The best shock absorbers for the car


On the popular question, which shock absorbers are better, each motorist will answer in his own way. After all, today there are a huge amount of them, and it’s quite difficult to find out which is better than the rest. It is for this very reason that the rating of the best automobile dampers created by us is able to help you in choosing, familiarize you with the basics of the work of this part and indicate the right type, which is ideal for a particular car model.

Shock absorber for car

Shock absorber for car

What is the role of the shock absorber in the design of the car

To begin with, as promised, let us analyze the principle of operation of these parts. To date, only three types of dampers are used. These are all well-known gas, oil and gas-oil types of shock absorbers. But, in addition to this classification, shock absorbers are further divided into one-pipe and two-pipe versions.

Читать далее про самые лучшие амортизаторы для автомобиля-->По сути, каждый демпфер должен устанавливаться на каждое колесо автомобиля. Другими словами, каждая точка опоры автомобиля должна наделяться специальной пружиной, которая бы принимала на себя все колебания и нагрузки, происходящие из-за езды по твердой и неровной поверхности. Таким образом, защищается не только целостность кузова автомобиля, но и в значительной степени увеличивается безопасность вождения, повышается комфортность езды и т.д. В некоторых случаях, чтобы увеличить комфорт, производители даже устанавливают на одно колесо два амортизатора, но это уже конкретный случай, о котором мы узнаем более подробно из следующих статей.

A shock absorber is a kind of damping element in the design of a car, instead of which a spring had previously protruded. But such a component as a metal spring, to damp oscillations after the passage of irregularities so effectively can not, because it works only in one direction. The shock absorber is invented specifically for this and is able to dampen vibrations going down and up.

Imagine that you drove at speed in a hole. What happens at this moment? The body of the car will first go down and then go up again. The shock absorber in this case significantly softens these fluctuations. If there were no shock absorbers, when lowering, the body would always firmly and strongly touch the ground, and when raised, the wheels would tear off the ground and the car would lose trajectory.

Koni shock absorbers

Automobile shock absorbers brand Koni

Automobile shock absorbers brand Koni

By right, these are the best shock absorbers. These are the most expensive gas and gas oil type dampers, which occupy the first place in our rating. They are considered the most durable and it is possible that they will fail along with the car. The only disadvantage of these shock absorbers is the price, which is quite high. But you can no longer “bathe” about the quality of dampers by installing these models of shock absorbers.

In Kony gas shock absorbers, gas is pumped into the compensation chamber under high pressure. At high speed, nothing threatens the car, because gas shock absorbers are a very tough option that reduces the likelihood of aquaplaning.

In addition, these shock absorbers also have a special adjustment parameters. In other words, you can manually adjust the stiffness of the shock absorbers. These dampers, differing in high durability and reliability, cost no less than $ 100 per piece.

At the choice of the buyer are two series of shock absorbers Koni. This is Koni Sport and Koni Special. The first option is an ideal option for drivers who prefer aggressive and high-speed driving style. The second series of dampers is an option for motorists who prefer a comfortable ride.

Second place - Bilstein shock absorbers

Car shock absorber Bilstein

Car shock absorber Bilstein

Shock absorbers, which are produced specifically for sports cars. Just like the Coney, these dampers are stiff and self-adjusting. With high-speed cornering, even the coolest, these devices have shown themselves only with the best hand.

Bilstein shock absorbers are made in their own way and are different from Kony, although the relationship is felt. In particular, and this manufacturer is a choice of two series: sports and normal. If on the Koni Sport shock absorbers the car is not very shaking, then Bilstein Sport is just a gear grinder.

Gas oil and gas shock absorbers produced by this company, better keep the road on the "comb". In other words, when the pavement is up and down, it is spotted with small transverse irregularities, given the dampers at least that.

In addition, the shock absorbers of this type are completely, if I may say so, indifferent to temperature differences. If oil dampers with the arrival of severe frosts do not show their amortization properties so well, then the gas models do not care.

The video tells what you need to know when choosing a car shock absorbers:

Although the Cony and Bilstein gas shock absorbers described above have so many advantages, they also have disadvantages. And this is not only the high price.

In particular, gas-filled shock absorbers are too rigid, and this in turn can adversely affect the vehicle's suspension or other parts of the car, which will start to wear out faster.

In addition, when the shock absorbers are too hard, the ride becomes less comfortable.

But Koni and Bilstein are the best, that recently manufacturers began to take into account all the wishes of the buyer and produce dampers with adjustable stiffness, thereby compensating for the wear of the remaining parts and at the same time it becomes possible to adjust the shock absorbers without removing them.

Both Koni and Bilstein often produce single-pillars, which are ideal for installation in SUVs and other heavy vehicles.

Sach and Monro shock absorbers are sturdy hard workers

Sach car shock absorbers

Sach car shock absorbers

Drivers who drive more often and more can be advised Sachs gas-oil type shock absorbers. They are distinguished by an acceptable price and at the same time a rather high reliability. As for the good quality of their production, this is confirmed by the fact that it is these dampers that are best bought. They practically occupied the conveyors of Japanese and European automobile plants, because, as you know, demand also gives rise to the quantity of products.

The technical performance of these shock absorbers is fully compliant with the regulations set by the car manufacturer. By their production high-quality materials are used, and the processing technology is such that high corrosion resistance is ensured.

Well proven and popular in Russia Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Monro shock absorbers. Only here both Monroe and Sachs will never catch up with Koni and Bilstein because of the different approach to clientele. So, Koni and Bilstein always produce shock absorbers that differ in class and type. In other words, you can always choose a shock absorber for an SUV and a damper for a car. These manufacturers see the difference in this, which, of course, is correct.

But Monroe and Sachs do not make any difference in their shock absorbers. Their damper is equally designed for the “Niva”, for example, and for the Vaz 2107. But this explains such a difference in price, because the described shock absorbers are almost twice as cheap as Kony or Bolstein.

Dampers for summer residents: Al-Ko and QH

Al-KO shock absorbers are mounted on the video:

Which is better to put the shock absorbers to the driver who lives in rural areas and constantly travels in off-road conditions? On this question, the manufacturer Al-KO will give a positive answer. It is this company that produces relatively cheap shock absorbers, mostly of the hydraulic type, which, although inferior in durability by the same Monroe and Sache, are ideal for quiet ride. They are quite enough for 20 thousand kilometers, even with daily passing roads, which are a heterogeneous mixture of dirt, dust, snow and ice.

Alco is not only a manufacturer of shock absorbers. For more than 40 years, this company has provided the automotive market with products that, although cheap, have excellent quality.

As for shock absorbers, the dampers from Al-KO have long been respected among motorcyclists and drivers of passenger cars. The company produces shock absorbers for SUVs and crossovers, but they are not so popular.

Akin to Al-KO can be called the manufacturer Quinton Hazel, focused on the production of shock absorbers for new, just released cars and cars are not the first freshness.

Knowing which shock absorbers to choose, a motorist gets very useful information. He will no longer aimlessly acquire the necessary parts for his car, but will thoughtfully carry out the analysis and only then decide on the choice.