Bentley bentayga on a test drive

Bentley Bentayga is a luxury crossover, in the cabin of which the mechanical gold watch Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon with a complex mechanism and a tourbillon can be installed for an additional fee, such watches are very expensive. This is a chronometer, which uses 18-carat white or rose gold, they have a servo that simulates the wave of the hand, he turns the case 1080 times a day.

bentley bentayga test drive

The price of the Bentaigu with many modern options, leather, removable tablets, expensive watches from Brightling will cost about 500,000 euros. In the salon, 15 veneer inserts, 7 different types of wood, 20 different leather combinations can be used. There is even an "electronic" joystick of the automatic box and touchscreen. And for the Russian market, Bentaigi will be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS module, which has recently been used on Volkswagen, which has an automatic call for help in case of unforeseen situations.

For example, the top-end equipment of the Mercedes Gelendvagen (AMG G 65) with a capacity of 630 liters. with. will cost 272,000 euros, and the base Bentaig costs 175,000 euros.

Bentley Bentayga breitling

The Bentley crossover accelerates in 4.1 seconds to 100 km / h. For example, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S has the same dynamics, and the power is only 570 liters. with. These machines have a lot of things in common, because they are now in charge of the Bugatti and Bentley offices - Wolfgang Dürheimer, who used to be the chief engineer when developing the 1st generation Porsche Kayen.

Bentley Bentley

For developers, it was not easy to identify the real needs and tastes of potential buyers of these cars. In 2012, after the presentation of the EXP 9 F concept, its author, Dirk van Brekel, was transferred to another project, and Luc Donkervolke from Seat began to work on the design of the future Bentaigi. The EXP 9 F is longer, taller and wider than the Audi Q 7 or Volkswagen Touareg. But when the MLB Evo modular platform appeared, the future Bentley crossover was decided to be built on it, it became shorter, especially the size of the latest generation of Audi Q 7.

The Bentaig contains the same technique as the Q7, Porsche Cayenne or Volkswagen Touareg, they have the same platform, only the sensations from the ride differ.

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The body of the Bentley is made of steel and aluminum, the front wings are made using the method of hot stamping, thanks to which we managed to make very precise edges.

The body of this model Bentley produced at the Volkswagen plant in Bratislava, and immediately after manufacture, these bodies are shipped to the UK via the English Channel, 90 pieces a week. All in order to be able to write "made in England."

But the 6-liter W12 engines have been developed and manufactured in England for 2 years already. Also, as in the Audi Q, the Bentley is equipped with an 8-speed automatic from ZF, air suspension, four-wheel drive with a Thorsen differential. But the difference when driving will be felt due to the 6-liter engine, which has very strong traction, but not more than Gelendvagen AMG or the most charged Kayena, but Bentley’s acceleration dynamics are very impressive.

Moreover, the maximum torque is 900 Nm, which is already available at 1350 revolutions per minute. This means that at any speed the machine can instantly sharply pick up speed. Even at idle speed, the torque does not fall below 500 Nm.

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The cabin is very good sound insulation, thanks to double glazing, even with a sharp acceleration will not be heard that pleasant roar of a 12-cylinder engine, which is a great pity, but you can open the window, then it will be more pleasant to ride.

Engine Bentley Bentayga

Another interesting feature in Bentley Bentaig is the maximum speed that exceeds 300 km / h. The car does not have a standard stopper at around 250 km / h.

True native tires here are all-season Pirelli Scorpion Verde 285/45 R21, which is designed for a maximum speed of 270 km / h. Therefore, it is undesirable to accelerate more than this speed, but if you really want to, then you can, especially those who love risk.

What is good about this crossover is that it does not have an economy mode, but at the same time half of the cylinders at low loads are turned off, for example, above the 3rd gear, or when the tachometer needle is below 3000 rpm.

But the sensations will not be able to understand that half of the cylinders are disabled. In all modes: Sport, Comfort and Bentley-mode, the engine and gearbox are still ready at every second to sharply undermine the car from the spot. But still, in terms of sharpness, the Porsche Cayenne reacts better to the gas pedal.

Climate control on the back of the couch can be adjusted using the touch removable console, made on the basis of the German smartphone Bury, passengers can also monitor the speedometer, tachometer and thermometer with a special widget on this smartphone.

bentayga display

In terms of the nature of the ride, the Bentayga is driving steadily, confidently, it is felt that the car has a serious mass. There is a sense of sportiness thanks to the MLB platform, which can combine many qualities, for example, Audi can move smoothly, gently, in the spirit of avant-garde.

But when Bentley goes, he calculates every unevenness and creates a feeling of heavy steering. Bentley also holds the road superbly during the turn. Если сравнивать по массе, то Bentley Bentley весит 3250 кг, что на 370 кг больше чем Ауди Ку-7 с 3-х литровым мотором за счет своих люксовых атрибутов.

Also in Bentley there are active electromechanical stabilizers, they are driven by electric motors with a power of 48 volts. These stabilizers develop a very serious moment, which is equal to 1200 Nm, when the stabilizer bars are forcibly twisted in the opposite direction to keep the car body in a horizontal position. Quite a complicated technology, but the accuracy is even better.

Bentayg platform

When the car gets on the roads, these stabilizers are opened, which ensures a large suspension travel. The maximum clearance of the crossover is 245 mm and an additional 225 mm. Due to the suspension travel. This means that Bentaygi has excellent geometric cross.

