Rating the best crossovers to 500,000 rubles


It is not difficult to find a car with a price of up to 500 thousand rubles. When the car owner prefers off-road performance and practicality, then for this cost the choice is sharply reduced. Yet the automotive market still offers some low-end models of new crossovers. This ranking describes the best vehicles from the K1 family.

Great Wall Hover M2

Great Wall Hover M2

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Great Wall Hover M2

The first on the list is the Great Wall Hover M2. The car is a creation of the Chinese automotive industry. The updated car model was introduced in China at the Beijing Auto Show. Comes with front-wheel drive and the ability to connect rear-wheel drive. The platform for a small SUV (crossover) served as CoolBear. The frame is also installed on the Great Wall hatchbacks.

Auto Design

Designers from the Middle Kingdom made only minor changes to the appearance of Haval H2. Improvements have touched the grille, front and rear bumper. Inside, the interior has changed slightly.

Salon Great Wall Hover M2

Car interior


If you look at the specifications, the new in the crossover is not installed. Great Wall Hawal M2 got a front-wheel drive with a plug-in rear. The wheelbase was 2499 mm. The front suspension is mounted on McPherson racks and, for greater stability, on lateral stabilizers. Stern received a semi-dependent suspension.

The basic equipment is equipped with: ABS and ESP systems, two “Aerbegami” - for the driver and front passenger, power steering, special anti-fog headlights, disc brakes. Also available in the database immobilizer and 16-inch beautiful aluminum wheels. Additional equipment: air conditioning, on-board computer, multimedia system is available for a fee.

Power point

On the monoprivodnuyu or all-wheel drive version of the Great Wall Haval M2 install the only gasoline four-cylinder engine of 1.5 liters and a capacity of 105 "horses." A torque of 140 Nm is reached at 4,200 rpm of the engine. DVZ (internal combustion engine) works together with infinitely variable transmission (CVT). Manual transmission in the crossover is not provided.

Цена Great Wall Haval M2

The Haval M2 crossover is among the new crossovers up to 500 thousand rubles. The price of the basic configuration with a discount will cost exactly this amount.

Отечественный внедорожник — UAZ Hunter (Классик)

UAZ Hunter (Classic) - the heir to the legendary SUV UAZ-469. The car is designed for roads and directions. Excellent cross-country maneuverability makes the UAZ Hunter unrivaled in price and technical means of transportation.

UAZ Hunter

UAZ Hunter

Dimensions of the UAZ: length - 4100 m and 4170 mm in the case of installing an additional spare wheel on the fifth door; width - 2010 mm; height - 2025 mm. Ground clearance - 210 mm.

The new car Hunter, in comparison with its predecessor, received a comfortable lounge. Now it is nice and cozy. The engineers of the Russian company UAZ surpassed themselves and introduced a list of the following innovations:

  • comfortable lounge;
  • warm floor;
  • high landing;
  • excellent load capacity;
  • advanced transmission;
  • improved suspension;
  • and many other innovations.
Salon UAZ Hunter

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Diesel engine under the hood

UAZ Hunter 2017 model year equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine ZMZ-5143.20 of 2.24 liters and a capacity of 113.5 liters. with. Also, the buyer is available more voracious gasoline unit ZMZ-4091.10 volume of 2,693 and a capacity of 128 liters. with. Both engine versions are equipped with a single five-speed manual gearbox. The transmission is permanently connected to the rear axle. Front - manually connected.


The view of UAZ Hunter is strict, without any unnecessary details. New rear-view mirrors provide excellent visibility behind the car. The front bumper has received new headlights to combat fog. Headlights received a hydrocorrection light, which automatically adjusts the beam of light depending on the weight of the crossover. The plastic lining of the bumper properly protects the paintwork from dirt and scratches.

Interior "Hunter"

Side doors are installed with sliding glass, which increases ventilation. The luggage compartment is roomy, with a swinging fifth door with built-in wiper. An additional feature is the installation in the luggage compartment of a special container for a spare tire made of plastic.

UAZ Hunter (Classic) - a crossover of up to 500,000 rubles, which in its minimum configuration will fit into the price offered.

Chevrolet Levels 2015-2016

Chevrolet Levels – компактный кроссовер российского производства. Статистические данные Ассоциации Европейского бизнеса РФ показали, что с 2004 по 2008 гг автомобиль Niva являлся самым продаваемым кроссовером, производимым на предприятии GM-АвтоВАЗ.

Chevrolet Levels

Chevrolet Levels

For the first time, the concept of the future national crossover was presented to the public in 1998 under the name “Niva” VAZ-2121. For all these years of production of the model, only the car body has undergone minor changes. As for the mechanical part of the crossover, almost no changes are observed. All cars, without exception, are equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive system and a 1.7 liter petrol 4-cylinder engine with an output of 80 l. with. Fuel consumption of the car is about 10.8 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers (mixed cycle). The engine complies with Euro-4 emission standards.

Body and interior design

A good body design was modified and brought to the concept of GM’s overall corporate style, which owns some of AvtoVAZ’s shares.

Фейслифтинговая версия Chevrolet Levels предлагается в 5 комплектациях. Базовая версия оборудована центральным замком, электростеклоподъёмниками передних дверей, гидроусилителем руля, сигнализацией, корректором света фар, обыкновенными зеркалами заднего вида с электроприводом и подогревом. Также инженеры предусмотрели в базовой комплектации подогрев ног пассажиров на заднем сидении, фильтр салона, подстаканники и систему аудиоподготовки (два динамика в передних дверях).

Air conditioning, improved interior trim, alloy wheels, front winch mounting bracket and many other options are available for an extra charge.

Salon Chevrolet Levels


Off road suspension

The robust, reliable suspension design has been tested for decades on the previously manufactured Niva VAZ-2121 model. Modern suspension - it is actually an analogue of its predecessor. The suspension does not have the characteristics that provide comfort, however, in terms of passing off-road has no equal. Front independent suspension double wishbone. Rear dependent.

The front brake disc, rear - drum. The car is appreciated for its permanent mechanical drive all-wheel drive. Transmission regulation does not exist. The transfer box allows you to use a reduced number of gears for more traction.

Chevrolet Levels – кроссовер до 500 000 рублей.

l I rice X60 2016

l I rice X60 (2016 года выпуска) – кроссовер класса «D». Модель китайского производства. Концептуальный кроссовер впервые был представлен публике в 2010 году. В РФ Лифан X60 поступил в продажу в 2012 году.

l I rice X60

l I rice X60

At its price, the car is one of the most affordable crossovers up to 500,000 rubles. An efficient exterior with high maneuverability and excellent cross-country ability makes Lifan an ideal candidate for choosing an off-road vehicle. The car is safe and unique in its kind.

Salon l I rice X60


Эстеререр l I rice X60 2016

The facelift crossover model received some improvements. The new body has become more aerodynamic. Aggressive wide wheel arches and ribs, which pass on all sides of the body, give the car a modern look. Hood double, streamlined.

The front optics received a proprietary Hawk-Eye lighting system (“Hawkeye”) with chrome rims. The system provides the driver with good visibility at night.

The rear bumper is included in the body and is equipped with a wide chrome strip, which, in combination with dual rear lights, gives the car sporty features.

Цена нового l I rice X60 2016 кроссовера обойдется до 500000 рублей.

Renault Sandero Stepway

Renault Sandero Stepway crossover is an updated model of the standard Sandero. The facelift crossover model went on sale in 2014. Since then, the car has been updated several times. At one time, the model filled the niche of high-quality imported cars of the average price category.

Renault Sandero Stepway

Renault Sandero Stepway

The model is equipped with a 1.6 liter gasoline engine. The power plant complies with EURO5 emission requirements. Maximum power - 75 hp Fuel consumption - up to 10 liters in the combined cycle.

Charismatic handsome

All buyers of the new Sandero Stepvey argue that the crossover will be overwhelmed on the road just perfect. Large arches framing the 16-inch wheels, as well as protective bumper covers make the car charismatic and confident on the road. The car stands out from the crowd. Increased ground clearance allows you to easily pass difficult areas of easy off-road. On the asphalt road, the driver and his passengers will feel the comfort while driving and the excellent performance of the car's suspension, which swallows all the pits and bumps on the road.

Renault Sandero Stepway is included in the category "crossovers up to 500,000 rubles." However, for this amount, the buyer will receive only the basic crossover with a minimum list of options. Additional options are available for a surcharge.

Saloon Renault Sandero Stepway

Interior design


The cost of new cars depends on many factors. The most basic is the rate of the national currency to the US dollar, since all foreign-made cars are bought for dollars. In the country, customers pay for new crossovers rubles. For this reason, the price of a new car depends on the actions of the authorities, as well as on economic factors and the purchasing power of Russian citizens. Whatever it was, to buy a reliable crossover with excellent performance and a decent level of comfort for 500,000 rubles is still possible.