How to safely solder the gas tank

If you find that your gas tank is rotten or you accidentally pierce it, then do not rush to buy a new one. Even buying a used gas tank can fly into a pretty penny. First you need to identify the scale of damage.

Remove the gas tank, dry and check for rust. Most cars have it in the rear right side of the car. If necessary, clean it from all deposits. Cleaning can be carried out as improvised (skin), and special mechanisms (sand blasting).

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Gas tank soldering

After assessing the damage identified, you can proceed to the soldering of the gas tank. The most popular method is cold welding. We clean the surface where the gas tank is damaged. Mix in a separate bowl epoxy resin and hardeners. Impose a homogeneous mass on the hole.

On top of a homogeneous mass it is necessary to impose a tissue patch, after having plentifully smeared it and impregnated it with the same mixture. After the resin has hardened, it is necessary to make sure that the entire surface of the hole is covered and richly covered with resin and a patch. Such a patch may take more than one season, but do not hope for it the rest of the time using the car.

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This soldering is suitable in most cases, but a different soldering method is needed for plastic tanks. In this case, you need a soldering iron (250 W). For large damage, additional pieces of plastic (of the same brand as the gas tank) will be required. Each plastic part must be marked.

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Basically plastics are divided into three types. PP (polypropylene), ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PA (polyamide). Soldering plastic gas tank is only needed from the outside. If necessary, use reinforcing materials (fine metal mesh). After soldering plastic products do not allow rapid cooling of soldered parts.

Gas tank, soldering iron, solder—

Soldering a metal fuel tank requires a powerful soldering iron (500 W). Before soldering, the area of ​​the holes must be treated with soldering acid. The solder should be fusible, in extreme cases a copper plate will do. After soldering it is necessary to cover the entire surface with resin so that rust does not appear.

Как безопасно запаять бензобак

If there is not much damage during a trip, you can use a folk remedy, of course, if you have soap at hand. It is necessary to rub a lot of soap on the surface where there are supposedly holes. Soap will clog all small cracks and thus help you get to the nearest service station. This method is intended only so that you get to the nearest station of those. serving.


All described methods do not guarantee long and high-quality work of your gas tank. In case of breakage of the part, it is necessary to replace this part. In our case, we will postpone the replacement of the gas tank, but in the end, sooner or later, it is necessary to replace the punched gas tank.