Full identity: hyundai elantra vs. kia cerato


Usually, two units within the same car concern try to give their products significant differences in order not to create internal competition that is detrimental to sales. However, looking at Hyundai Allantra or KIA Surat, you understand that in this case there is no talk of targeting different consumer audiences. Both the Hyundai Allantra and the KIA Cerato have sleek sedan-type bodies, as well as similar headlights, grille, rear lighting and even punching along the sides of cars. The differences lie only in the fact that KIA is more angular and impetuous, and when creating the Hyundai, designers used natural motifs that set the mood for calm and slowness as a source of inspiration. Maybe inside Cerato and Elantra are the same - this is what we have to find out during the tests.

Outwardly, Hyundai Allantra and KIA Cerato cars are similar, but are they similar in dynamic parameters?

Outwardly, Hyundai Allantra and KIA Cerato cars are similar, but are they similar in dynamic parameters?

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Salon - up and down

front part

If you choose the Hyundai Allantra as the first estimated car, then it is not at all possible to find differences from larger cars in the company's model range. The central console is located in a triangular frame surrounding a large multimedia system monitor and buttons for controlling various functions. Hyundai stylists clearly made a bet on the luxury of car equipment - black lacquered plastic, which is decorated with the upper part of the console, goes down, flowing around not only the climate system control unit, but also the gear knob. Its glittering surface makes it necessary to draw parallels between the Hyundai Allantra and expensive grand pianos from world-renowned craftsmen, which, of course, favors the car. The most interesting design solution in the Elantra is the use of two central deflectors, made in the form of petals - they repeat the outline of the opening between the spokes on the steering wheel, creating a feeling of harmony and completeness of the image.

In the car Hyundai Allantra was embodied a lot of new design solutions

In the car Hyundai Allantra was embodied a lot of new design solutions

Finding differences between the cerato KIA or the Hyundai Allantra does not always turn out, for example, the instruments of both machines contain two large scales separated by a trip computer display, and are recessed into deep “wells” protecting them from glare of sunlight. That's only in the Hyundai Allantra, they look more harmonious due to the fact that each dial is surrounded by a closed circle of silver plastic. Special mention are Hyundai front seats - in the US ranking of available cars, they were named second in terms of the convenience provided. Indeed, the Elantra is so comfortable that I want to take this chair with me, leaving the car in front of the office - the optimal inclination of the moderately stiff cushion allows you not to experience any unpleasant sensations, and the excellent backrest profile helps relax all muscles. In addition, in the Hyundai Allantra there is a good lateral support, moreover, it even slightly exceeds the dynamic capabilities of the machine.

Compared to Hyundai, KIA Cerato looks much simpler - not least due to the narrow, vertically installed deflectors of the blowing system. The KIA center console is not as presentable, but it is easier to use thanks to the driver’s turn. Cerato devices have already been mentioned above - they are less convenient than the Hyundai Allantra due to the lack of separation between the dials, which does not allow focusing on reading the necessary information at a quick glance. The three-spoke steering wheel of the KIA Cerato also does not evoke the feeling of modernity and solidity - it looks much simpler and cheaper than on the base models of vehicles from other manufacturers.

Car KIA Cerato - combines the simplicity and convenience

Car KIA Cerato - combines the simplicity and convenience

But to determine who is better for the quality of the seats - cerate or Elantra, is quite difficult to determine. On the one hand, KIA Cerato is superior to its competitor in the space above its head due to a lower lowered cushion, and on the other, it has a not so well chosen backrest profile, which forces you to strain your back and neck muscles on long journeys. But even the Elantra does not provide the possibility of ordering such a unique option, as the three-zone adjustable seat heating, available for KIA.

Passengers and cargo

To determine which is better - Elantra or Surato, on the back of the cabin at first glance it is impossible. Sitting in the Hyundai, you immediately notice the considerable width of the available space, which allows you to place without problems three adults without unpleasant contact with your elbows and shoulders. However, the rest of the Elantra is clearly not a role model. In particular, the distance to the front seats is obviously not enough for a car of similar value, and the roof hangs so low that you involuntarily want to bend your head to protect it from impact. In addition, the center armrest of the Hyundai Allantra is far from optimal, which can be expanded instead of the middle seat - it rests directly on the pillow, which does not allow tall people to rely on it.

