The new bmw x7 (photo) is impressive for its size.

The BMW X7 car has already become popular before the start of serial production, in many media information appeared about a completely new car that BMW is going to release. By the way, the first photos of the new SUV appeared a little earlier - a couple of years ago. Judging by the photo, the BMW X7 will be a serious competitor to the famous SUV. However, not everyone can buy a BMW X7, but only someone who is willing to pay more than 100,000 American MNT for a car.

bmw x7 concept

General specifications BMW X7 excite consciousness

The body of the BMW X7 by 30 cm will be longer than the body of the BMW X5. Thanks to these centimeters, another row with seating is conveniently located. The BMW X7 (photo below) has 7 places for landing. The total volume of the luggage compartment together with the folded seats of the last row is 3 thousand liters.

BMW X7 (photo below) has serious characteristics:

  • Behi X7's top speed is 202 km / h;
  • acceleration to a hundred in 9.7 seconds;
  • aerodynamic drag is 0.31.


As for the suspension, the BMW X7 has a multi-link rear suspension, and the front one has a double-lever one. In addition, it will be possible to install air suspension on both axles.

The BMW concern has serious plans for the BMW X7 - to make a powerful competition to American brands of SUVs. Of course, it will not be easy for the Germans, because the Americans are seriously set to produce large cars, including crossovers and SUVs. Moreover, recently there was a fuel crisis in Europe, so the plans of the company BMW slightly stopped.

The BMW X7 price, according to preliminary estimates, will exceed 100 thousand Baku rubles, but the price should not scare, because for this money the buyer will receive an all-wheel drive SUV that weighs several tons.

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In order to move such a colossus, you need a powerful engine that consumes a lot of gasoline. That is why the concern BMW needs to monitor the situation on the fuel market and immediately respond to various kinds of changes.

bmw x7 price

Specifications engine BMW X7

According to preliminary data, the BMW X7 engine will be assembled on the basis of BMW X5 and BMW X6 motors. A feature of the engine for the BMW X7 will be a wide range of volumes and capacities, which will vary from 300 to 450 horses. For example, a 12-cylinder, 6-liter engine will have a capacity of 400 horsepower (Twin Power Turbo means that there are 2 turbines with this engine). There will be an engine and simpler: 4-liter, 8-cylinder with a capacity of 300 horses.

There will also be a 6-cylinder engine with a volume of 3 liters, and this engine will be equipped with the basic equipment of the BMW X7. The gearbox will be automatic for the American market, and for Europe it will be mechanics. The price of the BMW X7 will be slightly different: a car with a gun will be more expensive than a car on the mechanics.

Design BMW X7 (photo)

The design of the BMW X7 was developed by the Americans, their style was immediately felt. But the technical component of the BMW X7 was developed by the Germans. American ramery and German quality: this tandem will appeal to customers X7. In general, the new BMW X7 will be considered a luxury car, so the price for this car will also correspond to this class.

bmw x7 photo

Many factors affect pricing: the soundness of the project, the duration of the project, and the total amount of investment in it. To implement this project, modern technologies and new trends in the automotive world are used.

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Owners of the BMW X7 will be given the opportunity to appreciate the high power, technical characteristics, exterior design and interior design of the BMW X7.

The hallmark of this car will be high comfort and convenience when driving, because as soon as I got behind the wheel of a BMW X7, you can feel like one with a large and powerful SUV. Therefore, the price of the BMW X7 will not be a decisive factor when choosing a car, but the original design, power and comfort will force you to make a choice in favor of the BMW X7.

Prospects for the development of BMW X7

Experts predict that the serial production of BMW X7 will be possible with the more rapid development of alternative energy sources: hydrogen, hybrid technology and others. And in this car will be introduced new technologies. Of course, besides the development of alternative fuels, it requires its demand from car manufacturers.

BMV H7 photo

There is also an opinion that the serial production of the BMW X7 SUV will begin in 2014. It remains to wait for this event, but for now there is time to save up a little more than $ 100,000 to become the proud owner of such a huge car very soon. But so far we can only guess how BMW X7.