French car rating


Rumors and facts about French cars

Many complain about the high cost of cars from France, someone - on the complexity of the repair. Some believe that the French are exclusively female cars. Nevertheless, walking through the streets of any city, you can see on the roads of all famous representatives of the birthplace of fashion, elegance and French chic. We have these cars a little less popular than in other countries. However, France owns a significant share of the entire global automotive industry. It could be a big omission if we did not make a list of the best representatives.

Leading car brands of France

French cars have always been distinguished by a certain identity.

French cars are known on all continents thanks to three giants: Renault, Citroen and Peugeot. Each of them pays a lot of attention to the design of their cars. Therefore, throughout the world they are recognizable at first sight.

Читать далее о лучших французских автомобилях-->Плавность линий, элегантность форм сильно выделяют их на фоне японских или немецких авто. Это даёт повод потенциальным покупателям утверждать, французские авто предназначены исключительно для женщин. По нашему мнению, это не так. Скорее, французские марки предпочитают яркие, неординарные личности, которые стремятся подчеркнуть свою индивидуальность.

Expert conclusions

Innovative technologies, non-standard interior and exterior design, high reliability and the rate of manufacturers for economical fuel consumption, yet gradually conquering the Russian car market.

High-quality suspension, sufficient ground clearance, good capacity and economical fuel consumption, allowed the car brand Citroen C-Elysee to open our list of the tenth place in our ranking of French cars. He was recognized as the best car for trips around the city. However, on the track it is difficult to disperse above 80 km per hour, which caused the discontent of many lovers of fast driving.

Citroen C-Elysee

Peugeot 308 (Peugeot 308). In creating the next generation, manufacturers decided not to deviate from easily recognizable shapes and lines, only slightly refreshed them. Hatchback with front-wheel drive class “C” is presented in three petrol and two diesel variations, with engine power from 1.2 to 1.6. Many appreciated several non-standard, but very convenient control panel and a large roomy trunk. However, low ground clearance and not too much space for passengers in the rear seats did not allow the Peugeot 308 to take a higher place in the ranking. Therefore listed on the ninth place.

Peugeot 308

In the eighth place of our list, Renault Megane Sedan is located in full comfort. Anyone who has rode in the backseat of a car of this brand at least once will tell you that few places have taken so good care of the passengers. It is worth noting the wide doorways that make it easy to sit down and get out of the car. Climate control, audio system and reliability of the car received a lot of accolades from the owners. But those who have already faced with the repair, complain about the complexity and high cost.

Renault Megane Sedan

This year, sales of an off-roader class started on the Russian market. K-1 Renault Duster. It was presented in two petrol and diesel engine variations. Its owners have already appreciated the high crossover cross-country capacity, comfortable seats and a comfortable trunk. In addition, his ability to perfectly keep the road and moderate fuel consumption also had to taste the buyers. And yet, some flaws in body and interior parts allow the Renault Duster Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% take only the seventh position in the list of ranking French cars.

Renault Duster

The sixth place for Citroen DS 5 was a little unexpected for us. Many complaints from owners on the complexity of the repair and stiffness of the suspension. Apparently, the luxury of exterior design, interior assembly and heated seats slightly softened even the most implacable critics who are very skeptical about French cars. So he got on our list.

Citroen DS 5

Luxury French cars for Russian roads

Honorary top five opens car brand Renault Trafic Combi. Over the entire ten-year history of the production of this car, the list of countries in which it is collected increased to fifty. Such incredible popularity throughout the world has been deserved thanks to its practicality and reliability. Large spacious interior, ergonomic seats and diesel fuel consumption of 5.7 liters per 100 km. For a large family, this is an excellent choice. However, disadvantages exist. Oddly, and atypically for a French car brand that they found it in the design of the cabin. There are two of them - not sheathed iron racks inside the cabin and a metal seat design, which is not covered with anything. And this fact is impossible to change and is completely independent of the configuration.

Renault Trafic Combi

From 2014, luxury Peugeot 508 went on sale to Moscow's car dealerships. From 150 to 200 horsepower under the hood, a six-speed automatic or manual gearbox, a magnificent salon, four-zone climate control, a seven-inch touch screen multimedia complex with Internet access. Advantages can be listed for a long time. However, not everyone liked the exterior design and high cost of maintenance. The fourth number of our experts entered in the list of Peugeot 508.

Peugeot 508

Advertising slogan of the French manufacturer Citroen. Creative technologies are fully embodied in the Citroen C4 Cactus. Inflatable lining on all parts of the body that are most often affected by bumps and scratches. Unique wipers, in which the spray nozzles are installed at the ends, which reduces the consumption of washer fluid for glass. The most economical fuel consumption and unusual design ensured him the third place in the ranking of the best French brands. With all his creativity, Cactus let us down a little in acceleration and behavior on the highway.

Citroen C4 Cactus

Renault Logan caused the most heated discussions and disputes among car owners and experts, as a result of which he was listed as number two. Front-wheel drive sedan class "B" meets all modern requirements. Large trunk, with a capacity of 510 liters, restraint lines, practicality, efficiency of fuel consumption, 12 different configurations that can satisfy any request. Excellent suspension, which allows you to overlook the imperfections of the road surface clearance. Everything seemed perfect. However, the comments of the owners touched the work of the onboard computer and large front struts that close the view when cornering. This is one of the best-selling models not only in the world market, but also with us.

Renault Logan

Renault Sandero Stepway. This handsome man can be seen only in the leading positions. Fall in love with him at first sight. The first place was given to him almost unanimously. Claims to him there is neither in relation to the interior or exterior. High-quality SUV trimmed with practical materials and has a roomy trunk. All owners noted the quality of soundproofing cabin. In other words, no one could make a list of any significant shortcomings. The only wish expressed by our experts is to provide anti-corrosion coating on the body. Fortunately, caring owners can do this on their own by contacting special workshops.

Renault Sandero Stepway

Opt for comfort

Anyone who has plans to buy a car, one way or another, considered the option of buying a French car. Studied its specifications and admired the design. Because French car brands do not want to be like anyone. Rather, they make the rest think about their perfection. First of all, manufacturers focused on comfortable driving sensations, which were fully appreciated by both professional drivers and beginners. French cars will always attract customers with their unconventional appearance, innovative technologies and comfort.