Chinese zotye for our car market will be assembled by

Китайские Zotye для нашего авторынка соберут братья-белорусы Russian representation Zotye сообщило, что сегодня россияне покупают cars этого бренда, произведенные как в Поднебесной, так и на белорусском заводе "Юнисон". Первая партия car zotye была завезена непосредственно из Китая, поскольку белорусские производственные мощности еще не были полностью подготовленными к полной серийной сборке автомобилей этого китайского автобренда. Но сегодня эта проблема решена - и все Zotye brand cars get on our car market exclusively through the Belarusian plant. Production there has not yet reached full speed, the Belarusians are completing another workshop in which the entire assembly cycle will be carried out. As soon as this shop starts to work, Chinese cars will be “baked” at the speed of pies. The establishment of localized production of foreign cars is beneficial to absolutely all participants in this segment of the economy, and, of course, the final buyer also receives his bonus in the form of a not-so-high price for imported models. Китайские Zotye для нашего авторынка соберут братья-белорусы The Belarusians are planning to cook and paint the body themselves, but they are not going to build a stamping workshop. Expensive, it is easier to bring body parts in packages and weld on the spot.

Russian representation Zotye partnership with the Belarusian factory "Unison" is completely satisfied. The quality of the Belarusian assembly is comparable to the assembly produced in native Chinese factories. After three years, at least twenty thousand will go off the assembly lines of the Belarusian Automobile Plant every year. car zotye for the Russian car market. Also important is the fact that the Belarusian factory "Unison" already has experience in this business: for several years he produced cars Zotye for your local market. Unison - certified by the company Zotye a carmaker, he does not pay duties for crossing the border in the delivery of spare parts, and this is good for the price lists of finished cars. Китайские Zotye для нашего авторынка соберут братья-белорусы At the company itself Zotye There are ambitious plans for our country. It wants in a couple of years to overtake its competitor - Lifan - in the number of cars sold in Russia. It is doubtful that in a couple of years the Chinese will succeed. Zotye, actually, that still dark horse, and Lifan already like a brother. Especially today, the Russians have a great need for cash, the economic crisis will not end, the import substitution, positioned by the government as the main driver of the economy, is still just an empty word, and it is unlikely to hope that the crisis will end in the next five years. And when there is no money, people trust already proven, they are not drawn to experiments. Lifan - already a Chinese brother, and Zotye - not yet.

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