Swedes have promised to flood the world car market with

Шведы пообещали наводнить мировой авторынок кроссоверами Вольво к 2020 году

Volvo Concept 40.1

Crossover fever is the disease that most of the world's auto brands are obsessed with today. Actually, there is nothing seditious about it, because according to the capitalist world order, demand creates supply. And today the demand for large cars with off-road performance grows in almost all countries of the world. Accordingly, the automobile brand engineers turned their attention to this segment, inventing more and more new models. Swedish manual Volvo car directly promised that they would mainly deal with the production of crossovers and SUVs, they will fill the entire range of the Scandinavian automaker by the end of this decade. These words flew from the head of the research department. Volvo Group Peter Mertens. A top manager said a new compact crossover will appear by 2018 Volvo XC40  and he will turn over all the old traditional notions of an all-terrain vehicle. In the model range of the fortieth series, in addition to the XC40 SUV will include a "five-door" and wagon. Mertens added that since the crossovers are more interested in other countries in Sweden, America and the Middle Kingdom, Volvo’s development will be aimed at the car markets of these countries.

Шведы пообещали наводнить мировой авторынок кроссоверами Вольво к 2020 году


Volvo, which put on the all-terrain model range of cars, managed to sell more than half a million of its cars all over the world in the past 2015. Of these cars sold, almost half are crossovers. These are 267,000 models of the Cross and XC series.

The flagship crossover in this segment is Volvo XC90. Russian car dealers sell them at prices from 3 million 260 thousand rubles. For the current year, the sales figures of cars of the Swedish auto brand will be even higher. Almost sixteenth consecutive month is sales growth. In the first eight months of this year, the Swedes have already sold ten percent more cars than in the same period of 2015. Volvo managers are confident that the driver of growth in sales of crossovers in the future will be Volvo XC90. And at the moment, the Volvo XC60 is snapping up most of all on the world car markets. In Russian dealerships, you can buy it all, starting from 2 million 318 thousand rubles.

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The latest development of the Swedes in the segment of cross-country cars was the "barn" Volvo V90 Cross Country, And he certainly will come to our car market. A regular wagon, with low ground clearance and without plastic armor, the Swedes will sell in other car markets.