Honda s660 disassembled like pies

Honda S660 разобрали как пирожки And in times of crisis, surprises occur that go against the logic of things. It would seem, who will encroach on Honda Roadsterswhen the drunk ruble has not snored on the dance floor of your dance floor when it is difficult to get a loan and even harder to repay it? Honda didn’t expect that the youth model being positioned as roadster honda s660 This will cause such a stir among the Russian driver’s public, not just in the audience predicted by marketers up to twenty years old, but among those who are already over forty. Dealers over the course of four months sold all the stockpiles of the Japanese roadster to the planned annual 8,600 units and scored a queue for pre-orders until October of the current year.

Honda marketers are clearly puzzled by this phenomenon, because of the acute shortage of this model, none of them could even suggest. Why same rodster Honda S660 caused such an interest? Most likely, the reason for the unprecedented queues for the car was the initial erroneous rate on young people. Marketers judged by sales Honda S2000, which bought only young people, and only one in five of the buyers was a man of middle age. They probably thought that with rodsterom Honda S660 the same thing will happen. And missed. Honda S660 разобрали как пирожки Eighty percent of those who fell in love with "Japanese" turned out to be "aged" people. All of them for forty years. It seems that they could not remain indifferent to the original, bright design of the car, and, of course, to its price. How much is the Honda S660 roadster? The cost of it was 16 000 bucks. That is not expensive enough for a car of this class. The Japanese call the modern youth the generation of “screeners” who spend their lives on the virtual reality of electronic gadgets, they are less interested in cars than iPhones and iPads.

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All buyers who have already made money as a prepayment for the purchase of their roadster will be waiting Honda S660 until February 2016. Next year will come to us and charged Honda S660 with an engine capacity of 102 horses, increased by chip tuning from the base 64 hp About the promised Honda version of the Honda S1000 127 horsepower manufacturers are silent. But in any case, they first fill their car market with these roadsters, and only then will they think about exporting to other countries, including us.