How to challenge the penalty for parking in the wrong place

In 2015, a new type of fines for motorists. Now drivers will be punished for the fact that for some reason they did not pay for parking. However, in addition to the obligation to execute the law, citizens are given the opportunity to protect their rights. In the article we will tell how to challenge the traffic police fine for improper parking, because this process is monitored by several organizations that can simultaneously send notifications.

Zones of paid parking in cities are growing. They are designated by special road signs, but not all drivers pay attention to the designation, and sometimes the visibility of such informants is hidden by leaves of trees or covered with snow. Therefore, the driver is not always to blame. We have to defend their rights.


  • 1 Punishment for violation of parking rules
  • 2 Filing a complaint from citizens
  • 3 The driver complaint process
  • 4 Appeal procedure
  • 5 Possible causes of false fines
  • 6 Situation in the regions
  • 7 Conclusion

Punishment for violation of parking rules

According to the legal regulations, a paid parking space can be called a specially marked, equipped and equipped parking zone, which is adjacent to the roadway or pavement, shoulder, bridge, overpass and is used for parking one vehicle or several on paid conditions.

The Russian capital was divided into several sectors with different cost of parking hours in each of them. Approximate price per hour for such a parking is about 50 rubles. If the driver does not pay for the service, then he will be punished with 2500 rubles.

You need to know that for convenience and payment of parking there are more than 150 parking meters, as well as 50 informblo.

There are several categories that are not covered by the general rules. These include the transport of emergency services, people with disabilities, cars of participants of the Second World War.

how can you challenge the traffic police penalty for parking

Also left privileges for residents of the region (residents). They can put their vehicles free in selected areas from 8 pm to 8 am. For daytime, they are offered to buy a discount ticket for 3,000 rubles with a validity of 1 year.

Filing a complaint from citizens

Obligations of the law are also the duties of the traffic police inspector. But in reality, traffic inspectors can violate it voluntarily or involuntarily. Therefore, drivers are obliged to protect their rights. Even statistics speak in favor of car owners, who win about 90% of cases against traffic police.

The driver has a statutory 10 days after receiving the notice of appeal. If a citizen was unable to issue a document in written form within these terms, it is allowed to form an appeal after 10 days, but it will be necessary to confirm the validity of the reason with the help of a sick-list or travel documents. These are strong arguments the court will take into account.

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The complaint must contain the name of the authority (traffic police or court) to which the car owner appeals, the details of the administrative violation violation. Arguments in favor of the driver are also prescribed, proving his case and helping to challenge the penalty for parking in the wrong place or other violation.

The driver complaint process

In order to understand the situation and decide on the disputed situation, the court has 10 days. The decision made can also be disputed, since it is not final. This is done in the courts, which are located in the traffic police area.

Often, such a review is carried out without the participation of drivers, and the result is made in favor of law enforcement, because when considering it is not possible to appeal with video or photo arguments. The next step is the court, which is located in the area of ​​the offense.

You need to know that you can find out the specific address of the court for the region on the page

In the higher bodies, a review is conducted from scratch, without taking into account the previous investigation and conclusions on it.

During the appeal is to provide information about all kinds of violations that were in the proceedings. Often there are no witnesses, evidence will be obtained in violation of the law, they refuse to attach materials to the case of the driver’s innocence.

If during the fixation by the inspector of the violation witnesses were present, their testimony can also be attached.

Appeal procedure

You can download the complaint form on our website. There is also a sample of filling this form. You can get the latest information via the hotline. (495) 988−30−59 or 8 (495) 539–22–99. There is also e-mail [email protected], [email protected]

where you can challenge the parking penalty in the wrong place

It is also planned in the near future the opening of the metropolitan department, which will deal with complaints from car owners, it will be possible to challenge the penalty for unpaid parking.

You need to know that conscious drivers challenge the validity of every 20th parking ticket.

Thanks to such actions, in a few months the citizens managed to return almost half a million rubles. The most frequent unjustified punishment is the repeated issuance of a fine (sometimes up to 10 times) for a short stay on an unauthorized territory.

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Possible causes of false fines

The capital was divided into 8 fixed parking sectors. This means that the owner of the car, in good faith paid for his parking in one of these sectors, having moved to the other for parking, must pay for the parking again. Parking within one sector is possible during the paid period.

how to correctly and correctly challenge the parking penalty in the wrong place

Possible system failuresin which funds received in one sector go to the account of another district government. Often inside the boulevard ring, drivers are forced to pay for each new parking lot. Less often, difficulties with payment via SMS sarvis are created. There is a per-minute billing.

Parktrons fail due to incorrect geo-determination of the vehicle's GPS coordinates, adjusting the time inside the device, and also when the resident permit acquired by residents of the region is not being promptly entered into the computer permit base.

There are also frequent cases when information about parking fees did not have time to arrive in time at the automated service database. Administrations are regularly improving the system.

Situation in the regions

In the province, you can also challenge a parking ticket. Therefore, when traveling is worth asking about the size of such a punishment. By law, the amount of local authority is selected from the interval 300-2500 rubles, but only 8 regions legally regulated this procedure.

Changes are planned to the Administrative Code, which will fix a fine in the amount of 3-5 thousand rubles for federal cities, and by region the amount will be 1-2 thousand rubles. Although in European practice there are no punishments for drivers based on the regional location of the vehicle in the country.

how to challenge the traffic police penalty for parking

To identify unpaid fines and find out what they were written for, you can visit online resources like or Yandex fines.


If the driver is confident in their actions, then we must defend their own rights. This is evidenced by the statistics, according to which every fifth fine in the capital for improper parking was contested. The overwhelming majority of decisions were made in favor of citizens and a lot of money was returned to car owners, and the services for filing these complaints in court were paid. The complaint form and an example can be downloaded from us.