Toyota has received a certificate for the russian version of

Тойота получила сертификат на российскую версию купеобразного C-HR crossover OTTS to a kind of parquet coupe-cross Toyota C-HR signed and published on the official website of Rosstandart. For the Russian version of the Japanese "SUV" proposed motor line consisting of only two gasoline engines. The published document - "Type Approval of the Vehicle" on the Toyota C-HR - is valid from 12/31/2016 to 12/30/2019. Some experts see similar stylistic signs between this Japanese novelty and Nissan Juke, which left last year from our car market. Perhaps there is some similarity, but it does not matter. The Toyota C-HR coupe-cross is larger in size than the Nissan crossover: it is 4 meters 36 cm long and has a wheel base of 2 meters 64 cm. This is the size class "C". Тойота получила сертификат на российскую версию купеобразного C-HR crossover Coupe-shaped crossover  Toyota C-HR is one of the first cars based on the fundamentally new global TNGA platform (translated from English as "New Toyotovskaya Global Architecture"). Within this platform not only the body and chassis are manufactured modular, but also power plants.

In the basic configuration of the novelties for the Russian car market there is a 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine, enhanced by a turbine. At the peak of this engine, by the way, reflash in the direction of lower power, gives 116 horsepower. Maximum torque - 185 Nm - the engine can produce in a wide range, from one and a half thousand to four thousand revolutions per minute. Тойота получила сертификат на российскую версию купеобразного C-HR crossover In the second two-liter gasoline aspirated, this range is very narrow - from three thousand eight hundred to three thousand nine hundred revolutions, and the available peak thrust is 189 Nm. The power of this motor is 148 horsepower. This engine can be refueled with low-octane gasoline, it eats ninety-second without problems.

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Bundling  C-HR crossoverUnder the hood of which stands the turbo engine, are only front-wheel drive. They are aggregated with a six-speed manual gearbox and variable-speed transmission. Only equipped with a variator and equipment with a two-liter aspirated, but this version is only all-wheel drive. In the basic kit of the new crossover, there is also an air conditioning system and, as is natural for cars sold in Russia, the ERA-GLONASS rescue system. Тойота получила сертификат на российскую версию купеобразного C-HR crossover When will they sell this new one? coupe-shaped crossover, Toyota managers have not reported. They even let it slip that even the decision about Russian sales of C-HR they did not accept. But here is a problem: if you did not make a decision, then why the hell did you certify this model for our market? This is not a small amount of money and time. For practical Japanese, this is not typical. But slyness they do not hold. So we wait, very soon this original car will appear at official Russian dealers. Here are just what price tags? This information, for obvious reasons, is also not available yet.

Тойота получила сертификат на российскую версию купеобразного C-HR crossover If build C-HR do not localize at the Russian enterprises of Toyota, then the novelty will have to fork out not less than RAV4, or even more. But his car buyer in our country will find exactly. Young independent people, who are extremely stylish, can flatter him. urban crossover C-HR. After all, we have practically no such brightly-styled cars after the departure of the Nissan Juka.

By the way, a couple of weeks ago, Toyota began again to take Russian orders for the Highlander SUV.