Inside the Hyundai Allantra пассажиры не будут чувствовать себя в тесноте

Inside the Hyundai Allantra пассажиры не будут чувствовать себя в тесноте

Luggage capacity Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru KIA Cerato and Hyundai Allantra are almost the same - in the second mentioned car it is 420 liters. On the positive side, the ease of folding seats, the backs of which fall in a few seconds, should be called. But a significant drawback for many will be the uneven shape of the walls of the cargo compartment, forcing you to think before you put here a plasma TV or other large items.

After Hyundai from KIA Cerato also do not expect exemplary comfort on the back seat. However, miracles do happen - it is much more convenient to sit here. The main difference lies in the increased distance between the two rows of Cerato seats, thanks to which space for the legs will be sufficient for any passenger, regardless of his height and build. Pleases and high-positioned roof - no, it is not raised compared to the Hyundai Allantra, but simply located further from the thin seat cushion lowered down. Also, KIA Cerato uses the normal mechanism for lowering the armrest, which allows you to fix it at a distance of 20-25 cm from the lowest point of the sofa.

KIA Cerato car interior удобные подлокотники и мягкие сиденья

KIA Cerato car interior удобные подлокотники и мягкие сиденья

Opportunities in the field of transportation at KIA are almost identical - the volume of the trunk is only 6 liters more than the Elantra. But here it is much more convenient to use it due to the smooth walls and the absence of seriously protruding wheel arches. In addition, only Cerato offers an internal trunk closure handle, which allows you to keep your palms clean in bad weather.

In different directions

Who is faster?

It is useless to compare the exterior design of incredibly similar to each other cars - so we will immediately move on to the dynamics. And here in comparison with KIA Cerato vs Hyundai Allantra it is very difficult to determine the winner - with a working volume of 1.6 liters, the power units have a capacity of 130–132 horsepower. In addition, both cars are equipped with identical six-speed manual transmissions. According to passport data, the Hyundai Allantra accelerates to 200 km / h and accelerates a little faster than the opponent - but in real life this is quite difficult to achieve. It is felt that transmission ratios were selected in the calculation of unhurried and economical driving on the highway, so for maneuvers it is necessary to select the optimum level in advance.

Test drive car KIA Cerato:

If we talk about KIA Cerato, then everything is exactly the opposite. A small change in gear ratios has reduced the maximum speed, however, has increased the convenience of managing the load. In the city traffic, KIA feels like it’s in its native element - only it’s necessary to work with your right hand quite often. In general, both from the Hyundai Allantra and from KIA Cerato there is no need to wait for a special drive - in order to achieve active accelerations, it is necessary to constantly maintain the engine speed at 3000–3500.


It seems that Korean car manufacturers have resorted to fine-tuning the suspension parameters, since Elantra and Surato have fundamentally different characters. When driving small irregularities Hyundai Allantra does not allow penetration into the cabin of small vibrations and even quite serious blows. But many owners of such cars complain about the lack of feedback on the steering wheel in a central position.

Test drive the car Hyundai Allantra:

But KIA Cerato does not cause such pleasant sensations - the passage of “speed bumps” is especially well felt, which cause quite sensitive jumps of the rear part. The passage of cobblestones, on which the KIA steering wheel begins to shake finely, forcing the driver to slow down, is also unpleasant. At the same time, Cerato hardness is hardly justified - among the positive differences from the management of the Hyundai Allantra can be called only a little more acute reactions to small angles of rotation of the steering wheel.

Almost the same

Car model:Hyundai AllantraKIA Cerato
Producing country:Korea (Assembly - Russia, Kaliningrad)Korea (Assembly - Russia, Kaliningrad)
Body Type:SedanSedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:15911591
Power, l. c./about min .:132/6300130/6300
Maximum speed, km / h:200190
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10,110,3
Type of drive:FrontFront
Fuel type:Petrol AI-95Petrol AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 8.6 / Out of town 5,2In the city of 8.7 / Out of town 5.4
Length, mm:45504560
Width, mm:17751780
Height, mm:14451445
Clearance, mm:150150
Tire size:195/65 R15195/65 R15
Curb weight, kg:12591178
Full weight, kg:17701680
Fuel tank capacity:5050

Despite the fact that cars are built on a common platform and almost do not differ in technical terms, they still have some individual features. In particular, KIA Cerato does not have such a stylish interior, but it is much more convenient for rear passengers and, if necessary, the transportation of goods. In addition, KIA allows you to easily manage the dynamics due to a very successful selection of transmission ratios. Hyundai Allantra does not cause any unpleasant sensations even when driving through rather large irregularities, and more comfortably in front. Therefore, in many respects the choice between these vehicles remains a matter of taste and personal preferences.