Named russian prices for the updated gelendvagen

Названы российские цены на обновленный Гелендваген An upgraded version of Gelendvagen, received as a result of planned restyling, received more powerful motors in the line of engines. Well and, of course, more impressive prices, from which the unhealthy shock has previously taken. Russian dealers of Mercedes-Benz are already taking orders for a restyled SUV, the cheapest model of which, Mercedes-Benz G350d begins to hit the imagination of the buyer with an amount of almost six million rubles. The most expensive equipment is affordable only to very wealthy citizens, they will have to pay almost nineteen million rubles for such a car. Названы российские цены на обновленный Гелендваген As always, as a result of the restyling, the updated model does not receive any very critical changes. It happened with Mercedes-Benz G-class. The previous version of the Gelendvagen differs from the new one only in the details of the design and the engines that survived the modernization.

Restyled off-road Mercedes-Benz now has a new front bumper, inside the dashboard received minor changes, the suspension settings have been changed and the stabilization system has been optimized. In the arsenal of the updated SUV is now there is a system "Start-Stop", which saves fuel due to the "smart" work of the engine: you go, the engine runs, you stop, it stalls, no idle speed, which is spent in the city up to 30 percent of the fuel tank. In the G500 configuration now there are adaptive shock absorbers. Названы российские цены на обновленный Гелендваген But it is clear that restyling was not thought for the sake of cosmetic changes in the design of an SUV. Gelendvagen got upgraded engines. For example, the base three-liter diesel engine became more powerful by 44 horses, and Mercedes-Benz G500 changed under the hood of the former 5.5-liter aspirated, which gave out power of 388 horses, to a 4-liter turbo engine, which easily squeezes 421 horsepower. For this, this version and costs seven and a half million.

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Названы российские цены на обновленный Гелендваген The already not weak “charged” Gelendvagen modifications have become more powerful. Organ g 63 today can jerk for 571 horse, and Organ g 65having a twelve-cylinder engine, can "plow" for 630 horses. Hot SUVs cost between ten and nineteen million rubles.