Japanese engineers presented the youth concept car toyota

Японские инженеры представили молодежный концепт-кар Toyota FT-4X A new show car has appeared on the Toyota stand of the New York Auto Show, outwardly breaking the usual stereotypes about the design of “SUVs”. But the conceptual crossover Toyota FT-4X not only is it intended to revolutionize automotive design, it is the embodiment of many interesting technological solutions. And in this context, it is not just a show car, or rather, not a show car at all. Looking at the novelty, it becomes immediately clear that toyotovskie automotive artists themselves could not implement it. And indeed, for the development of this vibrant youth design, they attracted Calty's art studio Calty, which has repeatedly participated in the development of famous models of the Japanese auto brand. Appearance FT-4X became the realization of the ideological concepts of the youth audience, born in the late eighties of the last century, living exclusively in the city and brought up by city landscapes, but urgently need to escape from the bustle of the city to nature once a week to admire the purity of the starry sky and the charms of distant galaxies on which the shadow of urban architecture does not fall. This generation is conventionally called “millenial” and the new toyotovsky SUV was created exclusively for them. Японские инженеры представили молодежный концепт-кар Toyota FT-4X The size of the novelty can not boast, although visually looks quite voluminous. It's all an optical illusion, which is created by cunning tricks of automotive artists. The chassis of the crossover is not frame, it is assembled on a TNGA modular platform, the motor is located transversely. The body has a length of only 4 m 24.9 cm. The distance between the axles is 2 m 61.6 cm. The C-HR subcompact Toyota, created on the same “cart”, is almost ten centimeters longer than it. Managers did not detail the technical features of the car, and now it’s not the time to do it: the tasks for the motor show are quite different. They said only that the engine will be four-cylinder, transmission - all-wheel drive, reduction gear is present. Японские инженеры представили молодежный концепт-кар Toyota FT-4X If you look inside Toyota FT-4Xthen a comparison with the Honda Element will immediately come to mind. It is interesting that designers of the crossover rejected such a postulate of a modern automobile interior, as a multimedia touch panel on the main console. Therefore, the sensor we will not see here. There is a digital dashboard to which you can connect a driver’s smartphone via a special connector. Японские инженеры представили молодежный концепт-кар Toyota FT-4X No less interesting is the access to the luggage compartment of the crossover: the rear doors can be opened both upwards and apart. Between the front seats is compactly located ... a sleeping bag of a famous manufacturer of tourist utensils, it folded serves as an armrest, and if you wish, you can easily remove it and sleep in it in the open air. The audio system in the car is removable, you can easily unplug it and take it out. When the Japanese release this unusual "parquet " serially, it is not known. But on such an original decision, I think, there will be a demand. And not only among the Millennials. Японские инженеры представили молодежный концепт-кар Toyota FT-4X In addition to this concept, Toyota made a presentation of the modernized "trailer" Sienna, which had recently undergone official restyling.

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