada Kalina NFR powered by up to one hundred and forty horsepower 1.6-liter gasoline engine located on a stretcher. Manual Transmission "charged" Kalina NFR upgraded specifically taking into account the predominantly high-speed mode of movement. Accordingly, these objectives improved steering, brakes, suspension has been reconfigured.

Eight and a half seconds will be required. Lada Kalina NFRto accelerate to hundreds of kilometers per hour. With this indicator - this is the most rapid Kalina of the entire range.

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Visually on the body hatchback Lada Kalina NFR there are signs of its highly specialized purpose: aerodynamic shape, air intake holes in the hood, low profile tires. Characterized for the model 7-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels. Самую мощную Ладу Калину начнут продавать к декабрю 2015 At the moment we have only two cars in the sports range Lad: this Lada Granta Sport (118 hp) and Kalina Sports. The first accelerates to one hundred kilometers per hour in nine and a half seconds and develops a top speed of 197 kilometers per hour. It starts selling from 539,000 rubles. Price tags for Kalina Sport start from 546 kilorubles. To the question: "How much is Lada Kalina NFR? "developers are not yet ready to answer.