But despite this, you should not test the car on the present off-road, because the front and rear differentials are free, and the Torsen center differential has a soft lock. It is possible as an option to order the All Terrain package for 415,000 rubles with additional electronic algorithms. The developers promise that the crossover with this package will be able to ride on the dunes, Arab sheikhs dream about it.

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bentley clearance

For passengers there is a great opportunity to feel in very comfortable conditions in the rear seats. But in terms of space, there is not as much space as there is in an S-class Mercedes, for example. Therefore, the feet will be slightly crowded, but about the long version, the developers are still silent. Instead of a sofa, it is possible to order separate rear seats, the backs of which can be moved back to the side of the trunk, then there will be more space, but the volume of the trunk will decrease.

By the way, the trunk in this car is not very big, in the 5-seater version - 484 liters, and in the 4-seater - 431 liters. In the future, there will also be a 7-seater version, as American motorists love 7-seater cars.

Bentley Bentayga салон

And in general, for a wealthy public, each of which has 10 cars in the garage, the Bentley crossover will be another very pleasant acquisition to the collection, especially other expensive brands will not have crossovers soon, and Bentley is already available and everyone who wants it may already buy when his turn comes.

Because all the cars that are planned to be released in 2016 have already been bought. This year only about 300 cars will go to Russia. Bentley argues that the annual production plan is now increasing from 3,500 cars to 6,000, which are serious figures - half of Bentley’s current sales.

bentayga кпп

In the future, there will be: a loaded Speed ​​package, a basic version with a 4-liter V8 TFSI engine and a hybrid diesel engine version from Audi SQ7 4.0 TDI. Also in the plans for Bentley and the coupe version, it is possible that it will be more in demand.

For comparison, Porsche Cayenne sells about 80,000 cars a year, so if Bentley starts selling its crossovers in the amount of 40,000 cars a year, the company will have very serious revenues, and Bentaig will be the most profitable car of the brand in history.

A few years later, this car will certainly lose the status of the coolest car, and it may be just a massive car, such as a Porsche Kayen or Range Rover. And the price of the old Bentaigu will already be much lower, for example, the usual Bentley Continental coupe is now not so expensive. Therefore, for those who want to invest their money in the car, it makes sense to take the Bentley crossover from the Brightling watch, because the car itself will become obsolete and turn into trash, but diamonds will remain in the price for a long time.

Some features of the Bentley crossover

The Bentley's maximum ground clearance is 10 mm larger than that of the Audi Q7. And if you put the suspension in the lowest position, then Bentaiga will sit down a bit on the rear wheels to facilitate loading into the car.

washer bentayga

The headlight washer is hiding in the middle of the indicator, which looks quite original, the photo further shows how the headlights are washed. Also as an option, you can put a rear wiper in the car, luggage rails on the roof, as well as a bracket to transport the bike.

The diesel version will be equipped with an engine from Audi 4.0 TDI, which has an additional electric supercharger. The same engine on the Audi SQ7 delivers 435 liters of power. with. and 900 Nm of torque. Here there is an electrofusion, which is included in the work for 1-2 seconds, when the engine is at low revs, after the engine revs have exceeded 2000 rpm, it turns off and the engine works using its 2 turbines.

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In the 6.0 W12 engine, a combined injection system is used, thanks to which, under a pressure of 200 bar, fuel directly enters the cylinders. And at a pressure of 6 bar, the fuel enters the intake manifold.

Turbochargers have 2-way turbine housings, and thanks to a new timing mechanism, the engine can shut off half of the cylinders under low loads. This engine weighs 254 kg., Which is quite a lot, so the front axle has more weight, the weight distribution of the car in this ratio: 58:42.


The Bentley Bentaigi uses Thorsen single-ended differentials, thanks to which 60% of the torque goes to the rear wheels, an 8-speed automatic ZF AL952, which has a function that opens the torque converter from the engine so that you can roll off the slide. Bentley has no downshift, full-drive chassis and active rear differential. Because all these things, according to the company, are not needed by Bentley's customers.

The back sofa, in which the vertical landing for an additional charge can be changed to 2 individual seats for 759,000 rubles. These 2 separate chairs have a whole host of adjustments. There will be a big console between the seats, and a decorative net will appear between the cabin and the trunk.

But even with these separate seats lie down as well as in the S-Class Mercedes will not work.

back sofa bentayga

  • the maximum speed is 301 km / h, if the car is equipped with standard tires 285/45 R21 or optional 285/40 R22;
  • the size of the trunk is not particularly large, its volume is 484 liters. It can be filled with picnic bags, or a retractable bench can be installed, as well as special animal cages.

For those who want to entertain the rear passengers, you can order 2 removable 10-inch tablets with the Android operating system and the ability to connect to Wi-Fi and make video calls for 493,000 rubles.

bentley tablets

For an extra charge, you can make it so that off-road modes will be installed in the car for driving on snow or grass, gravel or soil, mud or dunes. Near the puck there are buttons that can be controlled by ESP systems, descending from the mountain and air suspension.

Inside the Bentley there will be no virtual dashboard installed, because the beautiful dashboard here will be a design element. Here on Audi, when the ignition is turned off, the instrument panel does not look beautiful.

bentley instrument panel

Even in the basic configuration, the front seats will have adjustable lateral support, massage, heating and ventilation. For 542,000 rubles, you can install adaptive cruise control, projection display, and other assistants for the driver.

And then test drive Bentley Bentaygi: