Soon, the chinese will bring to russia new suvs and a sedan

Скоро кandтайцы прandвезут в Россandю новые паркетнandкand and седан бренда DFM

A subsidiary of Dongfeng Dongfeng Motor Rus, a Chinese automaking corporation, is going to add three more cars to the Russian car market. It will be two crossovers and one sedan. Bring them to us this year. The brand of these cars is DFM. Self Bond DFM It entered the Russian car market in the fall of 2014, just when the majestic “American” General Motors left us, and an empty niche appeared on the market. Chinese came with a sedan DFM S60 and hatchback DFM H30 Cross. Under the hood of both cars are 1.6-liter 117-horsepower gasoline engines. The price is sold from 495 kilorubley, the price tag of the "pseudo-crossover" starts from 579 thousand wooden. According to the company's statistics, from May to December last year, Russians bought 1,365 new “Chinese”, which is almost 60 percent more than a year earlier in the same period of time. That is - the growth in demand is obvious. Скоро кandтайцы прandвезут в Россandю новые паркетнandкand and седан бренда DFM This year, the Russians will see "SUV" DFM AX7 and DFM AX3besides crossovers, the Chinese will bring sedan DFM A30. By the way, "chetyrehdverku" and DFM AX7 brought in the spring. AX3 crossover will be officially presented at the August Moscow Motor Show, after which it will immediately be sent to dealerships. The head of the Russian department of "Dongfeng Motor" by the name of Wang Peng declined to give price tags and a bundle of new products with a sly Chinese smile on his face, saying that everything has time. The Chinese expressed his satisfaction with the sales of last year and attributed not so much growth in demand only to the fact that only two models are on our market. With the growing number of models of the "product line" demand will be more, I'm sure Wang Peng. Now the process of certification of new crossovers and sedans is ending. This is a very time-consuming process, since it is necessary to take into account the many nuances of the Russian car market. But a high-ranking Chinese man is sure that in the mentioned periods the trinity of new cars DFM brands will be brought to the dealer network. Скоро кandтайцы прandвезут в Россandю новые паркетнandкand and седан бренда DFM DFM AX7 crossover is front wheel drive, it is based on the same platform as the first-generation "Japanese" Nissan Qashqai. This was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Chinese auto corporation with Japanese colleagues from Nissan. Since the pickings were not named, one can only assume that the crossover will arrive in Russia with 2.3- and 2.0-liter gasoline engines, the first one at 173, and the second one at 143 horses. What will happen under the hood of the Russian version of the sedan DFM A30It is not known, but at home the Chinese are setting up a 1.6-liter 116-horsepower "steel heart" there. Another crossover, DFM AX3 for their market, the Chinese are equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline aspirated and a 1.4-liter turbo engine. The crossover is available only with front wheel drive. As a transmission, both automata and manual transmissions are installed, to any engine of all the models mentioned.

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The Chinese in our car market is very high competition. Recently, several new products will arrive to us, the Geely press service reported. It was about restyling Geely Emgrand EC7updated SUV Geely Emgrand X7 executive class sedans Geely GC9.