Renault's french office in russia recalls several thousand

Французский офис Renault в России отзывает несколько тысяч паркетников Kaptur

To be precise, ten thousand one hundred sixteen French crossovers of this model are subject to the speedy passage of the service campaign. What is the reason for sending such a polished one to the service center, like everything else, by the way, the “French” is handsome? And so, nonsense, the brake hose from him, is not properly fixed, and therefore with time it can get trite, with all the ensuing consequences, well known to those who have ever pressured the middle pedal at speed, and she drowned and did not act . So, according to the official report of the Russian office of Reno, cars are subject to urgent service in authorized centers. Renault Kaptursold in our country from June of last year to May of the current, that is, actually eleven months. The VIN-codes of your car that needs to be repaired, anyone can punch through the catalog on the official website of the French car brand representative office in our country.

French engineers have found that under certain modes of vehicle movement, friction between the flexible brake hose and the hard edge of the fender liner may begin, as a result, the hose will simply grind. It's about the rear brakes. The brake system will be depressurized, it will not be possible to brake. Accident guaranteed, okay if not fatal.

The French car brand office in our country ensures that all owners of cars with peremeshaemy brake hoses will be notified of the need for service in the near future. This will be a phone call, an official letter or a message to the email.

All SUVs Renault Kaptur in service centers, they will check if the wheel arch liner is already deformed and if it has not started to rub the brake hose. If such defects are detected, the liner and brake hose will be replaced completely free of charge. The liner will be different from the original additional stiffener, which guarantees the brake hose from contact with him, even at high loads.

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By the way Renault Kaptur according to the results of April sales, it was one of the most popular cars purchased on the Russian car market. For a month, the Russians bought 2649 Kapturs. In this segment, the main competitors are Hyundai Creta Petersburg assembly and Renault Kaptur localized assembled in Moscow.